Easter egg hunting

this is where they were last year.

here is the list where the eggs are !!

square of storms < on the right side under the boat
winery crossroads < on the millwheel
outskirts of sadar < on the left side of the wooden pont
outskirts of vaalor < in front of the house on left side of the chest ( hard to see)
scarlet square < in the water under the crystal
western graveyard < on the right side in wooden chest
eastern graveyard < in the hollow tree on the right side
faltanar's apiary < in the middle of the tree house
watermill < on the right in the middle of the dock
right bank < in the catatpult next to bridge
harbor front < right side on top of statue
village of landor < on the right side in the earth wall, right side of chest
strekade nest < in the hive
ancient temple < on top of roof
cape wyvern < right side on top of bridge in dragon eye
steppe temple < on the left in the tooth
aldorian road < bottom right in the well
valdian forest < bottom left in earth wall
mines of tagol < under the boss felmarimal
crystal meadow < left of the house under the big wheel
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