Difficult Path of a Treasure Hunter

New adventures available for warriors, who have already reached level 25!

This time, well-known historian and connoisseur of vintage rarities Lior Mahlron, whom you probably already met at the Ancient Temple, is in desperate need of your help. Scientist has purchased an interesting lot at an auction, which, he hopes will bring him untold wealth. But such a difficult case of a rapid enrichment can not succeed without help of reliable and powerful warrior. That is, your help!  


You will have to find and collect resources for Speculum, a miraculous device and also to monitor the process of creation of this remarkable tool. But of course, your mission will not be limited to mere production process! Every treasure hunter knows, that any case regarding the hidden treasures can not go without any difficulties. You will have to rely not only on brute force, but also to use your attention to achieve the stated goals.

New quest is only the beginning of a long journey, which have must pass in order to learn the story of Armand Harul and find the fabled treasures he has collected.

woohooo something to do :D
this is awesome more quests
haha something to keep the elders happy haha good job
mindfulness.. hmmm
cant wait to get to lvl 25 now something to look forward to lmao
very well that introduces new quests
Oohh wondered where that came from lol
thx for the new quest was getting a lil bored
very nice giving people more content :0 keep the content comign and i am sure this will live for long :)
This game is so awesome everytime you turn around there is something new and exciting to do. i cant wiat to get to level 25 now and start a new quest. Im so glad I started this game it takes you to new stuff everytime you play.
yippee needed something to do lol
Always good to have new content.
Here is the most important question - What is the quest reward?
Just got to level 25 a day or so ago and bammo new questy!! Excellent, Most Excellent (in best evil genius voice)
Thanks for keeping new stuff flowing!
sounds fun
Looks interesting :D Gotta get to lvl 25 :)
thanks of new quest . the reward during quest are really good one.
new quest always pop's things up
*sarcastic* yaa. another quest under my lvl... perhaps you can add a new repeatable quest to the roster...
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