as you can see, this player has a buff,
which basically turns him invincible, atleast to anyone who isnt level 70. This guy's been using this buff in arena since (i think) he got it given to him for a tutorial quest at level 4, he is now level 17 and recruit of the third blood rank, with recruit armor and base weapon, he bagged himself a 3rd place confrontation rating, and is probably going to get another, as im currently second place, in the same bracket as him, you can imagine how annoying this is. please either take this buff off this guy or shackle him, this is definitely exploiting the game, this buff should not be allowed to use in arena, nor should it be unlimited time limit. FIX IT
Comments - fight 1 - fight 2 - fight 3 - no wraith sphere - fight 4 - no wraith sphere
We have seen this guy to, he is using this " hero's might" allrdy for a few weeks.
Easy way for winning confrontation ratings when you can crit every player and win all fights with a one hitter on all players.
This is not correct and should not be accepted by any FAIR player and especially not by the game admins

Please solve this and make sure the FAIR players get the rewards they earned
Hats off to SSS233 if this is what you're doing. Well done. I am usually very good at catching bugs like this but never thought to queue from there when running my littles. Usually when you leave the instance you lose the buff, but I guess they forgot to disable "queue for battlegrounds" while in that one. Congrats, enjoy your confrontation bonuses!

B L I G H T,
Good luck getting anything changed. Definitely report this with the Report a Bug and I'd also try Facebook Chat if you're on that. We seem to have a very long delay between the time we post on forum and the time admin does anything about it here.... like 2-3 years, sometimes never. Email and Facebook I usually get some reply (useless generally, but at least a reply) within a week.
B L I G H T, This should be fixed now, it was being worked on today.
RF_19, Afraid not bud, i think they may have fixed the root of the problem, stopping people from getting the buff and exploiting it in arena, but there's still people with the buff using it to get conf points, here's 3 of them. - 1st one to do it. - 2nd. - 3rd.

Most likely to be all the same person, trying to get top 3 spots for confrontation rating at some point. I'm glad the root of the issue is out of the way and I'm sure a lot of the low levels in arena are happy too, but this buff either needs taking away from these people or something along those lines. and another one that is doing it
Um, anyone else realise that now this is known, it will be used and abused quite constantly - another recent one using the exploit - only created within the last 18 hours
Impy, Lol assumed it would be fixed? lol oh well, when the players make it to the top bracket and win all the time I'm sure then it'll be corrected.
Storm Kat, Yea, because the Oh so caring admins are going to fix it
Impy, you gave me the good idea of listing stars of discovery! I'm sure those little exploiters would love to be bigger
Storm Kat, Your welcome!! let me in on some of the profits for um advice
is already in 2nd place. This is definitely not fixed yet.
Any news on this? I've seen atleast 10 people usng this buff in level 9-15 bracket and honestly its so annoying, like the paying players and overpowered alts weren't enough.
Dunno howw to get the urls and stuff but guy called "Mr Somebody" spoiled a couple arenas and a 7b for me (only my second 7b ;-;) i hope we get something on this soon or im going dark side
There is no news as these people are still using it atm... This has to be fixed soon cuz now honest and hardworking players can't run ANY PVP QUEST. I enter the fight, get 1.2k one-shot and that's it... No more confrontation as they all took over the 1st and 2nd bracket...
ArchK1ng, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bracket now.
Another one called W_S this keeps getting suckier all my equipments breaking and my balms are getting wasted
all of you idiots, well, he sits there in the tunnel and also valor sees nothing, and to hang a curse on it did not try? of money it does not have to be removed, they are people unhappy, and you raised the noise out of nothing...
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