Fihgting each other in Battlegrounds, warriors earn Valor, which grants acess to new Ranks. Each Rank unlocks unique items – special Character Equipment and Dragon Armor, powerful Consumables, etc.


Seven Bridges of Shadan

Frequency: Hourly.

Minimum Level: 6.

Minimum Participants: 4.

Level Brackets: 6–8, 9-15, 16–21, 22–28, 29–35, 36-43, 44-50, 52-60, 61-70.

Valor and Experience;
Conqueror of Seven Bridges Reputation;
Collection Items (with some probability);
Mark Shards (with some probability).

To join, use the axe button in the the lower right part of the main game screen to open the Battlegrounds interface, choose Seven Bridges of Shadan from the list on the left and click Queue Up.

- You will receive information on the number of people queued up for this Battleground.

- If at the start of Seven Bridges of Shadan you are engaged in a combat elsewhere, you will not enter the Battleground but will remain queued up for the next scheduled combat.



 - The warriors queued up for Seven Bridges of Shadan will be divided into well-matched teams.

- In case there are more attackers than defenders, an exact copy of one of the defending warriors (including weapons, armor and equipment) will be summoned. This Replicant will immediately have Replicator Stamina (increases maximum Health) and Replicator Fury (increases physical damage) cast on him. The higher the level of the replicated warrior, the more powerful the Spells.

- After the battle ends, you will appear on the Right Bank of Shadan location.

Arena of Honor

Frequency: every 5 minutes.
Required level: 4.
Minimum participants: 4.
Level Brackets: 4-5, 6-8, 9-15, 16-21, 22-28, 29-35, 36-43, 44-50, 52-60, 61-70.
Valor and Experience;
Gladiator Collection Elements (with some probability);
Mark Shards (with some probability).

How to enter: 

• To join, use the crossed swords button in the the lower right part of the main game screen to open the Battleground interface, choose "Arena of Honor" from the list on the left and click "Queue Up".

• You will receive information on the number of people queued up for this Battleground.

• If at the start of the Arena of Honor you are engaged in a combat elsewhere, you will not enter the Battleground but will remain queued up for the next scheduled combat.


• The warriors queued up for the Arenas of Honor will be divided into well-matched teams, regardless of their fraction.

• In case there are more attackers than defenders, an exact copy of one of the defending warriors (including weapons, armor and equipment) will be summoned. This Replicant will immediately have Replicator Stamina (increases maximum Health) and Replicator Fury (increases physical damage) cast on him. The higher the level of the replicated warrior, the more powerful the Spells.

Tournament of Honor

Frequency: twice a day, at 14:00 and 22:00.
Required level: 16.
Minimum Participants: 8.
Level Brackets: 16-21, 22-28, 29-35, 36-43, 44-50, 52-60, 61-70.
Valor and Experience;
Gladiator Collection Elements (with some probability);
Gladiator Reputation.

How to enter: 
• To join, use the crossed swords button in the the lower right part of the main game screen to open the Battleground interface, choose "Tournament of Honor" from the list on the left and click "Queue Up".
• You will receive information on the number of people queued up for this Battleground.
• If at the start of the Tournament of Honor you are engaged in a combat elsewhere, you will not enter the Battleground but will remain queued up for the next scheduled combat.
• If there are less that 8 participants for the Torunament, all the applicants will remain queued up for the next scheduled combat.
• If there are exactly 8 players, they automatically proceed into the Final Round.
• If there are more than 8 participants, the Qualifying Round will start.

• Bonecrusher Spheres are forbidden;
• Players cannot summon Skeletars into battle.

Tournament Rounds:

Qualifying Round
Unlimited number of participants are allowed in the Qualifying Round.
Both winners and losers receive Valor
8 players who scored the most points proceed into the Final Round.

Final Round (7 battles in a row) 
8 players who qualified for the Final Round will face each other.
Every player will partake in 7 4-on-4 combats. In each new battle, line-ups of the opposing teams will be changed.
Players receive Valor for participating in the Final Round. There is also a chance of receiving Gladiator Collection elements.

