dont know

i had my old account tied in with my facebook account then i deleted my facebook and now i cant access my account. ive tried the email and password with the facebook and everything so, any way to get it back?

technical questions

What is the supported browser? ______________
What is the supported version of Flash? _______________
What is the supported version of iOS? _______________
What is the supported version of Android? ______________

Many of us like to stay up...

war bug

Please ask for a bug with mech during war to be checked.

I could not put one on pandor. in fight, or out of fight, and as you can see there is no mech in the battle. Multiple players tried on multiple d...

Hybrid Bot

Hi there, moved up a Bracket and came across a Witcher Equipped Bot with Paladin Magic / Refelcts Quite shocked seeing a Witcher reflect Wave . 29-35 Bracket , name is Hug Me, if possible can you fix the class or remove this monster

Garrug caves

will we have an event garrug caves ? or you can give up hope and wait a few more years?

Blue clan gear bug

First, to Glean, I apologize for the red messages, "I'm a noob, sorry!" But, I went and made it worse and didn't wanna PM you into red wall territory
Here's what I discovered tonight.

In AS, I grabbed a bunch of gear on alt to clean up chest...

Trial Combat

The quest appears for me but when I go to Vaalor Academy to fight Storm Rand, he is no where to be found. Can someone fix this bug. I got the screen shot on my profile.


Right,, so the russian server has it, can we please just have this.. everyone wants it lol we know itll make pandor stronger but it will make more of us stronger too.
I would say make a vote or reply to this to show how many people actually want it...

Garuug Event

So do we definatly have this or is it that we "could" have it?


ruins its a dead event can u guys work on it ?? like bots or something ?? some players wait on queue but left on last seconds and thats very annoying .

Battle Master quest

Any chance we can have a 'QUIT QUEST' button like the arena ones for Master Devian. I've been stuck on 4 out of 5 lethal blows for months, the only times that I can get on at the moment, there is no one to fight. Even if only renews once a day it wou...

Anniversary Event

So thank you that its finally here... but anyone under level 22 can't complete the quest for orange casket as we cant do ruins and 7b seemingly doesnt count

bag with queue sb

16:00 Heaven's Voice: Unfortunately, there weren't enough entries to start battle. Please wait for the next battle.
in line was 20 ppl , 1 person left the queue and became 19
the sea began 5 vs 5 , and 9 ppl left behind
question: why not 9x9 an...

Gear Damage

04:49 Heaven's Voice: Durability of your items has been reduced: Magnificent Ring of Strife -1 (3/37), Horn of Berserk Messire -1 (3/30).

Sorry to be that person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wraith sphere removed when you get on a ship at harbor?

Is this a bug or intentional?

I used the Wraith Sphere at harbor, was wraithed, then stepped on a ship and became visible.
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