Dragon Eternity allows you to summon a variety of companions to fight on your side:

Your very own Dragon (can be obtained at level 16 after completing prerequisite Quests and crafting the Amulet of Melding);
Mounts – giant lizard- or wolf-like beasts (you can get your first Mount at level 22 after earning 1000 Protector Reputation);
Skeletars (available at level 16 after completing the Challenging Galad-Dir Quest);
Charmed Monsters (available at level 9 after purchasing a Hunter's Kit, which can be used to acquire elements of Hunter Collections and craft Charmed Monster Idols).



After gaining some Experience, warriors of level 16+ can acquire a loyal  Dragon companion that will always stand by their side  . Dragons can be summoned into battle where their might and magical powers strike fear into the hears of the enemies. 

Acquiring a Dragon

Only warriors who have reached level 16 and passed all the Elder Dragon trials, collecting six parts of the Amulet of Melding, are allowed to acquire a Dragon.

In order to assemble the Amulet, following Quests must be completed:

Level NPC
Amulet Part
10  Argos Lord of the Winds  Start of the Trial
11 Heyrona Daughter of Chaos Heyrona's Call
12  Midara Mistress of the Waters  Midara's Trial
13   Henor Stone Scale Henor's Trial
14 Fenir the Flamebringer Fenir's Trial
15 Yarist Guardian of Order   Yarist's Trial

To select a winged companion, first click on your Character's avatar in the upper left corner of the screen, then click the golden Dragon icon below it.

A screen will appear, offering you to choose an Element (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Chaos and Order) and gender for your Dragon. A special trial combat is available to all players from the very beginning of the game in which they can fight a Dragon of their choosing to evaluate the creature's battle prowess. No Experience is granted for winning the trial combat and the player's equipment suffers no durability loss in case of defeat.

Dragons are born the same. Main difference between young Dragons is the type of their breath attack which is determined by the Element they belong to.


Dragon Traits

In battle, your Dragon can use 3 types of attack: Strike, Bite and Breath. The latter depends on the Dragon's Element.

Dragon Strike is a physical attack that deals 50% damage instantly and 50% in the next round.
Dragon Bite is a physical attack that deals 1/3 damage instantly and the remaining 2/3 over the next 8 rounds.
Dragon Breath is a magical attack that deals a series of blows (3 to 5) with instant damage equal to 40% of the Dragon's physical attack damage.

After acquiring the Dragon, you will be able to summon it into battle at any moment. If you die after summoning, you won't be able to leave battle while your Dragon remains alive. Instead, you will be given an option of controlling the Dragon manually - or you can just wait for the battle to end.

Dragon Progression

Your Dragon gains Mastery points by fighting in battles. 

When the Mastery bar fills up, you can level up your Dragon. In order to do it, open the Dragon screen and select the Training tab.

To level up the Dragon, three conditions must be met:

• your Character's Level must exceed current Dragon's Level;
• you must have a Prism that corresponds with your Dragon's level;
• you must acquire the required amount of Essences belonging to your Dragon's Element.

Dragon Abilities

Abilities are magical gifts that Dragons can use in combat to empower themselves or their master, or to weaken the enemy.

Abilities are unlocked when your Dragon reaches level 17. Starting from this level and every 3 levels thereafter (level 20, 23, and so on), you will receive a Dragon Stellar. To teach your Dragon a new Ability, click on the Dragon's avatar, and then press the Abilities button. The Stellar must be activated to learn an ability. To do so, find it in your Backpack and click use.

Depending on the Ability, you will require either an Essence of the Dragon's Element or Magical Dust in addition to the Activated Dragon Stellar. Learning Abilities of level 4 and 6 also requires a certain amount of respective Reputation.

Ability Lord of Element
Consort of Element
Dragon Power
Lord of Element Consort of Element  Dragon Power 
Level Essence Dust Reputation 
17 1 200 160
23 2 360 250
29 3 580 350
35 4 700 370 7000 Conqueror of Seven
Bridges Reputation
7000 Hero of Empire
7000 Gladiator
41 5 810 430
47 6 880 400 16000 Conqueror of Seven
Bridges Reputation
16000 Hero of Empire
16000 Gladiator
53 7 1510 700      
59 8 2210 880      
65 9 3150 1260

To teach your Dragon a new Ability, click on the Dragon's avatar, and then press the Abilities button. Click learn when you have all the required components. 

Any Ability tree can be reset to get back the activated Stellars. However, please note that the magical components are consumed in the learning process and can't be returned.

Ability Trees and Tiers

Dragon Abilities are divided into three trees:

Lord of Element – effects that have a chance of being cast when the Dragon's natural element is used in combat.

Consort of Element – empowering effects that you Dragon casts on you in combat.

Dragon Power – healing and empowering effects that the Dragon casts on itself, as well as weakening effects cast on the enemies.

