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If you are looking for clan please leave your application here for all the Clans to see. Please do mention as much information as possible - your reputations , valor and professions as it will increase your chances of getting into a good clan. You can only join clans of your own faction as well as requirement to be able to join any clan is level 6.

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397 valor on daily witcher
lvl 16 witcher still fairly new, only been on about 4 days but have been putting in 10 hours+ per day (unemployed, so killing time lol) valor at 7664/9000
New player started today, looking for valor clan 9lvl
Im a new player, lvl 9, but I plan to be very active, looking for a clan
Level 11 Valaar witch looking for a clan, just dont suck
lvl 11 witcher , already 2nd recruit. looking for a solid clan . plz look into thsi potential option
hey all, lvl 10 Witcher, achieved 1st blood rank already, got most of green weapons and armour as well as a few upgraded versions with mekhar
looking for a clan that is active and can help me advance :)

Currently a Prospector but only got 4/1000 on that - willing to change if the group needs anything
Gladiator reputation is only 160 and 7bridges is 90 so far
lvl 9 just started, got all green armour and weapons i can so far

i have just achieved 1st blood at lvl8 and have got most my equipment upgraded via using mekhar.

looking to join a clan and have a blue shard piece that i can give to a member when i get in

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Hello people! I have interest in a clan so here is where I get the opportune time to see what happens. I have time to play and resources to earn my own way thou game. I play reasonable in pvp for what gear I have :P and can and will help as needed. I would like to express a team effort and great times ahead is what I like to be part of. So enough of me see for yourself! Woot!
hello my names cheryl and im level 17 on this posting.
i have 3 repuations 7 bridges of shadon, protector reputation and gladiator reputation i have dark hunter armor and dark hunter weapons
the downfall is that i cant be that active because of collage and my social life
but if you want to pm me to join if your clan has space ill be happy too
and im almost a recruit of third blood.
im lvl 9 im a
beserker. im really good at the game. im highly recommended. im looking to join seawolfs. im ready for anything. im on almost every day.(wtf)
lvl 12 newbie armour and weapons nothing to fancy
but I'm looking for a Clan
Hi! I'm Vdust and I'm looking to join a clan because I want to become a part of the Dragon Eternity community. I feel that it will add depth and interest to my game. :)
I'm Vaalor and I'm a level 14 Paladin and a recruit of the Second Blood. I'm an active player (I log in almost everyday) and I work well with others. I'm not aggressive, and I find it much easier to find peaceful solutions than to pick fights with others. I don't have anything beyond neutral reputations, but I'm working on it. As for professions, I'm focusing on leveling my fisherman and cook skills. I may not be great now, but one day I will be. My gear is decent for a level 14 (mostly green), but it isn't extraordinary.

And yes, I am above 18 in real life (I have seen that some clans require that).

I'd be delighted to join any Vaalor Clan that would have me. Thanks!
I am a level 13 with a class of Witcher. I am looking to join a clan right now. I try to be on here pretty much every day. Please pm me to join your group. I promise that if I join your group I will be a very active player and help to make the clan alot stronger.
Hey there!
I just started a paladin named Zae, fighting for the Empire of Sadar. (I'll also be working on a berserker named Zaedrah and a witcher named Zaedee -- I'm kind of an altoholic!

I'm looking for some fun/smart/interesting people to chat and run with. I prefer clans with high levels of camaraderie, sense of fun, and willingness to help each other. (And a "no jerks/idiots/butthats" rule should be present in your rulebook.) I've built, run, and modded a guild before (on a popular game we've all heard of that rhymes with "pow"), if that's useful to know.

I'm a level 10 with 5k valor and 300 Gladiator/255 Seven Bridges reps. I'll be working those (and Protector rep) as well as building a few professions (jeweler/prospector and whatever else is most helpful on the other two).

If you think I would fit in with your guild, feel free to message me! (I am selective in the guilds I consider, but always happy to chat with prospective clanmates.) … and I'd really love to escape the madness and drama of "main chat" soon! ">

Thanks for reading!
"> Zae

P.S., I live in the U.S. and am online at random times between 9am and 10pm EST most days.
I would like be part of your clan!!!!
hi..just turned 9 and got first arena belt...whicher and farmer...still tryin to craft all my armor
looking for clan... atm am active off and on... real life stuff, but i am becoming more active now. love arena and try to participate in as many activities as times allows
Wow ... what can I say. Looking for a clan. Anyone can look up your stats so putting them here is redundant. I am looking for a mentor and to become a mentor. I am on at least 5 days a week. Will agree to a trial period if that is what it takes. Right now doing everything on my own so you can see I am dedicated to becoming the best. All I ask is to give me a try. I am like a puppy, loyal, friendly and willing to be taught. Ice ....
hello my name is Tenguro, i am a lvl 8 berserk from empire of sadar, i am seeking a clan to join young and grow strong with,i am very active(8 hours a day 7 days a week), my profession is hunter 10/1000 rep: gladiators 30/1000 conq. of 7 bridges 33/1000 and valor 974. i started two days ago and enjoy this game a lot. respond if interested in a future warrior for ur clan.
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