Why no sb?

Why no sb this server tell me please?

Information for players on PC

Just a heads up on the eventual change in format-

As some have already noticed, Google Chrome has begun showing pop up messages indicating Flash will no longer be used at the end of next year. I have read Mozilla and Internet Explorer are also lo...

For Payment Issues

Here is the link as I know we have had some requests regarding payments going through but no reals showing up.

внешняя ссылка

Dreidan provide this morning. Hope it helps

Cannot log on from mobile

Anyone else get kicked out?

So this guardian program

Since the guardian program has started, it seems like it was a big explosion, then then died out. So, are guardians still here and actively trying to improve the game, or are they just punching in and out the clock and collecting their orange chests...

Happy Birthday Leane!!!

Happy birthday. I hope you can enjoy your day and eat all the cake your face can consume!!!

play in iphone ...

I can no longer enter the game , error : Failure when receiving data from the peer . Error code : (easy - error,56)
So now I can only play from a computer?

bug with arrows

bug with tasks for arrows, tasks for ruins and sb , during the week is not updated ... every day the counter 24 hours starts anew ...I ask you either to fix it, or I want to receive a reward, once the quest closes by itself if anyone has the same bu...

arrows bug

on SB i got 5 stars and got 50 arrows on first time but passed weeks and quest not reset anymore , can u guys fix it please???

Teleport Bug is back

The much hated teleport bug is back. Long time to teleport, no confrontation credit for fights, long exit times from battles expecially battlegrounds. And if you do get impatient and force a reset.... you cant do much of anything. Won't let you e...

Expiry Time On Gifts

Is there any chance that the expiry time of the gold purple and blue gift could be I have a few of all 3 but if I use the gold one the blue and purples will expire before the gold ones over

Custom Emoticon - are requests being taken?

1 - Is the price negotiable at all? 100 Reals seems steep.

2 - Will admin make a new one if we request it?

3 - • make an order by sending an e-mail to: zakaz@drako.ru; is that still the correct address?

Thanks in advance!

Eyes should have gone out to Ved and myself

Final boss fight ended with defilers losing as we needed.

Ved got top dmg for defilers
I’m first wraith with top dmg on non defilers

Again bug

8 mount scroll in backpack , in auto , 7b start , mount no use ... and we wait fix bug with arrows quest ... maybe add arrows to shop for golds ? If no fix bug ...

Black 170k 7b hex

So this hex should disable teleporting between locations. Except it doesn’t and I’m still fully able to teleport.
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