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18/03/2013 08:14

Looking for clan? Leave your application here.

If you are looking for clan please leave your application here for all the Clans to see. Please do mention as much information as possible - your reputations , valor and professions as it will increase your chances of getting into a good clan. You can onl...
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 Storm Kat69 
02/05/2015 00:44

Ancient Specters are looking for some Warriors

Please send your applications through the clan tab in game and wait for someone to contact you for an interview. Preference will be given to people with: Rank in Gladiator, Protector, Hero of the Empire Reputations. 2nd recruit or higher. Mount and drago...
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22/08/2015 22:50

The New and Improve Future

I am about to make a clan and if anybody would like to join they can if they want.
20/08/2015 22:32

Buying a clan. PM ME

03/08/2015 17:37

Clan member disses clan

do not invite NaomEII into your clan he is rude to everyone he called us sheep and swore at me excessively and told me to leave clan because the leader was a f***ing sheep brain or whatever and kept going for about 20 min about how stupid I was for joinin...
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25/07/2015 22:27

Blue Haven is back!

The name may change, The logo may change, but this is for sure, Blue haven is being Revamped, WE are looking for fighters, No alts, War every Saturday( till we get banned at least) . Put in a application and then send me a message or Jahzee. No matter wha...
30/07/2015 18:37

WARNING to all vaalor clan leaders:

allegedly some account information has been shared around recently and _garfield_ got into said account and sold everything the player had to the game in a fit of rage over what he assumed was the other player bcing him 4 times with a wraith sphere. I wil...
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04/06/2015 13:38

Bonecrushers looking for fighters!

We have a small few requirements : - Level 12 (at least) - Valor Rank - Some of your own gear (we DO NOT accept people who just join for the gear) - Must do clan quest when you can If you are interested apply for clan and I will message you if I think yo...
08/06/2015 20:51

Polish Clans

Hi, I am looking for Polish clan
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29/01/2015 02:05

Underworld is recruiting

Apply now!
15/08/2014 12:39

Valor Serpents once again - Recruiting everyone!

Conditions to join? Be active and willing to learn about the game :)
10/03/2015 04:08

Elitists' Islands

We stake a claim to the following islands: Kariol Village, Sacrificial Beach, Smuggler Shore, Tree Ark, Rocky Shore, Abandoned Camp, Stiletto Rock, Yeller Cave, Radiant Tree, Watch Tower
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07/04/2015 21:08


In a galaxy far far away.......oh wait, wrong game, now where was I? Oh, yes! Bonecrushers..................................... We're back baby and even better, were recruiting! We are looking for level 18+....but main thing is that you will do Daymans ...
 John Snow30 
10/09/2014 18:31

Blades or Rage Recruiting

New clan here, trying to do things differently. No "Clan rules", come and go as you please no "clan leaders" just a group that flies a banner together and hopefully has a lot of fun. Reply or shoot me a pm if you're interested
07/04/2015 06:36

Selling Clan

Can we sell a clan?
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 Sir Gazza45 
19/08/2014 23:18

SeaWolves are Recruting

we are looking for players that are active also doing a lot of aoh and 7b everday and are hungry to gain valor also we are looking for nice players that are loyal ty plz put a comment if you would like to join and I will pm me
 Sir Gazza47 
23/12/2014 00:10

SeaWolves are recruiting

we are looking for players that are active for wars hungry for valor at least lvl 16 with drag also recruit of the second blood so if interested leave a comment and ill pm u when u on or pm me ty also looking for players that fight alot in aoh 7b so on...
13/11/2014 23:36

Vaalor Clans

Any Vaalor clans out there that war a lot or have wars coming up? After the war I had was disappointing. Let's just say it's not working that well on my own. Only one clan actually understands the terms for it and also has enough mid/high r...
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04/11/2014 23:19

Sadar Clans

Thinking about switching back to Sadar although it wouldn't be very soon. Going to do a few more wars on my own first. Not sure what clan to join though. It would also be a permanent switch as it would cost 1000 reals to switch back to Vaalor and that wil...
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08/11/2014 13:55

Inferno Elite: A message for leadership

HELLO, i recently sent an application via the Clans button in-game to your clan. You told me to message you when i was online, but it seems when i am online you are not. I you wanted to talk to me you will need to find someone who is on 12:00, 1:00 (just ...
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