Higher Ability Tiers that grant the Dragon new Abilities become available at Dragon levels 23, 29, 35, 41 and 47.

Fire Dragon Abilities

Ability Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Dragon Level 17 23 29 35 41 47 53 59 65
Consort of Fire
Consort of Fire
Dragon Power

Earth Dragon Abilities

Ability Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Dragon Level 17 23 29 35 41 47 53 59 65
Lord of Earth
Consort of Earth
Dragon Power

Order Dragon Abilities

Ability Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Dragon Level 17 23 29 35 41 47 53 59 65
Lord of Order
Consort of Order
Dragon Power

Water Dragon Abilities

Ability Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Dragon Level 17 23 29 35 41 47 53 59 65
Lord of Water
Consort of Water
Dragon Power

Air Dragon Abilities

Ability Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Dragon Level 17 23 29 35 41 47 53 59 65
Lord of Order
Consort of Air
Dragon Power

Chaos Dragon Abilities

Ability Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Dragon Level 17 23 29 35 41 47 53 59 65
Lord of Chaos
Consort of Chaos
Dragon Power

Dragon Equipment

Just like warriors, Dragons are allowed to equip Armor and Weapons. Dragon Equipment is divided in a similar fashion: there are Berserk, Paladin and Witcher items and the same restriction applies that only items from one Class can be equipped at the same time.

For instance, Dragon Helmets for each Class come in three kinds, one for each corresponding School of Magic. It means that a Berserk Dragon will be able to choose from Helmets of Fire, Air and Chaos. After putting on the Helmet, your companion will be able to use a respective magical attack instead of the Dragon Bite.

 Dragon Masks are protection items that possess special magical powers. Three Masks of different Elements are available to each Сlass:
- Berserks can equip Fire, Chaos and Air Masks;
- Paladins can equip
Order, Air and Water Masks;
- Witchers can equip Earth, Water and Chaos

After equipping a Mask on your Dragon, the Magical Bite of the respective School of Magic will replace the Dragon's normal Bite attack. Magical Bite deals more damage to the enemy but requires Dragon's Mana to use. In addition to that, a Magical Dragon Bite has the same qualities as a Striking Spell of the respective School of Magic.

Dragon Armor can be acquired:
- With a certain chance – as drops from monsters;
- From Bosses in Skrag Caves;
- Certain Ranks and Titles allow you to purchase blue Dragon Armor.

Dragon Name

To name your Dragon, click on your character's avatar, then the Dragon icon to open the Dragon info screen. Use the Rename Your Dragon button and type a new name for your companion.

Please note that there are certain rules for Character and Dragon names. You can learn more about them here, article 3.

Don't be in a hurry when selecting your Dragon's name. Think it over carefully. When you have an appropriate beautiful name which will ring proudly as your Dragon becomes a legend, enter it in the respective field. Please note that name changes have a fee!

Dragon Progression

Your Dragon develops its Mastery by gaining Experience in battles. Once its Mastery bar fills up, you can level up your Dragon. In order to do so, open the Training tab in your Dragon info screen.

However, there are three more requirements that must be met:

• Your Character's level must be higher than your Dragon's;

• You must have a Prism for your Dragon's level;

• you must acquire the required amount of Essences of your Dragon's Element. Required amount depends of Dragon's Level.

All necessary items will be listed in the Training screen, which also contains information about your Dragon's Abilities at bottom-left, and how they will change after leveling up at bottom-right. Once you have all the required items, click Upgrade to level up your Dragon. With every level gained, your dragon becomes more powerful. Also, every new level unlocks more powerful Weapons and Armor for your Dragon.

Below is a table of Dragon Progression. It takes an Earth Dragon as an example. The only thing that changes for other types of Dragons is the type of Essences needed to level up. 

Current Required Mastery Components for Leveling Up  New Level
15 level 15 Mastery 195 1 16 level

16 level
20 Mastery 210 1
17 level
17 level 20 Mastery 200 1 18 level

18 level
25 Mastery 210 1
19 level
19 level 25 Mastery 220 1 20 level

20 level
30 Mastery 235 1
21 level
21 level 35 Mastery 250 1 22 level

22 level
35 Mastery 260 1
23 level
23 level 40 Mastery 270 1 24 level

24 level
40 Mastery 285 1
25 level
25 level 45 Mastery 300 1 26 level
26 level 50 Mastery 310 1 27 level

