theft update

I put in a complaint for all of our reals and gold being stolen from our clan I got an email from game insight telling me they would get back within 24 hours and here it is 5 days later and still nothing back from Paul I would like to know if anyth...

Player -_Joker_- robbed our clan chest
Please take action and return the goods


this guy "" Jasulan "" stole all of the clans 181 reals and all of the 1691 gold I would be very happy if you can get this guy and return our reals
and gold to our clan I checked to see if this guy was online and found out he left sader and went to...

Big Harm in Game (Updated)

Cheating in Weekly Prizes and Stalling HOPs

There is a player called Betepah from a clan called Legionnaires- Valor goes against games rules in all the ways and he has no respect to rules. First, this player joins AOH and stall my clan hops. He m...

tavern room

just wanted to post it here as well

More cheating, but no one cares

Ruins battle that ended at 18:16 phantom and maximus69 were cheating. Maximus69 was naked with a witcher amulet so phantom could get 2nd quest. Tired of people cheating.

Alts in Arena

внешняя ссылка

Was not a great time :/

Alts at arena that pers use alts at arena of honor everytime,please check

Cheater Conf Race

This guy just earn 50-60 points in 10min.. And he wasnt doing arena cause i was in arena and didnt see anyone. So are we guys idiot to do arena for earning conf points in arena instead of bc'i...

Guardian Investigation - double faces - Theft

I am posting here for the Guardians to investigate immediately ....

player - double faces and alt to a level 70 player has stolen all of our clan items from clan chest and resources and is selling them in the auction house and is sending pm's to o...

I bought gift with real by mistake on mobile :((( 10 reals

I was looking at gift because i didnt know what was a Student of Archipelago pass so i only pass by a friend to acces to list and send a Lotus by error to this friend.. Gothic dragon.. can u refund me pls?!
I wanted to close page and not send

Cheater in arena

pavel told me to post here... please read my other post it explains everything


-missing equiptment glitch?

so its been like 3 or 4 years since ive been on aand yesterday when i loaded my account all of my mains equiptment, my dragons equiptment, and the equiptment on my highest lvl mount was just gone... not in my inventory or tavern room.... although odd...

DE the new porn site?

I know those pictures have been reported by multiple people for admins to take down from the gallery. The ones posted by Nova Ark and Jazstel 5.

If the admins with the rights are not going to log in - why not give the ones who are logged in her...

How can i play without nephilim i face problems with players

My leader ihit i dont have nephilim quest
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