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21/11/2015 13:00

Day of Battle Steel

Emperors of Sadar and Vaalor have proclaimed Saturday, November 21st, the Day of Battle Steel in honor of all the great heroes of the past that found eternal peace in the Halls of Velet. Blessed Spells will guard warriors of Adan from November 21st 19:00 Server Time to November 22nd 7:00 Server Time, protecting their Equipment from breaking in all PvP combats

May luck smile upon you in battle, warriors of Adan!

You can find out more about the Day of Battle Steel here.

13/11/2015 15:00

Day of Ruthless Fury

The Day of Ruthless Fury has been proclaimed on Tartu!

Follow the instructions you receive in Master Davian's "Day of Ruthless Fury" Quest and use Bonecrusher Spheres while fighting in the Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, and Sea Battles. If you deal the required amount of damage to the enemies, Davian will reward you with the Casket of Furious Destroyer. Slay 15 enemies to receive the Casket of Ruthless Destroyer. Open the Сaskets to collect various Consumables, and - if you're lucky - an item of great value.  There is no limit to the number of times you can take the "Day of Ruthless Fury" Quest during this Event. 


On the Day of Ruthless Fury, you can't curse enemies with Bonecrusher Spheres in the Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, or Sea Battles, but you have an increased chance to earn Bonecrusher Reputation when you use the Spheres. You also have a higher than usual chance of obtaining the special transferable Bonecrusher Casket!

The Day of Ruthless Fury starts on November 14th 19:00 Server Time and ends on November 15th 19:00 Server Time.

Players of level 6 and higher are allowed to participate in this Event.

10/11/2015 15:20

New Wedding Ring Sets

Marriage is a special event that requires special preparations. And what is the one thing that is present at every wedding? That's right, the wedding rings! From here on out, new amazing Wedding Ring Sets are available for purchase, crafted by the best Human, Elven and Dedaire masters. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find it, be it a humble and elegant set or an exquisite and luxurious one.


You can purchase Wedding Ring Sets in the Wedding Rings section of the Shop

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06/11/2015 13:30

Day of Martial Valor

Without doubt, Valor is the most important quality of a true warrior, for it is Valor that drives them through hordes of monsters, deeper and deeper into places where no ordinary man dare go.

Valor is what makes you stand your ground firmly when countless hordes of Shaab plunge your world into chaos. Valor is the thread you hang onto when everything around you crumbles. Valor is the cause behind legendary deeds and victories against all odds.

To make sure that heroes don't become extinct on Tartu, the Emperor of Sadar Halias Bor XII The Conqueror and the Emperor of Vaalor Elgor Dan-Riyad proclaim the Day of Martial Valor!

From November 7th 19:00 Server Time through November 8th 19:00 Server Time, the amount of Valor earned in all Battlegrounds – Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, Torunament of Honor, King of the Hill and Sea Battles – is doubled. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to become a legendary warrior!

31/10/2015 18:00

Night of the Great Dragons: Maritar the Black Heart Returns!

Joy of defeating Maritar the Black Heart didn't last long. The beautiful Ani-Dahlia is sure that he will come back soon. 

Maritar has left his abode in the Halls of Peace and, November 1st at 12:00 Server Time, he will arrive once again in the Western Graveyard with a horde of Vampires, Succubi, Mummies, and Skeletars to summon an even great army of undead and destroy the Archlantern.


Learn more about Night of the Great Dragons here.

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30/10/2015 18:00

Night of the Great Dragons: Maritar the Black Heart

Warriors of Tartu are doing great so far, slaying undead, lighting lanterns, and intimidating opponents in combat; for that, Ani-Dahlia generously rewards them with Gift Pumpkins. Meanwhile, Velet's Guards are preparing to perform the Rite of the Great Dragon Awakening – but it's still too early to celebrate victory.

Infuriated by yet another embarassing defeat, Maritar the Black Heart decided to take matters into his own hands. He left his abode in the Halls of Peace, hell-bent on foiling the ritual of Great Dragon Awakening.

Maritar has left his abode in the Halls of Peace and, October 31 at 12:00 Server Time, he will arrive in the Western Graveyard with a horde of Vampires, Succubi, Mummies, and Skeletars to summon a great army of undead and destroy the Archlantern.


If you do not want this world to be left without the protection of the Great Dragons, you must help them rise from their sleep. Battle against Maritar the Black Heart will be epic!

Learn more about Night of the Great Dragons here.

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30/10/2015 16:00

The Necromancer's Lost Artifact contest is over!

Now that the contest is over, we can name the winner, who managed to return the precious Ceremonial Gong to Ani-Dahlia. Introducing Zalex Jr! This noble hero displayed great powers of mind, sharp wit and determination. He has earned the reward of 30 Reals and 15 Gift Pumpkins.

Take part in our contest, and you will get a unique opportunity to learn more wonderful things about the world of the Adan!

29/10/2015 11:00

Night of the Great Dragons

Once a year, a chaotic and dangerous time comes to Adan. On the Night of the Great Dragons, Eldior the Ruler of Life, Aeona Mother of Eternity and Velet the Lord of Death submerge into a deep sleep. As soon as their master's eyes close, spirits of the dead revolt, escaping the Halls of Peace to a world full of desire, pleasure, and suffering. Swarms of runaway undead flood Adan, rejoicing in their new-found freedom and impunity. 

While common folk follow the tradition by dressing in scary costumes, warriors work hard slaying undead monsters to acquire the main ritual lamp Archlantern of Awakening which is required to awaken the Great Dragons from their slumber.


Complete Quests of the charming Ani-Dahlia to receive Gift Pumpkins that contain characteristic-increasing holiday candy as well as grant you a chance to obtain a special weapon – the Broom. Players who obtain the Archlantern of Awakening will additionally receive a unique Pumpkin Helm as well as special festive achievements!

Night of the Great Dragons begins October 30 at 18:00 Server Time. You can learn more about it here.

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28/10/2015 13:30

The Necromancer's lost artifact contest continues on!

Dozens of brave warriors continue their search for the mysterious artifact, yet all their efforts are in vain. Seeing that they all are moving in the wrong direction, Ani-Dahlia has decided to give the defenders of Tart another hint. 

— The artifact-that-must-not-be-named has the likeness of the Sun and the Moon. Touch it gently and it whispers like the rustling of reeds in the wind. Strike it and it will respond with an ominous and menacing roar as loud as a burst of thunder…

It seems that these words have cost Ani-Dahlia too much strength. She nearly faints and only the help of her faithful skeletar prevents the Necromancer from collapsing to the floor.

27/10/2015 12:00

Melvin the Merchant is Back!

We haven't seen Melvin for a while, and he's finally coming back on October 28th at 12:00 Server Time!

As usually, Melvin brings along a plethora of unique items which he will be selling from his stand on the Winery Crossroads. This time, Melving has some novelties to offer, along with your good old favorites.


There's still plenty of time left to make the purchases, but don't put it off till the last moment! October 31st at 12:00 Server Time, Melvin will load his faithful Rambah with unsold goods and leave Tartu – and who knows when we shall see him again?

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