27 level
55 Mastery 280 1
28 level
28 level 60 Mastery 300 1 29 level

29 level
60 Mastery 310 1
30 level
30 level 65 Mastery 320 1 31 level

31 level
70 Mastery 340 1
32 level
32 level 70 Mastery 350 1 33 level

33 level
75 Mastery 360 1
34 level
34 level 75 Mastery 370 1 35 level

35 level
80 Mastery 380 1
36 level
36 level 85 Mastery 390 1 37 level

37 level
85 Mastery 400 1
38 level
38 level 90 Mastery 410 1 39 level

39 level
95 Mastery 420 1
40 level
40 level 100 Mastery 430 1 41 level

41 level
105 Mastery 435 1
42 level
42 level 110 Mastery 445 1 43 level

43 level
115 Mastery 455 1
44 level
44 level 120 Mastery 460 1 45 level

45 level
125 Mastery 470 1
46 level
46 level 130 Mastery 475 1 47 level

47 level
135 Mastery 480 1
48 level
48 level 140 Mastery 485 1 49 level

49 level
145 Mastery 490 1
50 level
50 level 150 Mastery 495 1 51 level

51 level
155 Mastery 445 1
52 level
52 level 160 Mastery 450 1 53 level

53 level
165 Mastery 455 1
54 level
54 level 170 Mastery 460 1 55 level

55 level
175 Mastery 465 1
56 level
56 level 180 Mastery 470 1 57 level

57 level
185 Mastery 475 1
58 level
58 level 190 Mastery 480 1 59 level

59 level
195 Mastery 485 1
60 level
60 level 200 Mastery 490 1 61 level

61 level
205 Mastery 495 1
62 level
62 level 210 Mastery 500 1 63 level

63 level
215 Mastery 505 1
64 level
64 level 220 Mastery 510 1 65 level

65 level
225 Mastery 515 1
66 level
66 level 230 Mastery 520 1 67 level

67 level
235 Mastery 525 1
68 level
68 level 240 Mastery 530 1 69 level

69 level
245 Mastery 535 1
70 level


Mounts are specially trained beasts of war. Some of them are not of this world, but have settled quite well in Tartu, serving the warriors of Sadar and Vaalor. Others — like the giant wolf-like Wargals — are a result of long years of scientific experimentation and breeding.

Mounts provide the following benefits:

• increased maximum Backpack Capacity;
Mounts absorb 1/3 of damage inflicted on you;
• Mounts allow the use of Ranged Weapons.


Rep Protector Bonecrusher Hero of Empire
Corsair Defender of Adan
1 000     
Ashy Spiketail
Vitality: 1302
Level: 22 
3 000 
Green Spiketail
Vitality: 1715
Level: 29
    Blood Wargal
Vitality: 2455
Level: 36
7 000 
Yellow Aerlisk
Vitality: 1786
Level: 36
Enraged Aerlisk
Vitality: 2679
Level: 36
Scarlet Aerlisk
Vitality: 2455
Level: 36
Ice Wargal
Vitality: 2673
Level: 44
16 000 
Moire Arcerapt
Vitality: 1944
Level: 44
Wild Arcerapt
Vitality: 2916
Level: 44
Flaming Arcerapt
Vitality: 2673
Level: 44
White Wargal
Vitality: 2913
Level: 51
Shining Panyar
Vitality: 2890
Level: 51
Agate Panyar
Vitality:  2890
Level: 51
37 000  
Emerald Raptoid
Vitality: 2119
Level: 51
Insane Raptoid
Vitality: 3178
Level: 51
Crimson Raptoid
Vitality: 2913
Level: 51
Black Wargal
Vitality: 3126
Level: 67
81 000    
Mangrove Hornbrow
Vitality: 2274
Level: 67
Purple Hornbrow
Vitality: 3410
Level: 67
Lava Hornbrow
 Vitality: 3126
Level: 67

 Buying a Mount 

To purchase a Mount, you must reach a certain Character Level and a certain level of the respective Reputation. Your first Mount can be purchased upon achieving  level 22 and earning 1000 Protector Reputation.

Some Mount Equipment also has Reputation requirements.

When you gain the required Level and Reputation, open the Reputation screen to purchase the desired Mount. There is no limit to the total number of Mounts a player can possess, but only one Mount of each kind is allowed at a time.

1000  3000 7000 16000 37000 81000
  Vigilant Guard 
Hero of Empire
Defender of Adan

Regardless of its quality (color), any Mount increases your Backpack capacity by 2. This number can be further improved by equipping a Bag or a Saddle with Bag on your Mount. If a player has several Mounts, all of them add to the maximum Backpack Capacity.

Using a Mount in Combat

Purchasing a Mount isn't enough to use it in combat. You must also buy a respective Scroll of Mount Summoning. After using the Scroll, you will enter all battles in the following hour on top of a Mount.

Using another Scroll prolongs the period for which the Mount is summoned.

Fighting mounted is similar to fighting on foot: the same three Stances are available as well as Spells. Mounts don't increase your physical attack strength but they absorb 1/3 of the damage inflicted on you until they runs out of Health.

Mount's can't be healed. If your Mount is killed in battle, you will continue to fight on foot. Mount equipment suffers a durability loss when the Mount is killed. In the next combat, your Mount's Health will be fully restored.

