28/03/2014 10:35

The Krold Invasion

Warriors of level 55 and higher, new adventures await you!

H'aaf-Russum, chieftain of the peaceful nomad clan, is full of worries. Armor-clad warriors have appeared in the steppes, and H'aaf-Russum doesn't think that these horned strangers have come with good intentions. Though the weapons of the outsiders are primitive and the armor is way below even the standards of Humans not to mention the Dedaires, they more than make up for it in strength and ferocity, challenging Taurs head-to-head. But the invaders don't seem to be interested in direct conflict as much as in the mines below the Bleak Hills. The same mines that are infamous for their maze that no one has ever come back from.


New adventures begin with H'aaf-Russum's Quest  "Cave Guards", available at level 55.

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20/03/2014 10:25

Tragedy During the Big Hunt

Warriors of level 54 and higher, new adventures await you!

H'aaf-Russum, chieftain of the Sun Clan – the one that left the Horde to seek a more peaceful life – has invited you to the Big Hunt. A sacred ancient tradition, the Big Hunt orders the Taurs to appease their Sky Horse guardian by making a huge Sky Fire; this must be done before the Hot Sun comes.

When the Sky Fire dies down, all warriors must go to the Big Hunt to stock up on food for the whole dry season. But a big celebration has turned into a tragedy which now threatens to grow into bloodshed. Will you be able to restore the relations with the Sun Clan and prove to the Taurs that Humans have nothing to do with their loss? There's only one way to find out!

New adventures begin with the Quest of H'aaf-Russum "The Big Hunt", available at level 54.

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17/03/2014 12:55

Rise of the Machines

Warriors of level 53 and higher, new adventures await you!

The latest inventions of the Dedaires' brightest minds, the autonomous Machinoids, are about to change the life of Tartu. Sadly, not in a good way. One by one, Manipulators, Drillers, Loaders, and Steamdroids go haywire, disregarding their duties to extract minerals or help Dedaire engineers and attacking everyone in sight instead.

It's been hundreds of years since the people of the Stone City last had to protect their homes from an enemy. Their combats skills ahve faded since then. And how do you fight an enemy when you don't even know what and when causes it to attack you? The Dedaires are praying for an Imperial warrior to spearhead a counterattack on the malfunctioning Machinoids and to reveal the reason and the person behind this strange revolt!


New adventures start with the Quest of Shtold Ventos "Meeting with Shtold", available at level 53.

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25/02/2014 10:15

Takhur's Exotic Flowers

Warriors of level 35 and higher, prepare to go on a new exciting adventure!

The rare margilia flowers don't wish to grow in Takhur's garden, and the Minoton is down in the dumps because of it. To help the poor fellow, you will have to go to the famous witch and ask her if she by any chance knows a way to save the exotic plants from dying. 

But to acquire the components for the potion the witch suggested, one will have to battle monsters, hunt flying predators, travel quite a length, and even catch previously unknown inhabitants of Tartu! And when all the obstacles are overcome and the potion is made, one question will still remain: is the potion as good as Meldina claims, or was she just bragging?


New adventures start with the Quest of Minoton Takhur "Picky Flowers", which becomes available at level 35.

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20/02/2014 09:55

The Mysterious Robbers

Warriors of level 34 and higher, new adventures await you!

It was late and dark in the Valdian Forest when the merchant and his faithful companion Rambah heard chilling earsplitting cries. Lashing the ram was no use – Rambah was too tired to move faster anyway. The only thing Melvin could do was unstrap the shafts and run for his life aback the ram, leaving his merchandise behind.

It goes without saying that as the morning came, all the goods were gone. Now, they must be returned, or else Melvin will go under, and Tartu will never see the exotic goods he brings from faraway lands again.

Sadly, Melvin has no idea who the robbers were or how they looked like. Luckily, only a few crimes leave absolutely no clues pointing to the identity of the criminal. An observant investigator can surely track down the villains. But will the investigator be strong enough to punish them and return the stolen goods to Melvin? You'll have to answer this question yourself!

New adventures start with Melvin's Quest "The Raided Wagon" which becomes available at level 34.

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17/02/2014 09:40

Frenzied Sinra and the Village Epidemic

Warriors of level 33 and higher, new adventures await you!

