Players on same IP Address

Hello. My brother, my dad, and myself play using the same IP address because we live in the same household because me and my brother are not old enough to live on our own. My clan leader kingmp was telling me how that might get us jailed if we join e...


i do believe that i am going to get shackled very so if so could i wouldn't mind the chance to explain myself.

Bought underpriced Items

I bought 5 Jaw bones for around 1s in the AH (I didn't know that it was against the rules at the time D:), what should i do?

Cant Load Game

i have been trying to load the game on my desktop, which was working fine, then on day it just stopped loading the game, i get to the black loading screen and then nothing happens. i have already updated flash player and cleared everything. please lo...

Question about buying reals.

Well, since my last post was never answered and it's been conveniently deleted, but I would like to know why it is I was charged $150 for buying 100 reals since you have it advertised that 100 reals costs me $100. Now, I am growing impatient due to h...

Possible Alt Check in Sea Battle

I saw a link for Sea Battle in which a character,KCBT3567, did 240 damage. Will provide screenshot if needed.

having problems getting my recently purchased reals

I just purchased reals but it hasn't posted into my account what can I do

Can I get my account back


My game name is Kirann i played a few years ago, I would like to come back but cant remember any of my log in details, i have sent a ticket in 3 days ago, but wondered if you guys can help me get my account back.

lost email and password to old account and want to reopen it

my charter name was -Tanthalas- can u help so i can go back to them i no longer have the email adress so need email n pw

Shackles of Prisoner

I had not been on the game in a long time. It says I had requested this. I did not. How do I get out of it?

Please Check for Alts

Ihit -

Ninth legion were accused of filling a sea battle with alts. Please check the link and let us know if there is any truth to these accusations. We would also like to report Dragons Warrior for dying out of sea battle intentionally.


Change your linked Facebook account?

My game account is attached to a Facebook account that got hacked so I shut it down. I made a new one but can't seem to figure out how to change the account link. Is it possible and if so, what do I do. Thanks for any help

Wrecktul Thunder


Can I jail a character then make a new one if I already have 10 characters?

Lost Account Information

Hi guys. I have another account that I lost all of the information for including any old email address I used to use. I was hoping someone could help me recover it. The accounts name is Eterna1 and it used to be a guardian so long ago ^_^.

67 Spark of Inception for 2s1c

Hi Ihit,
Saw 67 spark of inception for 2s1c on AH.
Bought them, crashed, and came back to the seller offline.

What do I do next?
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