Magical Strikes

After purchasing a Ranged Weapon and a Strike, you will be able to attack any player once the enemy team once per 6 rounds. This attack doesn't take an entire a turn. Strikes can be purchased in the Shop or crafted in theBlacksmith menu after studying the respective Scheme. The winner of the Invincible Warrior Tournament receives the Incendive Strike as a bonus reward.

An Incendive Strike not only deals increased damage, but also has a chance of inflicting Burning on two of the target's allies , which makes them take additional damage for several rounds and also reduces the effectiveness of healing Magic used on them.

Mount Equipment

Mount Characteristics can be improved with special equipment. Each Mount type has its own unique Ranged Weapon, while all the rest of  equipment is universal. Mounts can be equipped with the following items:

Bag and Saddle with a Bag

A Bag and a Saddle with a Bag increase the maximum Capacity of your Backpack. This effect works all the time, regardless of whether you summon your Mount or not.


Magical Brand

A Magical Brand increases the Mount's maximum Health.


Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons allow to attack any player from the opposing team once per 6 rounds as a free action (it doesn't use a turn). Available Ranged Weapons depend on the Mount type. Ranged Weapons can also be bought directly from the Reputations Screen.



To be able to use Ranged Weapons, you have to purchase a Strike in addition to the Weapon itself. Strikes can be purchased in the Shop and have different quality (color). The higher it is, the bigger the damage.

Strikes are divided into Concussing and Splitting.

A Concussing Strike can inflict a Concussion on the enemy, an effect that decreases the enemy's main Characteristics for 2 rounds.  Splitting Strike can inflict a Bleeding Wound that makes the enemy lose additional Health for 5 rounds.


A Collar protects your Mount by reducing physical damage it takes.


Rein of Elements

A Rein of Elements is similar to the Collar but it reduces magical damage.



Warriors of level 16+ can learn the art of Necromancy from Ani-Dahlia, a member of Velet's Vigilant Guard. After you complete Ani-Dahlia's Quests, she will teach you the ability to summon undead monsters called the Skeletars into combat .

When you acquire this ability, Fionites, magical crystals used to summon different kinds of Skeletars, will appear in the Shop. The weakest Fionites will become available immediately after you finish the respective adventure, but in order to acquire more powerful ones you will have to earn the Vigilant Guard Reputation and complete respective Collections.

At level 52, Myratella Kharmai will give you the Disappearance of Ani-Dahlia Quest . Completing it will unlock Fionirites, magical crystals that summon stronger Skeletars that earn you Bonecrusher Reputation when killing enemies.

Required Reputation Available Skeletars Reputation Gain When Used
0      4 - 5
1 000       6 - 7
3 000       8 - 9
7 000       10 - 11
16 000       12 - 13
37 000   
15 - 18
81 000   

Monster Idols

A completed Hunter Collection is a component for creating a respective Monster Idol. Crafting Schemes for Monster Idols can be purchased from the Reputations menu after earning enough Hunter Reputation. The Collection will be consumed in the crafting process. More about Hunter Collections 



After creating a Monster Idol, you will be able to summon the respective creature into battle to fight by your side (with the exception of Tournament of Honor and King of the Hill Battlegrounds). The Idol can be used directly from your Backpack or by using the quick-access slots. Idols are non-transferable items.

Certain restrictions apply to Idols:
• a substantial amount of time is required to create one;
• only 1 Idol can be used per single combat.

When an Idol is used, the monster(-s) summoned are chosen randomly from the following options:
• 5 Puny Monsters (weak)
• or 2 Large Monsters (stronger)
• or 1 Mighty Monster (the strongest).

Special Companions

Please note that battle companions listed below can't be summoned during the Tournament of Honor and Invincible Warrior Tournament.

Cursed One

Warrior of the Cursed Legion which can be summoned at level 10+ by using the Amulet of Cursed Legionnaire Summoning. The Amulet can be found in the Casket of Plenty.


After using a Phantom Orb and killing another player in a fight, a Phantom of the defeated warrior will join the fight on your side.
Characteristics of the summoned Phantom are the same as the defeated player's, however, it's Health is significantly lower. When you earn 81000 Vigilant Guard Reputation and gain level 60, the Phantom Orb will be available for purchase in Fort Giard in Dakh-Fartul's Shop.

Copy of your Character which can be summon with help of the
Amulet of Replication, available from level 22. Replicants don't can't use Consumables so their Health pool and Damage are higher. Amulet of Replication can be used once per battle.


The mighty warlock can turn the tide of battle for you. He can be summoned by using the Chronicles of Omnimach. To acquire the Chronicles, obtain 6 Omnimach's Writings during the Invasion of Shaab and buy a cover in the Defender of Adan Shop (located in the Knossos Canyon). Chronicles of Omnimach can be used at level 22+.

6 6 8 12 25 50