Photo Contest Winners!

We would like to thank everyone for the submitted photos! After some deliberation, our Team has made a decision (which certainly was not an easy one) and finally, Dragon Eternity is announcing its PHOTO CONTEST winners!


Congratulations to all the winners! 

Now, we are starting exciting Stage II: The Community Choice Awards! 

Stage II: Community choice awards is over and we would like to announce the lucky winner!!!

Congratulations to Aiyshia, who is being rewarded with

We would like to thank everyone for the submitted pictures and wish you luck in future contests!

Nice description! I like the divination!
aww i lost figures i never win any contest i enter. so i wasted a week painting oh well

There's still a chance for community award!
1st place winner Eruanna_Undomiel really dressed up and even went so far as going somewhere just to win. The photo is so good, no wonder she won. Eruanna_Undomiel's photo is same as Scooboo's photo only Eruanna_Undomiel's photo is properly dressed and with a good scenery and Scooboo's photo is basically at home. On the other hand, Lady Shadow's photo is nice too i like the way she drew the dragons.

at least i got a picture out of it
Nice job folks!
Congratulations! Now please share your wealth by buying some stuff from AH
The photo and banner contest is cool! I have a good 1 in mind and I'm totally doing it if u do the contest again.
i lost, sadly. n i put so many hrs into it. oh well. Comment on Rocky Panthergon's photo for community award please!
I think a great job, a pat on the back, and a beer (if you are of legal age) are in order for all who participated. Great job all!
Great job to everybody who submited a photo. Congrats to our winners!
Gratz.....all of you deserved it....
no offence to me by judging on the actual banner itself (because it was a banner contest) i think lady shadow should of been first place her banner was the best one and most creative one of all. and i looked on ur comment for community award of 50 gold and it is most likely going to be the 1st place winner is going to get it so she will have a total of 250 gold.
i looked at ur comment to win and it looks like the first place is going to win again lol
same here i spent a week of painting all day and half the night on mine but to all who won lady luck is with u
ohh ive no album
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