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07/09/2012 15:23

Revised Confrontation Rating, Champion Casket and a cheaper Crown of Comprehension

Starting today, rules for calculating the Confrontation Rating have undergone several changes. Confrontation Ratings score is now calculated for the following combat types:

Arena of Honor
Seven Bridges of Shadan
King of the Hill
Tournament of Honor
Sea Battles
Attacks with the use of Bonescrusher Spheres
Battles for Mines and Sawmills
Duels of Truth
Attacks with the use of Clan Standards (during Clan Wars)
Battles for Aspect Crystal Extraction Sites (during Clan Wars)

Members of Clans should pay special attention to the last two articles, since participation in Clan Wars strongly affect the Confrontation Rating. As you surely recall, the Confrontation Rating is a total of all the Clan members' Confrontation Ratings for the week. Winning a Clan War substantially increases the total Rating.

Clans that achieved prize places in the Confrontation Rating will receive a new kind of a Trophy Casket in addition to the existing ones, the Champion Trophy Casket. Inside players will find "orange" quality Prize Elixirs of Endurance and Life, Glyphs of Destruction and Life, Orbs of Strength, Vampirism and Courage, all of which will be considered Clan Items and won't require Valor to use them, but will have a limited period of usage.


The Crown of Comprehension spell that increases the main Characteristics as well as received Experience and Valor for all the Clan members now costs twice less, only 50. It can be purchased in the Clan Hall from the Altar of Kyron if your Empire's Pennant is present.

The Announcement section now offers new insight into the future of Adan. You can use this link to get acquainted with the features that will be introduced to the game soon. 


The auto-consumption option can now be turned on straight from the backpack.

To do so, open the backpack screen, hover your mouse over an item that can be auto-consumed and click the "Auto" button. The auto-consumed item will be marked with a tick in the lower left corner of its image.

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07/09/2012 16:11
Good to hear :)
07/09/2012 16:48
awesome thing to have get ready faster
07/09/2012 20:48
You're all AWESOME!!! Thanks for continuing to develop this game. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this game such as a sound track to start which will assist immeasurably with completing the ambiance and set the mood for the different paces and instances in the world of Dragon Eternity. five thumbs up!!!
08/09/2012 00:09
noooooo no sound track please!!
08/09/2012 15:10
Backpack idea is great but until they work the bugs out on this item it is frustratinig right now when I remove items from backpack belt and it tells me that it is full when there is nothing there .
Chaos reigns in my domain as on earth as in Heaven
09/09/2012 02:14
21/10/2012 05:22
Mr Joshua17 
fake and stupid... sorry i wanted to be the first troll ... but good idea and i like it
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