The winners will be declared based on the results of the Final Round (Qualifying Round battles are not taken into consideration):
Player who claims the first place receives 25 Gladiator Reputation and a chance to acquire an element of the Spear Striker Collection.
Second place is rewarded with 15 Gladiator Reputation.
Third place is rewarded with 10 Gladiator Reputation.
In addition to that, winners of the Tournament will be awarded with a Gold, Silver and Bronze Goblets, mementos of their participation in the Tournament.


King of the Hill

Frequency: Every 90 minutes.

Minimum Level: 16.

Group Brackets: 16-21, 22-28, 29-35, 36-43, 44-50, 52-60, 61-70.

• Valor and Experience;
Mark Shards (with some probability).

King of the Hill Battleground is notable for the fact that it allows lower-level players with weaker equipment confront big-name players equipped with unique armor and weapons. Main distinction of this Battleground from the others is that the King of the Hill opposes three attackers that try to throw him off the occupied spot.

Entering the Battleground, you are presented with a choice to either be the King of the Hill or one of the attackers.

If by the start of the Battleground there are enough entries in a certain level group to fill the positions of both King of the Hill and the three attackers, participants enter the combat immediately after the countdown ends. If there are not enough players that applied for this Battleground (both for the positions of the King of the Hill and the attackers), all the participants remain queued up for the next scheduled battle.

Received Valor is calculated differently for the King of the Hill and the attackers. In case the attackers win, King of the Hill gains 70% of the due Valor, while the attackers receive full amount of Valor, divided between them according to the damage dealt by each player.

In case the attackers lose, King of the Hill receives full amount of Valor for damage deal to all the enemies. Attackers receive 30% of the due Valor, divided between them according to the damage dealt.

How to enter:
• click the "Battlegrounds" button in the game main screen;
• choose the "King of the Hill" Battleground from the list on the left;
• pick your side: King of the Hill or the attackers.

Following restrictions apply:
• attackers are not allowed to summon Skeletars or Dragons into battle;
• King of the Hill cannot summon Skeletars but is allowed to summon his or hers Dragon.

Sea Battles

In a Sea Battle, a team that consists of 9 players from the same Empire goes on an adventure to acquire Piastres and then defend their trophies against a ship crew from the opposing Empire, in turn trying to take away the enemy's bounty. Piastres can later be used to purchase unique items.

Warriors of
level 22  and higher can participate in Sea Battles. 

Participants of a Sea Battle receive Valor and Piastres, victorious team also gets Heroism that grants access to Ranks and Regalia. You can learn more about Heroism here.
The losing team receives 50% from the bounty it acquired while the winning team receives 150%.

Sea Battles consist of four phases:
1. Land battles in the Pirate Stronghold during which participants acquire Piastres (duration: 15 minutes).
2. Cannon shootout against opposing Empire's vessel (duration: 10 minutes).
3. Preparation for boarding (2 minutes).
4. Boarding against opposing Empire's crew (no time limitation).

To participate in a Sea Battle, open the Battlegrounds menu, choose Sea Battle from the list on the left and click Queue Up. A timer will appear showing the time left until start of the Battleground. 

There are no level brackets for Sea Battles. All applicants form a general queue. An attempt to start a Sea battle will be made every two hours. If a player is in combat upon beginning of a Sea battle, he or she is excluded from the queue. If you enter a Sea Battle in Wraith state, it will be lifted from you.

Phase I - Pirate Stgronghold

After a Sea Battle starts, players from both teams will find themselves on the territoy of separate Pirate Strongholds, located on islands lost somewhere in the space of the Eastern Seas. From this moment on Main Chat will be replaced with your team's Chat. 

There are three types of enemies on the island that vary in strength and each of the enemies adjusts its characteristics to the level of the player who attacks it first. Pirates are divided into two groups: Personal (Fort Defenders) are visible only to you while Common (Boarding Masters and Sea Wolves) are visible to everyone. 

Personal enemies are the weakest of the insular Pirates. Although they can be seen only by you, it is still possible for your teammates to join a fight against these enemies through the Current Combats on Location list. Personal enemies never summon allies into combat, no matter how many players oppose them. 

Common enemies are marked with a circle. If your team member has already attacked one of them, crossed swords will appear above the Pirates's head. You can then enter the combat by clicking the enemy icon.

