Welcome to the Barbershop!

Even the most fierce and unsociable warriors sometimes want to make some changes in the way they look, not to mention our gorgeous female warriors, who are ready to spend hours in front of the mirror, so their beauty would be as stunning as their swords! But now you don't have to waste your time, visit newly opened Barbershop and get a makeover in a blink of an eye!

Today, Barbershop has opened on the Winery Crossroads, where you can rely on an experienced barbers and stylists, who in a few moments will change the image of your character.

From now on, inhabitants of Adan are able to change their face, hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, beard (male only), earrings (female only). 

Possible combination of elements are nearly endless, so you can quickly and easily create your own unique image and stand out among the other warriors. 

I like the update... but not the female hairstyles... they are too girly for an epic warrior of Adan. Like instead of ">. Can we have something long or at least not that girly?... love how you can change the color tho.
Ive been waiting for this, a change of hairstyle is like a change of personality.. time to be HERO
I would love a zoom option, I can barely notice the difference between the faces I choose.
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