Amulet of Replication

Required level 22
Item type Amulet of Summoning


Allows you to summon of your replicant into battle.

Cannot be used on Tournament of Honor, in finals battles Eternity League and simultaneously with Amulet of Cursed Legionnaire Summoning, Ghost Sphere and Ice Mirror. You can use no more than once per battle. Can be purchased from Curiosity Merchant Melvin.

Dose this thing work more than once??
I asked this question and received no response, someone did however purchase one ... and they state it is a ONE use only ... summons a duplicate of you ONE time period.

I bought reals and bought this item from Melvin. I thought I would use it for 30 days. It doesn't say in the decription that's a one time use item. It says can used once per combat. The description and the price of it is really misleading. Otherwise I woudn't have pay 12 Reals for it

((Ihit replies))
You should be aware by now that time given on any red items is time before it expires not how long you can use it.