When more than one player attacks a Common enemy, Pirate's allies will join the fight, their strength corresponding with that of the player who started the battle. If a warrior joins the fight whose level is significantly higher that the level of the warrior who initiated the combat, loot of the former will be greatly reduced compared to the loot of the latter.

Replicants don't take part in this part of the battle and thus don't claim any part of the acquired loot. 

The Pirate Stronghold phase lasts for 15 minutes . Countdown timer in the corner of the screen indicates the time left until ending of the phase. If you are in combat when the timer runs out, your current enemies will be automatically slain but you will receive no trophies for this combat.

Phase II - Cannon Shootout

In the second phase of a Sea Battle, two ships from the opposing Empires clash in the sea and battle each other to win Piasters acquired by the other team. Cannon Shootout last for 10 minutes, divided into 10 1-minute rounds

Players are assigned the following roles during the Pirate Stronghold phase:
• 1 Captain
• 3 Gunners
• 3 Defenders
• 2 Sailors
Corresponding icons will appear next to character names in the location player list. These roles have no effect during the first phase of a Sea Battle but they determine the responsibilities of players in the second phase. 

Captain is picked from the players of highest levels, other roles are assigned randomly. Captain's place during the Shootout phase is at the main wheel. Each round the Captain makes a decision on where to turn the wheel: right or left. Left turn will move your ship's Stern out of harm's way while right turn will protect the Fore. Depending on the direction Captain chooses, all enemy's cannonballs will hit the ship with a one-sector offset. For instance, if the enemy is shooting at your ship's Fore, Stern and Center and the Captain makes a left turn, cannonballs heading for the Stern will hit Center, those aimed at Center will hit Fore and finally the cannonballs fired at Fore will miss the ship.

Gunners are assigned to 3 guns. Their role in each round of the second phase is to choose a sector of the enemy ship - Fore, Center or Stern - to be fired upon. Additionally, ammo type for the salvo is chosed each round. There are three cannonball types available:  

armor-piercing ammo inflicts heavy damage on the ship, several wounds on the crew and expedites small fires.
shrapnel ammо inflicts medium damage on the ship, numerous wounds on the crew and expedites small fires.
incendiary ammo inflicts medium damage on the ship, several wounds on the crew and expedites large fires.

Defenders' task is to protect the ship against enemy fire. Each Round a Defender has to activate one of the three magical shields located on ship's Fore, Center and Stern. Each activated shields can stop one cannonball. Foir instance, if two enemy Gunners fire at your ship's Center and Center's magical shield has been activated, only one cannonball will get through.

Whenever a cannonball hits the ship, it causes damage as well as a fire outbreak. These outbreaks can turn into fires if not tended to timely. Fires can become larger, damaging the ship more and more. It is Sailors' role to douse the outbreaks. Damage dealt to the ship will be taken into consideration in the Boarding phase - part of the team will start it with characteristic-decreasing wounds.

Attention! If during the Shootout phase you encountered technical difficulties or for some other reason couldn't perform the necessary action (fire a cannon, activate a shield, douse a fire) within the allotted time, the action will be performed automatically.

Best Gunner, Defender and Sailor from the winning team will receive additional Heroism. Amount of bonus points depends on Character level.

Replicants can be either Gunners or Defenders during the Cannon Shootout phase. Their roles will be generated randomly, just like with human players. Captain is responsible for controlling Replicants during this phase. If Captain doesn't perform the necessary action within the allotted time, game AI will do it instead. 

After 10 minutes expire, the Shootout comes to an end and the Preparation for Boarding phase begins.

Phase III - Preparation for Boarding

Both teams receive 2 minutes to prepare themselves for the final phase of a Sea Battle. Characteristics of all players are increased to match those of a level-50 warrior but their power in comparison to other warriors is still based on worn Equipment.

We recommend that players use the two minutes to:
• fill the Belt with Consumable Items;
• cast empowering Spells;
• work out team tactics for the coming battle.

Phase IV - Boarding

After the Cannon Shootout is over, the ship that received more damage gets boarded and the teams clash in melee combat. Number of wounds received by both teams in the beginning of the Boarding phase depends on the damage inflicted on their ships in the Cannon Shootout. Team that lost the Shootout always receives more wounds that the winning team. 

