Duel of Truth

Hi, I'm not sure if my post will make it to everyone but I'd like to know if I'm the only one that can't participate in the duel of truth on every sunday. 16:00 server time is too early for me (11:00 am at my place, working at that time). I'd like to know if a majority of the people would agree to change the time of the event to be later on the day. Other option i see, that would maybe be enjoyable is make the big fight last longer, by that i mean you can start the fight from 16:00 server time to like 22:00 server time. This way if everyone on a bracket agree to make it later that day, everyone could enjoy it. Other option would be to make the bombs we dont use during the fight give half of the reps it would give normaly by using them, this way people could still get some rep even tho they dont make it into the fight. Now I know it is not easy to solve something like that but we can talk about it and see what's the best and most optimal thing.
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