17/07/2014 14:55

New Quests for Level 21

Warriors of level 21 and higher, new task are now available to you!

Ship is a captain's most valuable treasure in the entire world, and there's nothing that brings more grief to a true sea wolf than to see the apple of their eye damaged within an inch of its life and in need of urgent and capital repairs.


Agden Gal Tark's vessel was severely battered during a storm, and the Vaalorian sea wolf now needs your help in repairing it before he can set sail for distant lands and oceans again. It won't be as simple as it sounds, though: you'll have to ensure the ship is really waterproof, learn the secrets of making sails from special materials, and even try yourself in the role of a ship's gunner!

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15/07/2014 13:30

New Quests for Levels 60 and 61

Warriors of level 60, 61 and higher, new adventures await you!

Things are not always what they seem, especially when it comes to magical artifacts. Wizards, collectors and opportunists of all kinds alike seek out these wondrous items for the power they promise. But now, the hunt for the Guardian artifact that started out as a standard House of Tranquility search operation, has spiraled out of control and led to really unexpected consequences...


"Prison is never too far away", goes one of Adan's sayings. Even the purest protector of the Empire can't argue with that, especially when one rainy day they find themselves locked up inside a dungeon and accused of murder they didn't commit. But there's always a way out of every predicament, all you have to do is keep a cool head and think clearly.

New adventures start with Ardiana Korf's The Conspirators' Secret Quest (unlocked at level 60) and Elder Vil's Mad Raiders Quest (unlocked at level 61).

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10/07/2014 12:45

Dragon Madness

Warriors of level 59 and higher! New adventures await you!

A chain of strange events involving the Dragons continued recently as the Fire Dragon Flamidar attacked the Academy Outpost, heavily wounding the guardsmen that stood watch that day. Eye witnesses to this terrible incident claim the Dragon's eyes were filled with madness, as if Flamidar didn't control his own actions and didn't understand anything said to him. Cases of Dragon attacks on humans, especially Imperial soldiers are so rare you can literally count them on the fingers of one hand. No matter how angry a Dragon gets, they never hurt people. Never! What happened that made a Dragon break this unwritten oath?

The bond between the Dragons and the Humans must not be broken. Find Flamidar and learn about his reasons!


New adventures begin with  A Plea for Help Quest, issued at  level 59 by the Chaos Dragon Halenmsar.

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Ancient Titan

Warriors of level 58 and higher, new adventures await you!

Giehl Cardin needs help from a brave Imperial warrior who has years of War Academy training under his belt. The young historian suspects that the Titan artifact that was discovered during excavation near the Ancient Temple has great scientific and cultural value. Giehl will only entrust the artifact to someone who has proven his worth over and over again.


Unfortunately, the presentiments Giehl had about transporting the Titan proved to be true. Even the presence of an Imperial warrior couldn't avert the worst. As a result of a well-coordinated attack from two sides, the unique item disappears. Soon thereafter, strange and inexplicable events start happening. Is there a connection here? You can only learn the answer by tracking down the mysterious robber.
New adventures begin with Giehl-Cardin's Reliable Guards Quest which becomes available at level 58.

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The Mysterious Half-Blood Sickness

Warriors of level 57 and higher, new adventures await you!

During an attack on a secret explosive material lab located not far from Helgar's brewery, Imperial forces met with fierce resistance from unusually powerful Half-Blood raiders. The only assailant they captured alive showed symptoms of an unknown disease.

Eyewitnesses claim that the skin of the prisoner is covered with stone growth that protects him from cold steel better than Imperial armor! Secret service has been tasked with investigating this strange affliction. The sooner its cause and ways to cure it are discovered, the smaller the damage that the stone-armored raiders deal to the well-being of the Empires.


New adventures begin with Vorg Khala's Quest "An Unusual Attack" which becomes available at level 57.

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Safety of the Empire

Warriors of level 56 and higher, new adventures await you!

The graduation ceremony at the Vaalor War Academy, which you visited on Storm-Brigadier Rand's invitation, has been ruined by a terrible act of terror. An explosive device of unidentified nature and origin went off, bringing to life the dreadful Lava Golems that now sow mayhem in the very heart of the Empire.

A series of incidents at the border and evidence at hand point to Sadar whose aggression has been rising lately, but our secret services urge the elites no to tush to conclusions. We must be absolutely sure before we decide to retaliate in any way. You are tasked with conducting the investigation and punishing those responsible for this abhorrent crime.

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The Krold Invasion

Warriors of level 55 and higher, new adventures await you!

H'aaf-Russum, chieftain of the peaceful nomad clan, is full of worries. Armor-clad warriors have appeared in the steppes, and H'aaf-Russum doesn't think that these horned strangers have come with good intentions. Though the weapons of the outsiders are primitive and the armor is way below even the standards of Humans not to mention the Dedaires, they more than make up for it in strength and ferocity, challenging Taurs head-to-head. But the invaders don't seem to be interested in direct conflict as much as in the mines below the Bleak Hills. The same mines that are infamous for their maze that no one has ever come back from.


New adventures begin with H'aaf-Russum's Quest  "Cave Guards", available at level 55.

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Tragedy During the Big Hunt

Warriors of level 54 and higher, new adventures await you!

H'aaf-Russum, chieftain of the Sun Clan – the one that left the Horde to seek a more peaceful life – has invited you to the Big Hunt. A sacred ancient tradition, the Big Hunt orders the Taurs to appease their Sky Horse guardian by making a huge Sky Fire; this must be done before the Hot Sun comes.

When the Sky Fire dies down, all warriors must go to the Big Hunt to stock up on food for the whole dry season. But a big celebration has turned into a tragedy which now threatens to grow into bloodshed. Will you be able to restore the relations with the Sun Clan and prove to the Taurs that Humans have nothing to do with their loss? There's only one way to find out!

New adventures begin with the Quest of H'aaf-Russum "The Big Hunt", available at level 54.

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Rise of the Machines

Warriors of level 53 and higher, new adventures await you!

The latest inventions of the Dedaires' brightest minds, the autonomous Machinoids, are about to change the life of Tartu. Sadly, not in a good way. One by one, Manipulators, Drillers, Loaders, and Steamdroids go haywire, disregarding their duties to extract minerals or help Dedaire engineers and attacking everyone in sight instead.

It's been hundreds of years since the people of the Stone City last had to protect their homes from an enemy. Their combats skills ahve faded since then. And how do you fight an enemy when you don't even know what and when causes it to attack you? The Dedaires are praying for an Imperial warrior to spearhead a counterattack on the malfunctioning Machinoids and to reveal the reason and the person behind this strange revolt!


New adventures start with the Quest of Shtold Ventos "Meeting with Shtold", available at level 53.

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25/02/2014 10:15

Takhur's Exotic Flowers

Warriors of level 35 and higher, prepare to go on a new exciting adventure!

The rare margilia flowers don't wish to grow in Takhur's garden, and the Minoton is down in the dumps because of it. To help the poor fellow, you will have to go to the famous witch and ask her if she by any chance knows a way to save the exotic plants from dying. 

But to acquire the components for the potion the witch suggested, one will have to battle monsters, hunt flying predators, travel quite a length, and even catch previously unknown inhabitants of Tartu! And when all the obstacles are overcome and the potion is made, one question will still remain: is the potion as good as Meldina claims, or was she just bragging?


New adventures start with the Quest of Minoton Takhur "Picky Flowers", which becomes available at level 35.

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