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If you are looking for clan please leave your application here for all the Clans to see. Please do mention as much information as possible - your reputations , valor and professions as it will increase your chances of getting into a good clan. You can only join clans of your own faction as well as requirement to be able to join any clan is level 6.

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im very very active lv 16 zerk hunter almost 1k have 1k 7 bridges just holler im ready
i need a clan vaalor im lvl21 active so give us the nod when or if im requried lol
Looking for vaalor clan. 1k cooking, 1k glad,, 1k hunter prof and rep and 1k protector. Ready for a clan.
Looking for Vaalor clan. On every day but not as long at weekends. I play a mix of all the classes too if that helps
level 12 active online (Time Zone: UTC +4) Online every day 9:00 - 18:00 i know English Russian Georgian and a little German. skype: king...777 looking for clan contact me by skype or in the game nickname: Oracle
im lvl 6 zerk im active everyday im almost recruit of first blood and im a good player :) i would love to join your clan im empire if sadar
am in America, I speak only English, am am trying to be on pretty often but there are times when i will go a couple of weeks without playing. i am a newbie to the game, just started last night. at the time i am typing this it is 8:34 pm on Saturday, 3-23-13. just looking to find some people to help me and in return i will help others that are new and my clan as i become more familiar with the game.
nooby jsut stared today and lvl 8 now and actviy player i will try to help out
looking to join the sea wolves ask WingSpark suggested me. im a lvl 16 paladin halfway through 2nd blood going to 3rd i have played before and was a lvl 26 when i decided to start over so i have a good knowledge of the game. Hope to join you soon!
looking for clan i am very active in th game and i will be able to contribute alot to the clan so hit me up when you can
i'm a lv 13 Zerker/paladin. and i'm looking for a Vaalor clan, and i'm ready.(black_beer)
im lvl 20 valor looking fo clan
lvl 21 zerk, Empire of Sadar
Recruit of the Second Blood
1000+ 7-bridge reputation
1000+ protector reputation
5 barbarian items
lvl 9 paladin,hunter,not long started but on everyday,looking for guidance really so can be the best i can be as quickly as possible.Thanks for your consideration
lvl 10 zerk, Empire of Vaalor
Recruit of the First Blood
Only just started so not much Reputation, i would just like to be helped and in turn help others.

hi my name is Malysa. im only lv 9 but i learn fast..i started today (4/6/13). im a witcher..im looking for a good friendly Vaalor clan. i play evryday so being on isnt a problem..i enjoy helping others and i hate drama...if u have room for me in ur clan then plz let me know .. Thank You,
Malysa *puts out a plate of cookies*

hiya im uchiha, lvl 12 almost 13 on everyday always chillin. my prefession is hunter and im jus lookin for good clan knows wat its doin and doesnt mind givin me bit of help and advice now n again. might not b alot of help to clan yet but im reliable and ill soon get stronger and b a great asset
LVL 11 Pally, need a clan, please
LVL 8 1400 valour 535 health need a clan and am on normally every day
lvl 10 witchery, 417 valor, active everyday,
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