The opposing teams fight on all three sectors of the ship: Stern, Deck and Fore. Captains always fight on the Deck, four randomly chosen players from each team fight on the Stern and four players from each team on the Fore of the ship. Please note that these aren't separate battles, but rather different sections of the same combat. 

While in one section of the Boarding battle, you won't be able to track combatants in other sections or use Spells against any of them. But if you are waiting for an opponent or have died, you will be able to move to another section. A window with allowed transitions will appear in the lower right part of the screen. Movement from Stern to Fore and visa versa is only possible through the Deck where Captains fight. Captains keep fighting until one of them falls. Arriving on the Deck, players will be able to fight creatures summoned by enemy Captain or any opposing team members.

If you summon a Dragon, a Skeletar or other creature into combat and then leave the section where the summoning took place, the summoned monster keeps on fighting without changing its location. After you leave, you won't be able to track or heal the summoned creature. But whenever there are no opponents left for the creature to fight, it will move one section in the direction of your current location during the waiting-for-turn phase. For instance, if you summoned a Dragon while on the Stern, then moved to the Deck and then moved again to the Fore, Dragon will move to the Deck during the waiting-for-turn phase and will fight on the Deck if it encounters any enemies. If this is not the case, then it will move to rejoin you on the Fore during its next waiting.

In the Boarding phase you are not allowed to control the Dragon after your Character's death.

During this phase, players are allowed to use Bonecrusher Spheres and develop the respective Reputation but no Curses will be inflicted on the enemy after combat ends.

Since they have no possibility to use Consumable Items, Replicants will be bestowed with the Replicant Stamina and Replicant Fury Spells that give a significant boost to maximum Health and inflicted damage respectively. If the player that the Replicant is copied from possesses a Mount and a Dragon, the Replicant will enter the Boarding phase on the back of a Mount and shall summon a Dragon with its first attack.

Corsair Shop

Corsair Shop can be accessed: by citizens of Sadar - from Port of Sadar, by citizens of Vaalor - from Vaalor Harbor.


Warriors who have reached level 22 and acquired some Golden Piastres in Sea Battles, can use them to purchase Black Marks, Dark Rum as well as Captain's, Gunner's, Defender's and Sailor's Chests in the Corsair Shop.

Invincible Warrior

Frequency: each Thursday at 20:30 Server Time.
Level Bracket:
29-35, 36-43, 44-50, 52-60, 61-70.
Minimum number of participants: 20.

Valor and Experience;
Spear Striker and Flesh Cleaver Collection elements;
Legendary Hero of the Empire Collection elements;
Fire Powder;
• the winner might also receive a Scheme for Incendive Strike.

Entering the Tournament: 

• Queue up for the Invincible Warrior Tournament just like for any other Battleground by clicking the crossed swords in the lower right part of the screen, selecting Invincible Warrior, and then clicking Queue Up. You will see the number of entries for the Tournament.

• In case there are less than 20 entries, all players remain queued up for the next Tournament

• If there are exactly 20 entries, players are divided into two teams, and the first round of the Tournament begins. 

• If there are more than 20 entries, a qualifying round is held first. 20 players who perform the best proceed into the first round. 

• In some cases, when the number of participants is odd, and it is impossible to divided the participants into two balanced teams, an exact copy of one of the warriors will be made (including all Equipment and Items). This Replicant will immediately get the Replicant Stamina (increases maximum Health) and Replicant Fury (increases attack damage) effects. The higher the level of the warrior whom the Replicant duplicates, the more powerful the received effects.

• Warriors who are engaged in a combat elsewhere at the moment when the Invincible Warrior Tournament starts, do not participate in the current Tournament but remain in the queue for the next one.

Tournament Points

• the winning team receives 100% of earned Tournament Points, while the losing team only gets 70%, which makes the team performance more important than any individual achievements;

• Tournament Points are calculated based on dealt damage, enemy, and Character level;

• received Valor  also depends on team performance. Members of the winning teams receive 100% of due Valor, while members of the losing team - only  70%.


• participants are not allowed to summon Skeletars or use Idols;

• use of Bonecrusher Spheres is allowed, and Bonecrusher Reputation is earned as usual, but no Curses are inflicted on the target;

use of Banes (harmful magical scrolls used in combat) is forbidden

• Players are allowed to stay in the Wraith state during the Tournament, with the exception of the final round, where this state is lifted automatically .


