1. Nephilim – the Mighty Battle Form!

Very soon, warriors of Adan will receive the chance to turn into a Nephilim, a special form that can only be assumed in combat. 

• To be able to turn into this crushing entity, you will first have to complete a series of challenging trials. When you're done, take part in special Events to gain access to the Nephilim transformation .


From 3 to 6 pieces of Equipment will be available to make your Nephilim even stronger. 

• Transformation will be available after accumulating a certain amount of special energy in combat. The Nephilim doesn't last long, but during this brief period of time you will be insanely powerful.

• Instead of usual combat magic, the Nephilims wield new Spells which surpass anything you've seen before in power. A unique type of Mana is required to cast these Spells .


• Nephilims have three Classes just like your Character does in normal form. As a Nephilim, you will be able to destroy foes who are otherwise invincible.

2. Conquerors of Abyss

• Adan's warriors will be tasked with going into the very heart of the Abyss to destroy the Chambers of Genesis where terrible monstrosities are bred for new Shaab's army.

• Bravehearts who accept the challenge will earn Defender of Adan Reputation and Sparks of Abyss in combat with the monsters.


Treasuries of Shaab and Amphoras of Oblivion await heroes who will claim the amazing riches, including the Eye of Abyss, which is required to craft the Maul of Devastation.


• Also, during this Event, you will have a chance of receiving elements of the unique Star Ciklotor Collection .


3. Bows

 A new weapon type – Bows – will become available very soon!

Defender of Adan Reputation is required to purchase a Bow.

• Bows cannot be used while mounted.

Three types of Arrows will be at your disposal.

• Warriors will receive Arrows according to their daily Battleground Rating.


4. Daily Battleground Rating

In March, Rating interface and mechanics will be redesigned.

• Rating points will be awarded separately for every Battleground. If you fail to achieve the required number of victories before the Rating is reset, you won't receive any rewards.

• When you reach the required daily Rating in one of the Battlegrounds, you will be granted the chance to buy Arrows and Power-Ups that increase the rate at which you earn Reputation.

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