Invasion of Shaab

*I'm not sure, that there are no awful mistakes in the text. Don't read this

Only players of level 16 and higher can participate in the event.

Event lasts seven days and always starts on Tuesday, at 12:00.

1 Breath of Abyss
Tues - 12:00

Main requirement of the quest: Talk with warlock Omnimach at the Crossroad, get a new quest and Apotropaion of Shaab, which lets to farm Essence of Shaab by slaying monsters or participating in the Arena, Seven Bridges/Ruins and Sea Battles.

You need to collect 750 Shaab Essences // it takes 1-2 hrs //, to get the main reward:
— 50 Sparks of Abyss + 250 reputation «Defender of Adan».

Main reward can be received, without completing the secondary task.

Secondary task of the quest: secrifice 750 of any essences (magic or death) to the Ciklotor in the Knossos Canyon.
Reward: Chosen Shaab regalia from the following:

Also, there is a task for all server: collect 500 000 (?) Essences of Shaab during 24 hours and all players will get Emperor's Bounty spell for 24 hours.

2 Blood of Dragons
Wed - 12:00

At this stage, Abyss monsters sometimes spawn on the all primary locations and concentrate at the Knossos Canyon. The main farm goes on the canyon: for each slayed monster of your level or higher, you get 2-3 Dragon Blood Crystals. Each crystal can be converted to Adan reputation, by using it from the bag.
One crystal = +1 rep // every 6th crystal gives additional +1 Spark of Abyss

Strong berserks can get up to 180+ crystals per hour.

Shaab monsters have a little chance to deal x2 damage, so it's safer to kill them on the mount. Also, they don't have any other drop except the crystals. With Hours of Prosperity, you get x2 silver from them, but not reals. Tracker's Kit doesn't work too.

The main requirement of the quest: acquire 125 crystals. It's too easy.
— Reward: 50 Sparks of Abyss + 250 reputation «Defender of Adan».

The secondary task is similar to the first-day secondary: secrifice 750 of any essences and chose one of the regalias:

After completing the quest, you can slay the mosters as long, as you can. They will disappear only after completing the server-task, which requires to collect 180 000 crystals. Usually it takes 3-4 days (?).

Reward for the server task: Bliss of Courage I for 24 hours.

Besides the common shaab monsters, also exist Elite monsters. In the Knossos Canyon, they spawn every 10 minutes. In the other locations - every 2-2.5 hours. If there is an Elite Shaab Defiler walking on the location, all monsters there get Seal of Blight I (including the defiler). Kill them to remove the buff from location for a few hours.

If you kill Elite-shaab by yourself (which already is too hard for most players), usually it rewards 30-40 crystals and guaranteed +1 element of Star Ciklotor Collection (count +17 rep // cause all collection gives +100). Common monsters don't drop elements, but you can farm them with Eye of the Death Dragon.

The main difference between the common and elite monsters: Only elite monsters can infect the players with Chill of Blight, which will progress during the event and finally will turn into the Madness of Blight. In the final stages (see below), madness will turn you into Shaab Defiler and deprive from any way of earning gold / drop.
Some players like to catch the madness, because in the final fight they will fight against other players and get +100% heal from the all dealt damage. It's cool, but defilers always lose the fight by the scenario and get 1/3 reputation.

So, if you want to get maximum reputation from this event, kill only common monsters and try to avoid the infection. If you want to catch the infection, just try to maximize the contact with elite Shaab monsters. Their lvl doesn't matter.

3 Priest of Shaab Nakhandar
Wed - 20:00

Boss has 400 000 HP, 70 level and 70% protection from all long duration magical effects. All players in this battle will get a special buff (like in Sea Battles) and fight as 70 level.

Boss will summon the creatures of Shaab while he is alive. Amount of summoned monsters is trying to balance the amount of alive players.

Quest requires to deal 15,000 damage and rewards +25 Sparks of Abyss + 125 «Defender of Adan».

Player with highest damage to the boss, will get Eye of Abyss. Groups don't work.

I'm not sure, that damage of summonings give an additional reputation here (In the final battle - they doesn't for sure).

