Stupid mistake with reals

Bought 5,9k orbs of nosferatu for 29,5 reals just for mistake ,is any chance to get these reals back ?

Need to know who is overfilling the exchanger


I sent pms and then a bugs report. I was told by Pavel to post here.

Either Dragonflys2 or I need to know the people who have 100g or more in Exchanger in Hellfire clan.

It is either you help us or we have to start booting people to ...


King Arthur m and I angelwomansam are on the same ISP but different emails

I Forgot My Email Account as a 5 years or more ago


My Nickname was "GenChristian" Level 32 (Soldier the Third Blood) then i'll do it my password recover. I want to know for long time ago for play this DE. What's my old email should be?

Send Me Back to Reply! Thank You

Service Request

I emailed on February 2nd and have not heard anything back. Guards tell me to pm ihit, but he hasn't logged on since Feb 1st. Can anyone help me with my request?

Mail and password forgotten help

I forgot the mail and password of my 29 level character. please help me. nick : TuRBuLaNS37

Mail and password forgotten help.

I forgot the mail and password of my 29 level character. please help me. nick : TuRBuLaNS37

Alts in Sea Battle Check :)
Please and thank you :)

Broken weekly confrontation

Please review my post in the bugs area:

"Your request (#7748501) has been updated. Please, check for the new comment!
You'll get our response within 24 hours from your latest message.

Pavel Lens...

please realease reals and toon

so i bought reals on my other account and game support and then realized my toon demon empress was baned for suspected hacking and their was no hacking at all it was proven along time ago

I got punished

Hi, I got my character called --Undead-- shackles of debtor even though I didnt do anything.

Naked Fighting in ROAC

Captain Zapp stripped his gear during ROAC to avoid gear damage which cost me 2 paladin kills. Please look into this violation of the rules..I have a screenshot of him fighting naked and timing out if you'd like. thank you

Is this legal to fight without using pots?
multiple fights between 23:00-00:00 with those 2 people just dying and wasting my buff...

Searching for stronger and effective items, weapons and armor

Im looking for more of those things quicker

Missing Items

I decided to log back in here after being gone a few years, and i see that my auxiliary weapon is missing. I know my breastplae is gone as that was a clan item, but my axe was mine. was told to comment here by insight support team.

thanks in advan...
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