"Duel of Truth" Sun, April 15, 01:00, lvl 29-43

Sunday, April 15, 01:00 Server Time two Duels of Truth will be held between citizens of Vaalor and Sadar, which will take place in different parts of the continent for levels 29 to 43!


• Shaman Dah-Farthul and Priest Lar-Dian are going to clash in the battle near the Outskirts of Vaalor City. Only warriors of levels29 to 35 will be able to join their fight.

• Commander Aden-Gal and Brigade-Master Zalidar will be fighting on the Harbour Front. Warriors of levels 36 to 43 will be able to support them.


Duels will begin 03:00 Server Time. When the Duel of Truth is announced, two hours before, 01:00 Server Time, Standard of Confrontation will be installed on the location, where the battle will be held and collection of magma bombs will begin.

When the Duel of Truth is announced, two hours before, 01:00 Server Time, Standard of Confrontation will be installed on the location, where the battle will be held. This Standard indicates, that here, the warriors of opposite factionsare able to attack each other. During preliminary fights, competing groups should not have more than 5 players on each side. Having collected a fair amount of magma bombs and using them, as well as "DOT" spells during the actual fight, you will help the representative of your faction to win. The forces of the main Duelists are equal and victory mainly is depending on the contribution of players.

During the Duel of Truth, if your character was killed by the hand of another player, your armor will not break! However, when your character is dying from the hand of NPC, your items will decrease in durability.

All participants will receive valor as well as the reputation "Hero of Empire" accordingly to damage dealt, regardless of whether their team loses or wins. And those who will accept the quest from the representative of own faction and will cause the enemy team required amount of damage during the Duel, will receive 2000 in the level 29-35 brackets, 2500 in the 36-43 brackets and also will be awarded with a bonus of valor in case of defeat of own team and a triple bonus for victory. In addition, if your faction wins, you will be rewarded with an impressive kit.

Can you find better times? thats late for some people
The Duel of Truth is my favorite part of the game right now, just glad I can enter this one.
what sort of time is that,how the hell are some ppl supposed to fight at 3 in the morning.come on admins dont you care about us higher levels,how come the lower duels are at a diffrent time.surely they should be the same time.">">">">
nope to late for me again
THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME THANKS GUYS!!!. To everyone who is complaining about the time; how do you think the rest of us feel about the Tournament times? Tournament happen's everyday at 5AM and 2PM. I can never make the 2PM one due to work. 5AM is a little early to be waking up too. So thank you admins for holding a VALOR event at a different time that is convenient for people in the USA.
what about the uk,dont you care about us silly admins............
How about a duel for St George with the prize a fancy weapon or powerful dragon, could do a fourth july one too.
A couple hours earlier would be nice and PLEASE do not put it in some distant area like the temple again... that is just way to far...
I am getting less excited by these. I hope they start splitting them up more. In the last one I died just from server failure. I was clicking like crazy trying to do ANYTHING, then just suddenly poof I was dead with pots in my belt. My wife died with a FULL belt and FIVE bombs in her belt. TOTAL SERVER FAILURE. They either need to improve the server dramatically or split the duels up to one at a time.
this time is to late for people in Canada like at 11:30 at night ....... it ain't going to happen for most folks up here so do you think you could make two different times one for the east and one for the west that would be GREAT!! thank you very much and I am a level 16 so its REALLY hard to beet much people

from WarLord_Of_DRAGONS PS: thank you for reading this note and i would love it if this idea were to happen I personally think it would work A LOT better for most people
so i guess i comment here for the raffle. I've never done a duel of truth. could you do one for 9-16? cuz i would do well, i think.
Hope to be able to participate in one soon
Too late again
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