• Achievements will soon be added to Dragon Eternity, representing a player's progress in different aspects of the game.
• Achievements are grouped into various categories: Player, Quests, Battlegrounds, Instances, Professions, Reputations and Events. Each category contains several sub-categories.
• All achievements are displayed in the player's profile; some of them will also grant you bonus rewards.

New Battlegrounds: Ruins of the Ancient Capital, and the Story of Shadan's Dark Legacy

• A new 5v5 Battleground situated in the ruins of an ancient city.
• Bad blood: Sadar vs Vaalor teams.
• Players' objective will be to defend powerful artifacts discovered in the ruins of a desolate city while at the same time trying to capture the artifacts from the other team.


Desolate ruins of the once majestic city of Shadan are a lonely and unsettling reminder of the glorious times of the United Republic of Tartu.

Modern-day historians have established that the fault for the downfall of Shadan lies with the order of Zealots. For ages had they been collecting Tangor artifacts and acquiring dangerous knowledge about the Abyss. The order was led by twelve Archons who each day delved deeper into forbidden knowledge. As they stared into the heart of the Abyss, it stared back through the thousands of eyes that belonged to Kamorrus, the titan steward and a traitor who released the dark gods out of their prison at the dawn of our world.

Through the lips of its envoys, cultists and dark magi trapped by the order, Abyss whispered promises of eternal life and unlimited power to the Archons. It called, offered, coaxed. Alien to this world, it sparked inexplicable, insatiable curiosity in the minds of the inquisitive Archons.

It remains unknown who succumbed first. But whoever he was, forever cursed be his name, for the doom he unleashed on this world was a dreadful one indeed.

Monsters that poured into Adan from the Ark of Shaab destroyed the ancient capital. Those citizens of Shadan who failed to flee from the city before that were turned into Defilers, servants of evil devoid of free thought or compassion, whose only purpose was to sow sorrow and death. Corrupted Zealots became the Crimson Legion, servants of the damned Ark. Bodies of their twelve Archons became vessels for Crimson Stewards, Shaab's demons of unimaginable power who commanded the invasion.


It took the intervention of the Elder Dragons to save entire Tartu from certain destruction. Shaab's hordes were banished to Abyss; but alas, Shadan was no more. It was dangerous even to step into the ruins of the city were Blight could drive a person insane in a matter of days, subduing them to the twisted will of the dark gods.

Shadan became a forbidden place, and even the most powerful warriors and magi kept their distance. But years passed, and so did the memories of the terror. Treasure hunters began visiting Shadan in search of legendary trophies, and with each successful raid, their numbers grew. The deeper they ventured into the tumbledown ruins, the more peculiar and precious were the things they found. Soon, pawnshops all across Sadar and Vaalor were filled not only with silver chandeliers and ancient coins, but also with blades of the finest qualitiy, exquisite jewelry and priceless tomes of knowledge.

For quite some time, the authorities turned a blind eye to these opportunists, but it all ended one day.


Game Website and Forum

 Players who are active on our game forum will soon be able to get special forum points. Think of it as karma of sort. Creating interesting topics, giving valuable advice or sharing important information with the others will earn you forum reputation. Reaching a certain amount of reputation will unlock special smileys, unique avatars, as well as ranks that will reflect your contribution to the development of forum.

Sounds good, thanks for trying to keep the game interesting.

"Creating interesting topics, giving valuable advice or sharing important information with the others will earn you forum reputation". Hopefully this will stop people from creating whining posts in tavern.
You speak my mind

Kind of looks like SB... Dead in the water.
Achievements are good but will the higher level players get their achievements auto filled or have to go back and complete them again? Depending what they are of course...
Não estou conseguindo teleportar , acho que está acontecendo algum bug !

Hope it's good. Would be nice to see some things that aren't active eliminated and replaced instead of constantly adding new stuff. I can imagine it must look like a ton of crap to learn for a noob.... That is the greatest area of concern. I don't see many noobs moving up in the ranks....