Heaven's Voice: You have received the Be With Us!

18:59 Heaven's Voice: Received: Spark of Abyss (50 pcs) and 250 Defender of Adan Reputation. Removed: Corpuscle of Wrath (250 pcs).
18:59 Heaven's Voice: You have received the Be With Us! Quest.

Crystals shabb short time expired ?

as i good know it never happened to me before really short lifetime shabb crystals, this game going to be so interesting 550pcs expired in 24 hours Thats sounds so redicoulus wow so many thankful for admins... Good luck and Happy New Year !!!


Shaab boss fight

Why were we told 1 hour before the fight it would be individual and not group.

My clan thought it was based on boss dmg like previous events but it was based on total dmg.

Why were we not informed at least a day before and why didn’t the messag...

Shah quest

I was playing and earning my shabb essence for quest and was getting essence then emperors bounty quest came in and I was no longer able to get essance I was at 603/750 and can’t earn more dew to bug in game I would like fixed and please allowed exte...

shaab event

shaab event got bugged so I went to bed hoping it would be fixed by the time I got up but of course it got worse, not only can I not get shaab essence but the quest is gone 3 hrs early so the essence I have is worthless, worse I had 750 on an alt but...


Private opinion of myself not 9th: as soon as everybody likes play PvE game and sbs as sb vs LOL clan is PvE, i quite sbs. Gl with heroism farming

Server time/forum time totally out of sync

Just to point out, the time of posting on forum is out of sync with game time by a couple hours, same with player info on peoples pages

attacking other players

what are the rules?

Clan War Confrontation

Just wondering if you get more confrontation for winning a fight in a clan war than winning a BC/Arena fight?

Servers :)

Well, i'm just a little curious about this one :). What is the purpose of having 2 servers in this game? :D I mean, the game is losing players day after day, even on Terra server there are no that many players. So why a game with relativly small amou...


The past four days I have sailed 2-3hrs every day without a single torling. No matter which ship or route I take, I don’t encounter any torlinvs whereas last week I got torlings 1/3 sails. Not sure if it is a bug, but it sure is odd.

7b bracket

Why is the 7b bracket 71 to 90?

Treasure hunt

Can anyone tells about Capt Gottfried's treasure?

New Council / Guardians ... Must Read!

Dear DE Admin / Council / Guardians:

Today was another chapter in the same old story of "Liers, Cheaters, and Thieves trying to steal from hard working/playing clans ...

I want to thank DE Admin for coming up with the idea of the Guardian Counc...

Christmas Shop

Anyone know how long the shop is around?
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