Flash Player / How I Play on PC (Windows)

Just a quick note on how to play DE on PC.
There are other ways but this is how I do it and all's good.

1. Uninstall Current Flash Version (if needed)
- Use this link to check whether Flash Player is installed. внешняя ссылка
Hit Windows key, search "uninstall" then search "Flash" and uninstall.
- if not, go to Step 2.

2. Install an older version of Flash Player
- Download the installer for Adobe Flash Player version 29
- Archive.org has the Windows version - Download: внешняя ссылка
- When it asks about updates, make sure to select the non-recommended option to NEVER check for updates
- Finish installation

3. Install an alternate browser
- Download and install Pale Moon browser: внешняя ссылка
- Follow the instructions for installing the browser
- After installation is complete, Flash should be working :)

Pale Moon Info: внешняя ссылка
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