Give Us Gear Damage Notifications Back Please

Please. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to start a toh/ aoh hop with 9 durability on my gloves, use charms of durability, and have them break anyway. I have NO IDEA if the charms are working. Please give us this information back. Please....

2017 Dragonblade Cookie Ban has now commenced

Some little multicolored dragon with a unicorn horn that licks and loves hedgehogs has been misbehaving just a tad bit.

So with great sadness and heaviness on my heart.....I must put the Dragonblade cookie ban back into effect IMMEDIATELY.

No s...

My confrontation points freezed???

Hi, i have problem with freeze my confrontation points, got 156 after monday and tuesday, after it doing hop in aoh else 3 days in row and nothing...?

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all the mamma's out there a wonderful day today! Enjoy

Simple question

I want to know if you (the admins) planned to shut down Nova?

If you do so then please give us a hint.
I don't want to waste my time, energy and money on something that'll not last longer than a few months anymore.

Loss of Gear Durability!!!

I would like someone to explain how the durability of my gear changed from 66/66 to 50/66 from being killed once???

I fully repaired my Golden Eagle Leggings before upgrading it to Twilight Avenger Leggings, so it should be at full durability

Quest problem

I was level 16 and then i deleted the game but i found out there was some new update on to get green armor quest but when i level Up and it skip the wepon quest and my boot quest so i had to buy my own but can you give me the wepon and boot f...

a mistake

hello admin , a girl here played played with the mouse and it bought the tavern room , i really dont want it can you reverse the tavern to standard and can i get the reals again , i'm noo casher and took me like 100 days to gather that up .... ty


I found 18 of them at winery, right bank, outskirt sadar, scarlet square, harbor front, watermill, landor, ancient temple, apairy, cape wryven, steppe temple, east grave, west grave, mines of tagol, aidorian road and valdian forrest

other 2 places...

Logs Mine

Can we have another Logs mine like we used to at snake bay?

Back pack manipulation

Remember when players put everything up on AH so they can have extra back pack space? That made the game stagnant for a while. Then admin have the brilliant idea of keeping the items in the players backpack until the item is bought from AH. That deci...

I need nephilim quest

How can i do nephilim quest if i don't have this quest and how can i get it ?

The Battle of Monsters

I think that there should be a Battle of Monsters where warriors of all levels and both kingdoms fight together to take down buruls and tkhisses and outlaws and that kind of thing and the monsters levels will be random and you need at least five peop...

new battles

I think there should be a Battle of Monsters where waeriors from all levels and both kingdoms fight together to take down a huge mob of monsters like buruls and tkhisses and outlaws and that kind of thing. But you need to have at least five people th...

Seabattle and Ruins! Attacks and Curses!

I have a request to the Admins: Please change the levels for seabattle and ruins only of 60 - 70er level or introduce different levelgroups, to make the higher levels satisfied. Here are many Player, which dont speak the english language, but know th...
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