• Following the qualifying round (in case there are more than 20 entries), warriors of one level bracket, regardless of Empire, are divided into two balanced teams, and the first round begins. 

• A total of 7 rounds is held. With each consecutive round, the number of participants is reduced. Warriors who earn the least points in the current round do not enter the next one. 

• The winner of the last round is pronounced the Invincible Warrior. A statue is erected in his honor in the Colosseum that shall stand there until another warrior wins the Tournament. 

• In addition to the engraved statue, the winner might receive a Scheme for Incendive Strike. After studying it, a warrior will be able to use the Blacksmith Profession to create Incendiary Strikes that can be used when riding a Mount.


An Incendive Strike deals increased damage (compared to other Ranged Weapons) and has a chance of inflicting the target and two of its team members with Burning effect, which deals additional damage over several rounds and reduces the efficiency of healing Magic used by the affected warriors

Vortex of Trapped Souls


Frequency: daily, at 05:30 Server Time.
Level Brackets: 29-38, 39-48, 49-57, 58-67, 68-70.
Number of Participants: 18-27 highest bidders.
Heroism (for players who earn at least 2000 points)
• Casket of Crimson Steward (for players who find the Soul Tamer and bring it to Bakhardal)
• The last man standing receives 70% of all bids and the Trophy of Vortex Conqueror. Using the Trophy earns you Defender of Adan Reputation, Casket of Retrtibution or Plenty, as well a chance to get the Eye of Abyss – item required to create the Maul of Devastation.

Joining the Battleground:
- Queue starts 3 hours before the start of the Battleground.
- To make an entry, click the Battlegrounds button in the lower right part of the screen, select Vortex of Trapped Souls from the list, and click "Queue up for 1,5 Reals".
- 1,5 Reals will be withdrawn from your account, and you will be taken to the Battleground queue screen. It will display the minimum bid, your bid, total of all bids, your place in the queue, countdown timer, level bracket, and number of players in the queue. If your bid is enough to enter the Vortex, your place in the queue will be highlighted green. Otherwise, it will be highlighted red, in which case you can click "Raise Bid to" to improve your position in the queue.
- You can't leave the queue at this point, but you are allowed to engage in other combats while queued up for the Vortex of Trapped Souls.
- If your bid isn't among 27 highest or if you are engaged in a different combat when the Battleground starts, you leave the queue, and your bid is transferred back to your account.

• In case there are less than 18 entries, the Battleground is canceled. If there are 18 to 27 participants, they all enter the Battleground. Should there be more than 27 entrants, 27 highest bidders are eligible to enter. Top 10 bidders get 4 lives, everyone else has 3. Players who don't qualify for the Battlegrounds get their bids back.
• For the duration of the Battleground, all participants lose their Equipment and access to their Backpack; instead, they are given a temporary Backpack for 20 slots.
• Also, for the duration of the Battleground, all participants have the Spell Mastery of all Elemental Schools raised to maximum available level (temporary rule, which will be canceled in the future). 
• Each participant is given Warrior's Cuirass and Leggings and an Amulet for a randomly selected Class.
• All empowering effects that are active by the beginning of the Battleground (Blessed Food, Balms, Scrolls of Mount Summoning, etc.) are lifted for the duration of the Battleground.
Dragon and Mount summoning are forbidden in the Vortex of Trapped Souls (with the exception of Mounted Combat mode).

Vortex of Trapped Souls is held in one of the following randomly selected modes:
Standard combat (standard rules apply)
Let me at 'em! (increased Health regeneration)
Wait for it... (reduced Health regeneration)
Greedy Bakhardal (increased item transfer tax)
Mounted combat (Mounts are available)
Wraiths if the Abyss (for the first 5 minutes of the Battleground, Wraith Spheres can be found in the Vortex)
Wells of Energy (Energy regeneration is reduced, but several Wells of Life are scattered around the Vortex that instantly replenish your Energy).

