Clan rules broken

Toot Sweet you broke many of the most important clan rules when you through IL away, under new clan description, you said you dident break any rules. None of the clan members wanted our clan to be disbanded. You have no seniority in our clan and what you have done is the ultimate in treachery.
You never had a clan majority vote into leadership and should never have had any chance of holding office.
I never was in that clan, but I second that
Hope you guys get your clan back,

NO leader should ever have this power, voted to be leader or not.
any decision made over clan by any leader, should allways be able to turn around by majority votes of members
Happened to me. Admin turns a blind eye. I wont express what I'd like to say but IL is a sad loss.
This isn't right it was our clan not yours you weasel
True. And old members want IL clan back, even if bank remains broken.
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