A mysterious epidemic has plagued the villagers of Landor. Where it came from remains unclear: no travellers or wild animals have come to the village, cattle is as healthy as ever, but villagers keep falling to the ground in oblivion, their skin covered with terrible black rash. As if it weren't enough, the healer Meldina has locked herself in her tree hut, refusing to speak to the locals. 


Meanwhile, not far from the ancient Temple, a group of frenzied Sinra warrioresses stormed into an archaeologists' camp on a mindless rampage, forcing Giehl and his workers to flee in terror. What could be the cause for these strange events?

New adventures start with the Quest "A Village Epidemic" which becomes available at level 33.

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10/02/2014 10:10

The Resurrected Minions

Warriors of level 36 and higher, prepare to go on a new exciting and dangerous journey!

The vain wizard Mahikar Zildian craved the rank of Magistrate in the Sadar School of Elements but couldn't get it no matter how hard he tried. Arriving at the idea that everyone around him was putting spokes in his wheel, the mad wizard decided to do justice on the world that rejected him. He settled in an abandoned fortress and surrounded himself with outlaws and castaways and started mustering an army which would conquer Tartu and throw the world at Mahikar's feet. Lucky for all of Adan, his dreams never came true. Mahikar's army was crushed and the wizard himself killed by the valiant forces of the Scarlet Empire.


It is not a coincidence that this ancient story came to attention of both Vaalor and Sadar agents at the same time. Ghosts of three of Mahikar's minions, imbued with supernatural powers, have returned to Tartu, bent on getting even for the past defeat. And this means that it's time for our Knights to saddle up the mounts, sharpen the trusted blades, clean the armor, and head to face the ressurected villains. But simply dgetting rid of them won't be enough. You will also have to learn who raised Mahikar's minions – and with what purpose.

New adventures start with Ardiana Korf's "Back from the Dead" quest, available upon reaching level 36.

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The Last Guardian of Khateram

Warriors of level 52 and higher, new glorious deeds await you!

Many centuries ago fell Khateram, a magnificent oasis, Heart of the Desert, as the Moon Elves used to call it. Thanks to Khateram's magical defenses, the cause of its fall remains a mystery to this very day – a network of deadly Storm Towers still guards the peace of the city, and not a single soul has ever made it inside. But now, for the first time in hundreds of years, signs of life have been sighted behind the protective perimeter.

The vigilant servants of the Archmage Myratella Kharmai have informed their mistress of energy surges and battle spells detected inside Khateram's walls. But who is powerful enough to breach the impregnable defenses of the legendary city? And whom is this mysterious stranger fighting? Myratella can't wave aside these questions, so she's calling upon a brave warrior who's not afraid to approach the ruins of Khateram and shed light on what's going on inside – and maybe even unveil the story behind the city's enigmatic downfall.


New adventures begin with the Quest of Myratella Kharmai "Fall of Khateram" Quest, available at level 52.

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The Disappearance of Ani-Dahlia and Bonecrusher Fionirites

Warriors of level 52 and higher, new adventures await you!

Myratella Kharmai is very concerned about the sudden disappearance of her close friend Ani-Dahlia. But what troubles her even more is that Skeletars have been discovered near the missing Necromancer's abode – and these Skeletars look very much like Human bodies.


A hard road awaits those who decide to solve this mystery, but it will definitely be worth it. Those who reveal the origin of the strange Skeletars and find Ani-Dahlia will have Fionirites unlocked for them in the Shop, a new type of Skeletar-summoning crystals. Creatures summoned with Fionirites will earn Bonecrusher Reputation for their master whenever they strike down an enemy.

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27/01/2014 09:35

Saving the Sky Horse

Warriors of level 51 and higher, new adventures await you!

The Taurian Sun Clan left the Horde, setting its camp on the edge of the steppe. The Outcasts have already been attacked twice by their own kin. They're holding for now, but a new threat has emerged in the shape of Khaimans – biped lizards who have come to claim their rights for the Taur lands.

But even more peculiar is the fact that the Khaimans are hellbent on destroying a Taur relic – the Sky Horse monument. Taurs are terrified by the very thought of this sacrilege happening, and the Secret Advisor Ardiana Korf is looking for a trustworthy agent who would establish contact with the Taur outcasts and learn what made them go against the will of the tkhan of all tkhans – and what mysteries does the stone monument of the nomads hold.


New adventures begin with Ardiana Korf's "The Outcasts" Quest, available at level 51.

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