After boss, Seal of Blight I turns into Seal of Blight II

4 Shalsar the Growl of Abyss
Thurs - 20:00

1:1 exactly as the previous boss. Some monsters in the battle are improved with the Cry of Blight, but it doesn't disturb so much.
Quest rewards are similar too.

After the boss, Seal of Blight II turns into Seal of Blight III and will stay, until the end of the second stage, if players collect required crystals.

Both bosses will give Adan reputation and Sparks of Abyss, depending from your damage. For the top damage, usually it is several hundred reputation and decades of sparks.

5 Tomes of Blight
Sat - 12:00

Today three unique Shaab instances can be passed.

The entrances are available in the Knossos Canyon:
— 1 / Hall of Suffering;
— 2 / Altar of Devolution;
— 3 / Bridge of the Damned.

You must pass the first instance and complete the quest. And only after the first quest, you get the second, which alows to enter into the second instanse. The same story with the third.

The thing is, that quests get completed only if you receive a special quest item, which drops only from the boss:
• The first boss gives only two items;
• The second boss - only three items;
• The third boss - four items;

So, if you have five players in the party, you need to pass the first instance three times; The second and the third instances - two times, to complete the quests of all players. It will take minimum three hours. Complete the quest and leave the party - is no good...

In the all instances, grey elixirs are enough to beat the boss guards. For the bossfight, you need vio-orange elixirs and mounts. All bosses have additional +10 weak guards in the battle +2 little more powerful guards.

1. Hall of Suffering

This boss is too easy. The only problem is the Summoning Wail. All guards /but not the boss/ have this buff. You just need to kill them as fast as you can, using Flawless Orb of Courage. Here skeletars are not useful, cause they hit too weak and can prevent you to kill the guards faster. When the guards are dead - skeletons and other stuff can be used, if necessary.

2. Altar of Devolution

This boss is a challenge for the brains. Even of you know, how to kill him, its sooo tedious to do.
Here You need all three classes in the party. Paladin must be a player, but berserk or witcher - may be only nephilims. The main complexity is in this buffs:

All monsters, including the boss, periodically get one of this buffs and it stucks, untill the monster doesn't get damage from the exact magic. If it dont - the new buffs will appear, and when the boss gets 3-4 vampirisms and Brutalities, no one can kill him. So, paladin-player must use Divine Retribution I, to remove the summon buff instantly. But one buff of vampire/brutal - can wait a few minutes, untill your neph and Magma Spit VI, Stone Grip VI. But ideally they must be removed with Fire Chain I and Landslide I

3. Bridge of the Damned

This boss is just too strong and you need enough strength and HP, to defeat him.

He has up to 50% defense // depending from your level // from the primary magic: Fire, Earth and Order. So, use only the secondary magic. Shards of Ice I is extremely helpful. Also the bouquet of Seal of Wounding I will work great with the Whip of Chaos IX. Guards - vice versa, don't have defense from the primary magic, but have from the secondary.

Boss uses all five types of the orbs and can deal up to 2500 damage. So, here you need really good buffs. And it's too hard to complete with dragons. You need to choose the strongest player in the party, who can deal good damage (maybe with nephilim). He can take Great Elixir of Endurance (3-4 pcs) and Great Elixir of Life (2-3 pcs) in case of strong crit. Other players are trying to hit only the guards with Powerful Black Spot, leaving the boss for the 'tank', who is trying to kill everythig as fast as he can. Other players don't hurry and vice versa - can play slower and periodically give Great Glyph of Life to the tank.

Also, guards, but not boss, randomly use Flawless Glyph of Destruction. So, Lesser Insignia of Protection would help.

For the tank, The vial of "Agility" works great, cause boss doesn't use the next orb in case of dodge.

So, three quests. Each completed quest rewards + 50 Sparks of Abyss + 250 rep.

After completing the quest, you can keep passing instances for the drop. The only limit - 24 hours after the stage starts. Bosses reward Omnimach's Writings [First - 2 // Second - 3 // Third - 6pcs] and Sparks of Abyss [Several decades].

