Clan registration is now open!

We are proud to announce a new feature available to our players: Clans!

Every warrior knows how hard it is at times to withstand all dangers and difficulties, awaiting for you around every corner in the world of Adan. Sometimes Death seems to be...

Calling all Brave Souls

Even more daredevils are heading to the great plains of Adan in search of exciting adventures!
Currently, new players are actively exploring the World, swiftly leveling up, participating in epic battles on the Arenas, gathering friends in groups ...

The gates to the realm of dragons have opened!

The day of the dragon has come!Finally, it is time to meet your destiny in this magical world!
The massively multiplayer online game Dragon Eternity is now beginning its Open Beta!The brutal conflict holds in its grips the world of Adan, which is ...
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