Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Warriors of Tartu,
We would like to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and happiest New Year! May joy and happiness snow on you and Santa be extra generous this year! ;)
With warmest wishes, Your Dragon Eternity.

Spell of Irrepressible Greed - Second Stage of Christmas Adventures!

Second Stage of Christmas adventures has begun!!
Truly, there are still plenty of valorous warriors in the land of Tartu! Thanks to your earnest and herculean efforts, the army of Durgs has suffered serious losses, and Christmas Decorations have b...

Missing Decorations - First Stage of Christmas Adventures!

The First Stage of Christmas Adventures has Begun!
It all started with some dark news - the Christmas Celebrations are in danger! Tonight the Durgs, ugly ice monsters, have left the walls of their Lord Trag castle and marched on the Christmas Stor...

Christmas Gifts on sale now!

Christmas Celebrations are drawing near! Festivities are taking over Tartu and it's residents are truly enjoying the pleasant bustle of the holiday season, which means it's time to start sharing thoughtful surprises and warm wishes!

Today, ...

Daily PvP quests!

Daily quests are available for glorious warriors who have reached level 22! Face enemies who are your equal match in both strength and cunning - other Knights!
To receive quests, which will lead to a rapid increase of your valor and reputa...

New emoticons for festive mood!

Winter has reigned over Adan for more than two weeks, which means that Christmas is right around the corner!
The air is filled with an air of bustling cheer! Citizens of both Empires are stockpiling tasty vittles for their festive tables, buying gif...

Upload your photo and win a prize!

As many of your have probably noticed, we have a useful addition to our Gallery. Now you can view the most popular and most commented photos! We would like to see more of your pretty faces, so we encourage you to upload more pictures that wil...

New Shop Feature, Miolars and a Brand-New Collection!

You have probably noticed that you are purchasing certain items more often than others. It did not escape the attention of vendors, who have implemented new feature for your convenience,  the "Favorites" tab! Create your very own set of items fo...

Comment for the win!

Have you heard the news? We are eager to know what you think of our latest news and decided to make it more interesting! Tell us your opinion and participate in a raffle for the Dragon Amrosia!

 How it works: starting from this post, we will ...

Strange Honey-Lovers

Exciting New Adventures for level 19 Warriors!
Unseemly aficionados of honey have been spotted at Faltanar's Apiary, making life difficult for both the kind-hearted Dragon Beekeeper and his lovely bees.
With thick hides invulnerable to bee stingers...

Flying Paratroopers

Warriors of level 18, time to get on your favorite armor and face new adventures!
Wise Gaor Trad is thinking on his new idea of creating a squad of fast and lethal "flying paratroopers", which will be able to perform most difficult and nontrivial ta...

Take a look behind the scenes of Dragon Eternity!

We have started publishing some exclusive materials in Developer Diaries on our Forum. Take a peek at location sketches, 3D Models, how it all begun and what is yet to come!

Seeking the Artifact with a Blood-Soaked Past

New adventures are waiting those warriors who have reached level 17!
There is a legend among the Sinra of a powerful artifact that has triggered the Great Strife between the clans. The madness of hatred overtook them so viciously, they have nearly...

The Gallery is Open!

The Empire must know its Heroes!
We are proud to announce that our Gallery is now open! Now you can show your face to the World, get to know your friends better and look in to the eyes of your enemies! 

You can upload pictures to the Galle...

The Gift of Necromancy and the Halls of Tranquility!

Necromancy is the new ability available to warriors who have reached level 16.
Ani-Dahlia, a representative of the Vigilant Guard, has heard much about your impressive military feats and magical talents, and is requesting your audience. Make sure yo...
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