Writings can be used to create Omnimach's Chronicles, which alow to summon Omnimach three times. But if your reputation is 7000 and lower - he will be too weak. Better to use the writings as Kandela analogue.

If you are Pandor and don't want to sleep for 24 hours, you can collect up to 250 writings and 3000-4000 sparks.

6 Corpuscles of Wrath
Sun - 12:00

If you was infected during the previous stages, now you finally turn into Defiler. Only one Quest is available - "Will of the Dark Gods", which requires to collect 250 Corpuscles of Wrath in PvP battles.
Arena battles reward +/-10 pcs.

Also, Defilers cannot:
• complete any other Quests;
• use Professions;
• summon the Dragon or nephilim;
• create Groups and Raids or stay in current Groups and Raids (including Ships);
• participate in Tournaments of Honor;
• use Wraith Spheres;
• receive money drops from monsters;
• receive essences from monsters.

But they get +25% HP and Damage bonus.

This effect will last 32+ hours.
You can use Hours of Prosperity before Sun-12:00 and after Mon-21:00 = Nothing is lost.

Other players get a quest, requiring to kill seven Defilers in the battles. It's not so easy, so - if you are Defiler and doesn't matter, use Simple Glyph of Resurrection.

Both quests reward +50 Sparks of Abyss + 250 reputation.

7 Arkahshul Conqueror of the Worlds
Mon - 20:00

In the final fight, Defiler-players will fight on the side of Shaab, against the other players. Boss has 99% defense from everything, but 10% of damage, dealt by Defiler-players, will redirect to their boss.

While boss is alive, he fully protects Defilers from the long duration magic, and buffs them with +100% heal from physical and magic damage. In the side of boss, periodically will spawn common Shaab monsters, trying to balance the amount of players / creatures from both sides.

Usually Defilers lose the fight, but have enough power, to kill players.
Don't forget about Ultimate Bonecrusher Star

In the final battle you don't get a reputation for damage, dealt by your summonings. They only give you a chance to become the first player by the damage sum and get Eye of Abyss. +1 Eye to both sides.

( i ) List of players in the battle always refreshes and causes lags. You can enter random letters to the player-search, to remove the list. It will improve the performance.

( i ) Use Great Glyph of Resurrection. It is your insurance from connection problems or something else, which can kill you (maybe strong crit).

( i ) There is a little bug... quest doesn't count, if you join the battle, when boss is already dead. Try not to be late.

So, the final quest requires to deal 15 000 damage in this battle and rewards +50 Sparks of Abyss + 250 rep. Also, players get Adan reputation from the battle, depending from their damage (Defilers get 3 times less rep). My record is 9000+ reputation from 850 000 damage, being a 'Normal' player. In the role of a Defiler: 1300+ rep for 400-450 000 damage...


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Wow! Love the post !

Great job and someone did ask me what time the boss fight was on Monday but I did not remember the time. Now posted for all :) thank you!
You explained everything thank you lol
@(optimus prime) mr optimus i think i have found a guide of you about MAZE OF ETERNITY where you expain everything about the maze in words and pictures !
It is russian written in terra . Many players here will appreciate that if you translate it and post it here in our english server ! And thanks again
Nice guide! Please post the maze of eternity guide too!
Excellent, thank you for making this! and +1 to bio for recommending the Maze guide too, great suggestion
Bio-Hazard, Thunder Kat, Natsume Fox, I always afraid, that my English knowledge wouldn't be enough)) No one likes guides with mistakes) But I will try...

You will do well lol i trust you have the skill of creating and typing so you will manage this as you usually do ! Cheers

Because many people dont know how maze looks like . I go ahead and teach them maze usually . If your guide is here , it will facilitate training and practicing for newbies
Shaab is coming soon :) This post is great and I have already used it to help others prepare for the event. One piece of advice, make sure to dust the regalia before it expires, orange dust is better than expiring!

For anyone that plans to use Death Essences for the quest, please please PM me in game as I will trade for magic so you can do your quests with those instead and I can get more skellies.
Thanks for the guide.
Shouldn't "(count +17 rep // cause all collection gives +100)" be "+20"?
Little Hunter, Activators cost 250 ... I've counted them as 6-th element...
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