I think but iam not sure

I will talk about this game in social programs about the disadvantages only of this game and noone play this game

Samosa star on battle 16-21

Hello,im so angry only when have on battle team samosa star bot,my question is why no delete this samosa star on arena,and what chance is that it will hit her? 80%? this is no normal 4 battle fight and 3 time have her on team vs conor and go win this...

Small Question,for experience

Is there any possibility of stopping the experience that you are not getting it?

Shaab link

Huge Thank You to Phantom for being stubborn and kafftou for having the best timing. We would not have succeeded without you guys


Do you know why i havent good gear and all things like all players

Because i depend on myself i ca not stand on my own noone helped me in this game and all people invade me and noone do better helping to me.

Captain chest from torlings while in a hauler?

Battle ship, yes, we've seen the Captain's Chest... but has anyone had one drop while in a hauler?

I'll, of course, keep experimenting but I am curious if anyone else already has had one drop.

All tiggy aoh lol

No comment lols

To quote a Beatles lyric

Getting so much better all the time..... Nice to see some old friends in Shaab event this week....who knows what the future might hold

Stop this alt makers!

this alt feed 1 person, and its hapen many times, looks many ppls do same....but i cant see all of them(((


Laker is awesome

Anniversary chest

So i hear alot of people received chests today... i have searched everywhere and no chest :( i feel robbed :( anyone else did not receive one ?

whats worth a cursed?

http://dragoneternity.com/game/fight.php?id=5ac7fed6-85ea-0205-1894-242fd979acc6 I just wasnt in the mood to sit for an hour, so didnt mount and when I noticed I had a chance to win I said f..k it and dropped, probably my only time in game I will ...

All players

Dont respect this game rules ok don't respect admins ok do what you want such as cheating all things if you want no rules no admins ok do what you want ok all players?

This Game

This game makes me feel old. Too many people and even clans for that matter come and gone.

Here is a page for remembrance.

Who do you remember?

I am back Now fix your damn game

WTH is wrong with you admins. Go ahead...delete my post of bitching....at least that shows you actually pay attention to us. Go ahead forum ban me....I am obviously not the only one complaining. The only time you decide to pay attention to us is wh...
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