"Duel of Truth" Sun, April 8, 01:00, lvl 29-43

Sunday, April 8, 01:00 Server Time two Duels of Truth will be held between citizens of Vaalor and Sadar, which will take place in different parts of the continent for levels 29 to 43!

• Gile Kardin and Gart Сarlon are going to clash in the battle near the Ancient Temple. Only warriors of levels 29 to 35 will be able to join their fight.

• Lufthar, the Air Dragon and Tsaldar, Servant of Chaos will be fighting by the Pond of Tribulation. Warriors of levels 36 to 43 will be able to support them.

Duels will begin 03:00 Server Time. When the Duel of Truth is announced, two hours before, 01:00 Server Time, Standard of Confrontation will bee installed on the location, where the battle will be held. This Standard indicates, that here, the warriors of opposite factionsare able to attack each other. During preliminary fights, competing groups should not have more than 5 players on each side. Having collected a fair amount of magma bombs and using them, as well as "DOT" spells during the actual fight, you will help the representative of your faction to win. The forces of the main Duelists are equal and victory mainly is depending on the contribution of players.

During the Duel of Truth, if your character was killed by the hand of another player, your armor will not break! However, when your character is dying from the hand of NPC, your items will decrease in durability.

All participants will receive valor as well as the reputation "Hero of Empire" accordingly to damage dealt, regardless of whether their team loses or wins. And those who will accept the quest from the representative of own faction and will cause the enemy team required amount of damage during the Duel, will receive 2000 in the level 29-35 brackets, 2500 in the 36-43 brackets and also will be awarded with a bonus of valor in case of defeat of own team and a triple bonus for victory. In addition, if your faction wins, you will be rewarded with an impressive kit.

man i need to lvl fast for this
admin why arn't there multaple turneys for multaple levels?
Duels are the best. To bad I missed the last for my level.
I'm only lv10 so far, but looking forward to it.
This was great. Best event yet. I hope there will be many more of these
how will the results of theese duels have an affect on the game?
Great! more pvp action added. Arrgh ! DoT epic way to kill ..or die Dx
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