Part of the Amulet of Melding

Item type Quests


One of the magical amulet's six parts. When assembled, the Amulet of Melding will allow you to summon a faithful Dragon companion into battle.

do you have to wait til you have all six to use them?
u need 6
I have all 6 peices, I don't want to use them incorrectly, how do I assemble them?
@Carlos Just click one of them, it should put them together
AWE... i have 5 more lvls :(
i do bad bad bad bad
what quest is this for
Silver Star,
you get a dragon of your choosing at the end
kittygot to have 6 not 5 or4 or3 or2 or1 just6
i got 4 pieces so far need fire and order ive been doing good!
Getting all the essences takes forever and people overprice them in the auction
Where do I find Argos Lord of the Winds?
I horrible at those ">
Me need 6