Tavern room

Hi i bought the 50 tavern room by mistake today. I wanted to know if there is a way to undo it. I would appreciate it soooooooo much.
I do not think so you will get this real back , few months ago i bought 9900 orbs of Nosferatu accidently and till today did not get anything , but maybe this time you just get lucky bro
I did the same mistake last december 2017 i emailed payment@dragoneternity.com but no reply i reached out to gameinsight support but they said its "out of their support" wtf really? The i emailed dragoneternity support and found out its the same support person from
Game insight and thats it no reply at all. So seem this is really a dead game.
I received a reply today:


Unfortunately we can’t refund your purchase of Tavern Room. It is not an item and we aren’t able to rollback this.

Your Dragon Eternity
I did the same mistake, but when I talked to Ihit, he resolved the problem to me.
unfortunately he doesnt get onlineP H A N T O M,
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