1. While taking part in the game or using this site, you are obliged to respect the right of others to play and stay in the game world in accordance with the intentions of the Administration.

2. It is forbidden to transfer players’ personal information via the website, game client, server software or any similar methods.

3. It is forbidden to use and distribute words and statements that are sexually explicit, as well as harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, leading to racial and ethnic strife (including but not limited to harassment on ethnic and religious grounds). The rule applies to user messages, names of characters, nicknames, descriptions, in-game marks (including but not limited to offensive or inappropriate names of clans, names of pets, descriptions and titles).

4. In the game, and when using the services related to the game it is prohibited to behave or encourage behavior that violates the normal process of the Game, worries or upsets other players, reduces the quality of service or performance of game client software of other players (such as the intentional use of game bugs with the intention to interrupt the game or get the desired object).

5. It is forbidden to spread spam messages or flood in the game chat and on game site pages.

6. It is forbidden to register or play with more than one character (one person = one character) to obtain benefits, or to bypass any restrictions.

7. It is forbidden to impersonate an employee of support services or any other employee of the Administration, former or current.

8. It is forbidden to violate local laws and regulations, applicable laws, national and international laws and governed rules of conduct.

9. It is forbidden to sell, promote, advertise or campaign for any goods or services by means of the game or game site.

10. It is forbidden to modify the game client, server or any part of the game site.

11. It is forbidden to advertise the intention to commit or encourage illegal sale, purchase, transfer or sharing of game accounts.

12. It is forbidden to advertise the intention to commit or encourage other acts of illegal sale or purchase of game items for cash or similar means of payment.

13. While taking part in the game through the official site or being in the game world, you should always follow the instructions of authorized personnel.

14. It is forbidden to take part in groups or in the formation of groups whose ideology involves intolerance of religion, nationality, gender (or is similar to the ideology of such a pattern), refers to a nationalist, racist or sexist philosophy.

15. It is forbidden to intentionally hide or falsify personal information needed to create accounts in the game or games site.

16. It is forbidden to upload or transmit materials which violate copyright / related rights of third parties, by any component of the game or related services, without the prior consent of the owner.

17. It is forbidden to attempt to break, crack or decrypt any data in the game, or related services.

18. It is forbidden to distribute, or publicly advocate any errors in the game, problems or violations, that give the benefits in the game world.

19. To create, publish, use or distribute any utilities, emulators, and other independent software products and tools, without written consent of the Administration (including but not limited to: macro program to create a bot server emulators, client crackers, card crackers and utilities to collect information).

20. It is forbidden to disturb other players or employees of the Administration, including such methods as (but not limited to) threats, harassment or insults.

21. It is forbidden to post links or web addresses which content is inappropriate from the point of view of Administration – including, but not limited to any links to other commercial products and/or services. It is forbidden to post links or web addresses containing materials (including software and other information) that could harm (or are created with the intention to harm) other players or computers, or could allow others to access an improper software or sites.

22. It is forbidden to use the game and / or related services for illegal activities. Administration is not responsible for what you say (verbally or in writing), while in the game, in chat rooms or forums, games, or for any consequences of your illegal statements. If you break the law, the responsibility for the consequences is solely yours.

23. Although the game is a role-playing game, you may not lead «compliance role» in defense of any violation of these Rules.

24. It is forbidden to conduct research, contests, create financial pyramid schemes, organize mass mailings to send spam messages, duplicate messages (commercial or otherwise).

25. Prohibited are slander, abuse, harassment, stalking, threats and other violations of legal rights (such as rights of privacy and freedom of expression) of others.

26. It is forbidden to publish or upload files that contain viruses, corrupted files or data, or any other similar software or programs that may damage or disrupt the game or other computers.

27. It is forbidden to advertise and announce sale or purchase of any goods or services for any purpose without the prior approval of the Administration, if it is not allowed in the game with related message.

28. It is forbidden to falsify, remove or disable any copyright information, including links to the author, the legal confirmation of copyrights and other similar reports or prescriptions, and marks on the origin or source of software or other content.

29. It is forbidden to prohibit or distract other users from using the game or any related services. In particular is prohibited to violate conversations in chat channels with vulgar expressions and insults, constant use of Enter key, the deployment of large-format images causing fast scrolling of the screen and making reading difficult, using SCREAM (all caps) in an attempt to disturb other users, "spam" and "scrolling" (placing repetitive text).

30. It is forbidden to extract (automatically or by other means) or otherwise collect personal information and other data of users, including email addresses, or use this information to send spam messages.

31. It is forbidden to use, download or otherwise copy or provide (whether paid or not) any physical person or legal entity with any information about games and related services, in whole or in part.

32. It is forbidden to attempt to obtain passwords and other account information, or other private information from the member or any other user of the game, and /or related services.

33. It is forbidden to use improperly in-game support or complaint buttons or make false reports to game Administrators.

34. It is forbidden to use the game and/or related services other than for personal communication as an individual user (i.e. not as a legal entity or any other organization).

35. It is forbidden to use the game and/or related services for fraudulent activities, including but not limited to fraudulent in-game financial transactions.


The administration reserves the final right to decide what is considered a violation of these Rules of Conduct. The administration reserves the right to change any of the above rules and regulations at any time. 


If you understand the terms of our User Agreement and the Rules of Conduct, and accept them, please confirm your acceptance of this License Agreement, accepting the proposed conditions.