Need to know who is overfilling the exchanger


I sent pms and then a bugs report. I was told by Pavel to post here.

Either Dragonflys2 or I need to know the people who have 100g or more in Exchanger in Hellfire clan.

It is either you help us or we have to start booting people to see if the exchanger rate goes down. I prefer the former versus the latter.

Clan leaders need to have a better control on the exchangers as greedy people are putting in more gold than what can be exchanged - hurts others who actually need it.

Please pm us both and let us know what you can do to help.

Same problem here. Developers don't seem interested in helping out at all.
You'd have to think that if clan's exchangers are full of gold, it's time to allow clan leaders to raise the Gold per Real rate to get some incentive to sell reals again.
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