Looking for clan? Leave your application here.

If you are looking for clan please leave your application here for all the Clans to see. Please do mention as much information as possible - your reputations , valor and professions as it will increase your chances of getting into a good clan. You ca...


I'm SADAR NOOB and I approve this message we need active players so send a clan application and if you have good gear and nice booty (we all have nice booties) you can come on in if you do not have a nice booty and you have good gear....well still co...

Clan rules broken

Toot Sweet you broke many of the most important clan rules when you through IL away, under new clan description, you said you dident break any rules. None of the clan members wanted our clan to be disbanded. You have no seniority in our clan and wha...

League of Legends clan is recruiting !!!

Who do we recruit ? Anyone that wants to be active inside our clan !!!
Why do we recruit ? We want to have even more fun chats inside our clan !!!
Where do we recruit ? Just talk to vikamag, doodles, metropa, or doozer !!!
When ...

Hethan Uprising is looking for ACTIVE people

We are a young, fun loving clan looking for more members on the Sadar Empire. We are actively working on our quests to become level 2. At this time we are looking for PVP driven people, and because we are not level 2 yet, you must have your own gear,...

clan needed

i\m looking for a clan if there's room in your clan please consider me.

Silent Dread Recruiting!!!

Silent Dread is looking for active players, all welcome
PM ME to join!!!

Valhalla Infinite is recruiting

Valhalla Infinite is looking for active players

Valor Serpents once again - Recruiting everyone!

Conditions to join? Be active and willing to learn about the game :)

Underworld Clan Is Recruiting!!!!!!

Put your name in comments if you want to join!

shelasakur is looking for new active players!

I you are interested in joining don't hesitate to pm me or Saoirse

Valhalla Infinite

Valhalla Infinite is recruiting send an application or pm me in game.

How lucky or unlucky were you on Citadel?

I got 2 collection pieces and they were both repeats. Tell me your success or bad luck I am interested

BCs, Garugg, and HoP

So I heard there was some discussion between Elitists and 9th regarding an agreement to not bc during HoP. We can all cite who did what and play an endless game of blame ping-pong, so I'll skip that.

Would Elitists and 9th like something like the...

Spots Available in Ancient Specters

Ancient Specters needs more Vaalors.

Why do we need you?
1 - Wars! AS is one of the most active clans in wars. Have a look at our clan page, we have fun win or lose (dragoneternity.com/game/clan.php?title=Ancient+Specters). More people = better...
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