18/03/2013 08:14

Looking for clan? Leave your application here.

If you are looking for clan please leave your application here for all the Clans to see. Please do mention as much information as possible - your reputations , valor and professions as it will increase your chances of getting into a good clan. You can onl...
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08/10/2014 02:30

Need someone for a war? A bc? A heal? Come hither

I have decided that I'm done playing the game "normally" meaning questing, professions, battlegrounds, etc. I am not done with the game entirely though. Now I only wish to have some fun and enjoy my time spent playing when I choose to play. Simplest and e...
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29/10/2014 20:42

Pure Heroism is Recruiting

This clan is for those at want to work on heroism and/or just have a good time. Wars are highly encouraged.
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08/07/2014 21:50

Rising Phoenix - Recruiting

Requirements : Level 12 + At least 1/2 way to recruit of second blood Age - 16+ (Exceptions may be made depending on maturity) Must be active!!!!!!! If interested PRIVATE MESSEGE Persephone00 or any of the Flame Guardians
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17/08/2014 12:22

Underworld are recruiting

Underworld clan are recruiting active lvl 16 players with Dragon and will be active for wars. Please PM in game or add your name to this post.
15/08/2014 12:39

Valor Serpents once again - Recruiting everyone!

Conditions to join? Be active and willing to learn about the game :)
22/10/2014 03:56

Level 1 Clans

Any level 1 clans for sale? Or dead/dying and want to be changed? Pm me if interested. I made my own clan awhile ago and I doubt they will let me recreate. It was a major hassle creating it what with the logos and such and I don't want to go through that ...
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20/08/2014 12:11

help with a clan

i would like to start a clan and was wondering if anyoe could help me by getting certificate of support and auctioning or trading with me please i would much appreciate it
28/07/2014 02:00

Underworld Clan Is Recruiting!!!!!!

Put your name in comments if you want to join!
 John Snow30 
10/09/2014 18:31

Blades or Rage Recruiting

New clan here, trying to do things differently. No "Clan rules", come and go as you please no "clan leaders" just a group that flies a banner together and hopefully has a lot of fun. Reply or shoot me a pm if you're interested
 Storm Kat42 
02/06/2014 07:46

Ancient Specters Recruiting

Leave me a comment here and I will pm you in game. We're looking for a few more good people to keep the clan full and happy. Requirements are: Active and level 14 with recruit of the second blood, you will be expected to achieve recruit of the third blo...
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 Sir Gazza45 
19/08/2014 23:18

SeaWolves are Recruting

we are looking for players that are active also doing a lot of aoh and 7b everday and are hungry to gain valor also we are looking for nice players that are loyal ty plz put a comment if you would like to join and I will pm me
17/07/2014 18:50

Valor Serpents Recruiting

before asking please try and meet these few requirements 1st and foremost , be active 2nd need you to be able to join in during clan wars. These start at 21:00 server time on various days 3rd be lvl 14 or higher with some kind of valor under your belt 4t...
19/05/2014 21:09

WARNING a thief going around in adan = facebreaker 61

the type sneaks into clans and then plunders the clan coffer, so since warned us he has thousands of sparks and dust stolen
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05/08/2014 16:05

Aces Of Shadows Invite U to Join

Hello there Sadar people, Aces Of Shadows are recruiting we are new and trying to growth, if u want to be part of it, u may join us and leave a message to me or the council we have some requirements, - Play active with main, we avoid an alt - We would ...
06/06/2014 16:37


put a comment if you would like to join ty
29/07/2014 00:21

Ligers are recuriting

im looking for active players hungry for valor also big lvls plz pm me or comment if u woul like to join ty
08/06/2014 02:46

hitman wanted

i am to hire a bonecrushing onto anceint spetres if interest privet messg me an i pay u with my alt
19/05/2014 04:23

War Merc

I will join any Vaalor clan for wars. Trying to grow my heroism. And because I'm bored. Only Vaalor since it'll cost me 1k reals to go back to Sadar so that's not happening lol The only price I would ask for at the start is 1g to reimburse me for joinin...
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 gengis khan24 
24/06/2014 18:54


Hello, the name says it all! Hell is recruiting..... Requirements: Level 12 (Recruit of Second Blood + Full Purple Gear) Level 16 + Dragon (Need some gear) Also, we try to avoid alts. If interested please leave a comment here or message Gatekeeper
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