Clan Quests, Wars and Alliances

Clan Quests
If you think, that straight after you have registered a clan, you can start sharpening the blades, collecting resources and preparing for a great clan crusade, you are... wrong. There are many clans, but not all of them have military achievements worthy to be entrusted with the task of special importance and great complexity. Only if the clan achieves the required number of clan experience, it will be entitled to a remarkable clan quest. Clan experience is made up of experience, total amount of reputation, as well as valor, obtained by the participants during their service in the clan. To view the current amount, go to your "Profile", open "Clan" tab and check "Information" section.

When clan has the necessary experience and Leader has reached level 20, Elder Priest of the Empire, to which the clan is serving, will call the Leader and reveal the mystery behind the ambitious mission, assigned to a clan. Other clan members will need to reach level 18 to be able to perform tasks and contribute to the fulfillment of the clan mission.

Completed Clan Quest will raise the Clan Level to the 2, opening the possibility to use the Clan Hall in the Capital of the Empire, and create alliances, extremely useful in wars with other clans.

• Clan Hall
As soon as clan reaches level 2, all members will become entitled to the Clan Hall. Access to it will be opened in the Main Square of the Empire, to which clan is serving. In the Hall clan members will be able to use the common Clan Chest and the Altar, that is providing reinforcing spells.

In addition, with the second level, it will be possible to increase the maximum number of clan members by 10, bringing the total number of members to 40.

• Clan Wars

Regardless of the clan level and faction, clans can declare wars to each other. However, those clans that has been recently created, have a special Immunity for the 2 weeks, which prevents other clans from declaring war.

When there is war between clans, each damaging spell cast over the soldier of enemy's clan is recorded and converted into points, that affect the total score. The score does not show the total amount of accumulated clan points, but the difference - by how many points the winning clan is ahead. The winner is the clan that brings this score up to the value that depends on the maximum level of the clans participating in a war.

Soldiers of the clan that has lost the war:
• Are affected by the Seal of Defeat spell, which reduces the outcoming damage and maximum health.
• Are entitled to pay monetary contribution to the winning clan
• Until the Contribution is not completely paid, are entitled to 10% tithe of both the money obtained in the battles and resources, produced with professions. Tithe goes to the Leader of the winning clan.

• Alliance

Clan Alliances can play a major role during wars.
The score of war is determined by the difference between the applied and received spells between two clans. However, a third party - the clan, which is in an alliance with one of the warring clans, may have a direct impact on the score of war. More information about the clan wars, alliances and levels will be published soon.

ZOMG finally a reason to be in a clan, other than the cheaper goods being sold within, of course Great update!!
YESSSS!!!!! finally this game is more like WoW..... But joking asside the clan bank/vault is a thing we all have been wanting for some time and it give a reason for the clan tax... one question however... what happens to the loot when the clan is disbanded???
Looks like fun...
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Now this is going to be fun!
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I lookforward to this it is going to be great to have all this new content.
Once again great idea this will bring clans closer together
I've been looking forward to this for a while and its even better than I hoped it would be!!!
Hang on! This is going to be a bumpy ride!
This looks interesting. I understand that this is a game with a concentration on pvp, but what about having for those of us interested in mastering the crafting profession? For example, I went Valor from the description as it mentioned that the Valor side was the more mercantile/builder group, yet I see no actual difference.
This looks like it's going to be awesome! We need more information regarding how we receive clan quests!
OMG i cant wait for this to take effect woohoo ">
NOW we can have some fun
nice update 8th LEGION FTW ">">">
great addition ">
Awesome! So glad to have an actually good reason to join a clan. I look forward to the clan quests and wars! I've played a few mmorpgs that have clan activities and such so I'll go into this with some expectations and hopes. It should be fun. :)
I need to get myself into a clan asap !!!
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