• You have 50 minutes before the Battleground ends; during the first phase (30 minutes), movement across all islands is allowed, but in the second phase (20 minutes), only the islands touching the central one are open.
• As the Battleground starts, every player is teleported to a separate island. Useful items – Equipment and Consumables – can be found on all islands. To find them, click  "explore location" in the right part of the screen  – or click the treasure pile on your current location. A window will pop up showing all items discovered on the island. To take an item, select it and click "pick up". Picking up an item requires 10 seconds. If you are attacked during this time, you will have to start anew.

• Participants are allowed to equip any items, regardless of their Class. Equipment that suits your current level will be automatically equipped into the respective slot, unless it already contains a different piece of equipment.
Character Class and available Magic are defined by the Amulet that you are wearing.
• You can move to neighboring islands via the
transfer menu in the right part of the screen, or by using arrows on locations. Movement requires energy, which is regenerated over time.
Items can't be sold in the Vortex, only thrown away or transferred to other participants.
Chests that contain Consumables of "blue" and higher quality and Jewelry  are generated randomly on different islands. They disappear after being opened, but may reappear on the same island.
• Beside items, you might find Wells of Health and Energy, which are shown on the map whenever you enter a location that neighbors with the Well. Activate a Well to increase your maximum Health for 5 minutes or replenish your Energy.
• Some randomly selected locations contain Altars of Greatness and Reflection. Sacrifice Gold at an Altar to get a respective Cover (Cover of Greatness or Reflection) for 1 hour.


• Some islands contain Teleportators. By using one of them, a player will be moved to a random island.
• If you appear on an island occupied by another player, you may attack him if that player has more than 20% Health remaining. To attack an enemy, click the crossed swords near the enemy's name in the location's player list. If a battle is already raging on current location, you may join it on any side you want by opening the location's player list and clicking "join combat".
Combat winner (or winners) receive part of the equipment of defeated player(-s), another part is dropped onto location and can be picked up by using "explore location", and the rest is retained by the defeated side.
Defeated player is resurrected on a random island.
• The player with the most points earned in combat is displayed in the upper part of the screen as the Tournament Leader. If you are the leader, you will instead see the name of the Character who is your closest pursuer.
• Regardless of the earned points, if the Leader loses all lives, he is eliminated from the competition, and the player who currently ranks second replaces him.
• If you go offline during the Battleground, your Character won't disappear, and other players with still be able to attack until you run out of lives.

Bakhardal's Casket and Soul Tamer
• Beside common items, you might stumble upon an artifact called the Soul Tamer, which can be returned to the master of the Vortex – the Crimson Steward Bakhardal on the island of Yro IX.
• When you bring the artifact, depending on Bakhardal's mood, he might either generously reward you with Bakhardal's Casket when the Battleground ends or attack and kill you (you lose 1 life). In such a case, the Soul Tamer either stays in your possession or on Bakhardal's island.

Traps of Exhaustion and Death Labels
• After the second phase begins, Traps and Death Labels may be found by exploring locations.
• To set a Trap, locate it in your Backpack and click "use". The next player to enter the location where you set the trap will lose all Energy, becoming temporarily unable to leave the island. When that happens, you will receive a chat message with the name of the location. 
• Each Death Label bears the name of one of the participants. To start tracking that participant, activate the Label by selecting it in your Backpack and clicking "use" – or select the "Tracking" tab on the Map screen and use the Label from there.  An activated Label reveals to you the current location of the Character whose name it bears, allowing you to follow the target's movements.

Battleground Ending
• Last surviving warrior is declared winner and receives the prize money. If there are several Characters standing at the end of the Battleground, the one who earned the most points becomes the winner.
• Battleground stats are displayed after it ends.
• All items obtained in the Vortex of Trapped Souls are taken from participants, and all their original Equipment and items are returned to them, as well as any empowering effects. Please note that the effect countdown continues while you participate in this Battleground.
• Players are teleported to the same locations they were in prior to start of the Vortex.

Types of items in the Vortex:
A variety of items, from "gray" to "red" quality, can be found in this Battleground:
• Armor, Jewelry, and Weapons, including the Ice Guardian's Hammer and the Maul of Devastation.
• Elixirs, Glyphs, Insignias, and Orbs of "gray" to "red" quality.
• Common and Blessed Food, Balms, Cameos, Phials, and more.

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