Tavern room

Hi i bought the 50 tavern room by mistake today. I wanted to know if there is a way to undo it. I would appreciate it soooooooo much.
I do not think so you will get this real back , few months ago i bought 9900 orbs of Nosferatu accidently and till today did not get anything , but maybe this time you just get lucky bro
I did the same mistake last december 2017 i emailed payment@dragoneternity.com but no reply i reached out to gameinsight support but they said its "out of their support" wtf really? The i emailed dragoneternity support and found out its the same support person from
Game insight and thats it no reply at all. So seem this is really a dead game.
I received a reply today:


Unfortunately we can’t refund your purchase of Tavern Room. It is not an item and we aren’t able to rollback this.

Your Dragon Eternity
I did the same mistake, but when I talked to Ihit, he resolved the problem to me.
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Hi since we now have admin again im pushing my luck for a refund for this 50reals bug.
Come on if you accudenttally press it on mobile phone theres NO confirmation button.
Can i pls have my 50 reals back?
zionamir., a_prince, Did this get solved? I'm curious
Storm Kat,
Dreidan said tavern is one of the things that can not be refunded. But he was kind enough to give me some reals back.
a_prince, good to hear. and i'm sure you can put the extra tavern spaces to good use. lol I have hoarded a few level 70+ items (sigh)
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