Outpost attacks

Does anyone know why the outpost attacks are now a closed fight. They have always been open before. It is impossible to win for weaker players. Thanks for any help

New content needed!!

This game is and I quote from a friend STALE, goddang can we get something new here?? it's the same stuff different day bring some old events back have a month long shaab event give back dot or make some clan quests we gotta do as a clan or some stu...

New bracket

So there is a new 81-90 bracket can u guys throw linda ved Pandor in those for ratings and the rest of us can fight it out in the 71-80 bracket for our ratings.. cause seeing them get so many points is impossible to beat and they win every week

Clan thief

Just a warning, we were robbed again. Amelia Heart stole about 500g worth of rescources. So watch out for thieves

facebook error

lvl 5 - army reinforcements - it requires to login to facebook, but the page says that dragon eternity nova isn't safe, and until dragon eternity nova doesn't change its security properties it will not allow me to login and complete the quest.

Maze times

Can we PLEASE get maze times for the US evenings? It would be most helpful if we could get undead rep and items during out evening like others can. We have asked several times. Can we PLEASE make this happen?

Confrontation Points

So im just looking for a list of the points you get for aoh/7b/sb/roac/clan war fights in the different brackets if anyone happen to know..

outpost quest

outpost quest

Winning fights in ROAC - secondary quest

Soooo... we ran 2 ROACs today - YIKES - and it was amazing, although god damn hard xD

I managed to win at least 2 fights, see links below:
внешняя ссылка

Skinflints Shop

So i said about this before.. just bringing it back up again

A shop in winery where all the reputation items and things skinflint sells on AH for reals all in one place

Small Updates

I made a mini post to just put any small updates I get so I can share with everyone as these are generally not going to be made into news posts.

Please check here regularly for updates.

1. Sydian upgrade costs are fixed. They don't change...


Dear developers, give us a reason to rejoice, for about 2 years we have not seen the lottery ... please give it to us, all the players want it very much and are waiting

Cooldown Bug

I'm sorry to be annoying but I posted this a while back. I felt like posting again because I should mention that this is a FIGHTING GAME BASED ON TURNS. Not to make this about me, but I am already weak as it is (not that that's anyone fault but mine)...

Satin Baldric

After buying mine my belt size did not increase as far as i can tell

Forum posts

Admins, guardians should not have the ability to edit other people's posts. And you changed it so once a guardian does edit our post, we cannot edit it or remove it. Seems unfair and unwise to allow people to edit someone else's words, and not allo...
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