Connection Issue

anyone else having connection issues, i havent been able to do shit all day and its only this site

WARNING TO ALL CLANLEADERS! Player "Jasulan" robbed ALL our reals and gold!!!!!! WARNING!!!!

corky » LadyEllora, dragonflys2, - Red Phoenix -: Jasulan stole our reals and gold i have sent a message to admin and i do have a screenshot of when he took it right now just waiting to hear from admin

Clandleaders, be careful with that guy!

Some people’s confrontation numbers going thru the roof, I have see some interesting things.......

So, we all have seen people cheat occasionally but as an ongoing daily basis, it’s getting a little ridiculous. Do they think we are blind or just stupid? They do realize that we all have access to islands with no beacons and we can see them bc’ing...


this person "" Jasulan "" do not let him in you clan he will steel your reals and gold as he did in our clan

Congratulations to Dragonborn

Level 3 looks good on you! Say Goodbye to taxes! Congratulations to Rellik2 and crew for the sweet battles.

How do I contact admin?

Are there any left on this site?

Update on the wife hunt.

Day 82 of the search for a lvl 70 wife...I grow tired and wiry while on this quest. But there is no turning back the joke has gone too far and cant be stopped. I've managed to reach valor cap at lvl 27 but... it's still not enough to impress a mate.....

Game insight button gone

On phone trying to report a bug..... game insight button no longer exists . Just me or is it missing for everyone?

Has anyone found red recipe schemes for level 69 food?

Please let me know if you have.
Thank you.

Gifts for event

Can anyone find them?

Clan descriptions all messed up

To all Leaders: You'll want to go in and re-do your clan descriptions. Looks like the last update broke them and we're showing all the html tags.

What happened to DE?

I've returned after about 2 1/2 years being gone from the game... Does anyone even still play this anymore? Also, what happened to our ability to purchase or make blue quality armor between levels 21 and 30? I already have most everything I need/want...

Cost of Collection items

If a collection item can be purchased for 3 Reals what must I pay an alt. for it if none are currently being sold in the auction house?

game is officially dead for this server

that is it... I am calling it... I vanish for a few months and I see not even the melvin thing is being advertised by the game anymore in news (last one was octobers I think) so sad to say but the game is now dead. gl everyone... IF they sometime do ...

Need strong paly help from communifunction

Communifunction bced me. I will pay for strong paly help! I think lvl 30 would be enough. Thank you
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