18/03/2013 08:14

Looking for clan? Leave your application here.

If you are looking for clan please leave your application here for all the Clans to see. Please do mention as much information as possible - your reputations , valor and professions as it will increase your chances of getting into a good clan. You can onl...
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19/04/2014 01:10

Price check

Need to know lowest legal price for selling a fully charged zikkar (By selling i mean putting in persons armor and giving back). Please and ty.
29/05/2013 23:40

Inferno Delta

looking for a clan and are active. delta is looking to recruit must be lvl 16 and over if u are under that lvl u will still be considered if u would like to join contact any of are members in game
12/04/2014 15:55

Rising Phoenix

We are looking for some new members! Mainly we would like ppl who can take part in wars, be active players, be higher than level 12 and have a good sense of humor. Please contact any member of Rising Phoenix if you would like to join
25/01/2014 02:15

Rising Phoenix

We're looking for active, talkative people who don't mind having a good head for banter and well... weird stuff. We're looking for people at least level 9. PM Red Dragoness, Napamonster, or myself if you'd like to join.
07/02/2014 17:33

Clan Benefits

i would like to join a clan, but first i would like to know what you actually do apart from clan wars. i sometimes look at peoples profiles and some of the items have 'clan item!' on them. i would like to know all the other clan benefits for i am thinking...
25/03/2014 19:19

9 legion

Receiving is active people! Serious intentions on the game! Russian boys and girls are welcome! desirably +18 years
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20/02/2014 14:40

valor serpants are recuiting

if ur active and work hard u get in no other way rewards are there for those who try so if u wish to join pm me a council member or any1 u see in clan for interview
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27/02/2014 03:45

Predator Now Recruiting

Now seeking new vaalor members, Predator... pm an officer. Looking to refresh the vaalor team and provide a fight. Thanks all! Gecks.
15/03/2014 22:10

Foreign Legion Now Recruiting

We are now recruitint if you wanna join contact myself or hi55555 or Leave application here
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 King Stadler15 
01/03/2014 03:24

Raw Toenail Purgatory recruiting

Hello all, I am the leader of the new Sadar clan Raw Toenail Purgatory. If you are level 6 or above and you have 1 gold coin, please join! It's a very great experience.
 Truly Happy35 
05/09/2013 12:15

Valor Serpents

Hello all. The serpents are currently recruiting! If you would like to be part of a family like clan that helps each other and has fun together then this is the clan for you. Please take a moment and look over out clan page and if you are interested in be...
07/02/2014 16:50

Takeing on new members for Eye of Horus clan!

We are looking for vaalors with prospector and fishing profession, a mount and dragon would be a plus. please talk to me, Civatetea Mysteria or wilma1965 if you are interested in joining! thank you!
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04/12/2013 17:54

valor serpants are now recuiting

if your active player pm me all we ask and we will make u as best as we can do and offer help like no other clan does this is a clan where if u do ur best and work hard u get rewared
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 Zalex Jr28 
17/04/2013 17:47


WarWolf clan story In the snow lands north of the Vaalor and Sadan lands was a small tribal town of warriors. Living deep away from other men the wolf clan were naturally born strong and isolated. Very rarely did they venture from their hunting grounds o...
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23/05/2013 00:59


i find it very very funny how people talk saying hellfire only attacks smaller clans and blah blah blah but yet 7th declared on my clan the other day and both 7th and 9th legion attacked us. 9th legion was bcing us while 7th collected crystals. i dont car...
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18/01/2014 12:14

someone shud make a new valor clan

there is a lot of very good valor around clanless if someone was to make the leap to make a new valor clan ud have a full strong clan in matter of days
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Zalex Jr42 
15/12/2013 23:12

announcement to the world

I'M NOT JOINING A CLAN!!! there are several reasons I am not at the moment. 1) my internet is not working properly 2) I am not going to pay the monthly fee just to be idol 3) I am not going to pay for wars I can not partake in 4) I know what I am going ...
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30/08/2013 02:03

Phoenix Rising

Hey I know ALL of you have been waiting for this moment and here it is Phoenix is now recruiting (WOOOOOT!!!) I know you're all happy to hear and I can see some tears in the crowd, it is a very joyous occasion. So please leave your application below or PM...
20/12/2013 21:31

Clan for trade and learning

Any out there. I would like one to assist eachother in several way. I'm game so let me know
more about event