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Hi, I really enjoyed the Duel of Truth. For this I am going to call the instigators 'hero' so I need to type less.

First, I was an add and not a hero. So I can not say what would work best for them. But I did note that severalkey components that are important.
1: Adds are important. namely the cursed, but also the stunning ones too. Even if they do only one damage.
2: Timing for some abilities is key to winning an unfavorable matchup. In this case a 3v1. Even though my team of 3 defeated the opponent hero with ours having almost a third of their hp left, we still almost lost (with our hero having about 3% hp left) when we had to deal with over 70 cursed and about 100 other adds. Including a few phantoms.
3: Do not just go for the easy kills. If you do not want your hero to be whittled down by hundreds of 15k hits from cursed, you should definitely focus on them first. With killing one while the bloody ritual is active is important. And if all possible killing a phantom while it is active is top priority.
4: As an add, and first time doing a DoT in some time (hasn't it been for all of us) I made the mistake of using my belt early. Which caused me to he rather helpless later on. To remedy this, Save your belt and load it with glyphs and endurance potions. You want long term sustainability over quick heals. That is why the hero has healing abilities for the team. (and other methods) Destruction, resurrection and mana (as well as several other items) items are a waste. You will get more use out of a blue life glyph than 2 gold destruction glyphs.
5: Do not spam kill the easy mobs. If you focus on the easy kills, that is less damage to the cursed. The longer they stay alive the harder your fight is going to be later on. Save the alps especially, as they heal their killer over time. (note that they also heal the cursed)
6: Bring lots and LOTS of bombs and arrows. I can not stress this enough. Bring LOTS of munitions. This is a long fight and you will find yourself using at least 50-100 in the span of the entire DoT. And you definitely do not want to get stuck getting -1 by a rhinoceros unable to do anything. Because their stun ignores the immunity.
7: Also sad to say, but HoP did not work when I used it. Even had a garugg bag and a knight medal active for it too to massively increase the payday. (I got over 80k damage, that be like 20g or something like that.) good news is 123 kills and I did get a reals drop though, just 1 (and I think it was a mark drop, do not remember.)
8; (OPTIONAL) I thought of this a few days ago, but it occurs to me someone could farm assinine amounts of death essence from these.

And that is everything I can think of. Naturally, take it all with a grain of salt (or your own favorite spice) and have fun with it.
Now if only I can find the link to the 61-70. I would love to see how I did compared to my fellow add teammate.
our bracket failed to initiate because all of us are in wraith. so my advice is do not use wraith
okay, this is PT2 of the DoT strat guide and it revolves around the hero (as I played one last DoT) and questions I got from other players.

IF you read the DoT guide in the library, you would have learned a few things before it began. This is what I will direct many players questions, answers; toward.

1: where are the summons?
1A: in your inventory, when you enter the fight as the hero, you are given 50 of three types of summons, they are virtually the same as summoning replicants (or other summons) that can be used via your ORB hot bar. DO NOTE, each summon type has a cd, and I died too quickly to know if it is shared or individual (I think it is shared every 6 rounds they can be used, but an individual of 20 for the cooldown of using said summon.)

2: how do I resurrect allies?
2A: Hero skills will be sent to your skelly bag hot bar, you will have to either scroll or make it bigger in order to see them. if you had a preselected or equipped skelly they would appear after them. again you will receive 50 of each skill. among them will be the skill Reincarnation (reincarnation if that did not work as intended. found in unique skills for all heroes in the DoT info in library.)

3: why can't I use my potions?
3A: As I said before, bring lots of potions, (though in this case maybe not) the reason for this THIS time is because your hero form MAX hp is largely based on your stats AND your potions. I who had sublevel 50 mix blue/purple gear had MORE hp than someone with fill purple at level gear. (still did not help me when they could hit me for a 1m super crit)
3B: As an alternative, you can bring destruction, mana, and fury potions/glyphs (which I believe still work, I know mana glyphs do at least)

in closing, I wish you could look at your skills BEFORE the fight starts (spend most of it, including part after dying, rearranging most of it)
and remember not to wraith, and HoP does not work!!!
Here is the list of Skills Provided to the BOSS in Duel of Truth:

The uncertainty construct
The Devil's Trap
Fierce resilience
The Bloody Ritual
The Hour of Healing
True courage
Poisoned Arrow
Rattlesnake mixture
Wild Beast Shape
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