I need nephilim and its quest

Whats about nephilim quest for duel of truth lv 25? Its closed how can i get nephilim?

ruins of ancient and arrow

I have a suggestion: 2x Per week now theruins of ancient take place. These are supposed to replace 7 bridges. Unfortunately, you can not get arrows there.
Can this be changed? That these fights are calculated for arrows?


Why was Nurses post removed when she stated everything 100% accurately?

Why is Nova server always the one ignored and not given any answers to? You admins are obviously here if you can remove a post you don't like yet we receive no answers still....

Making a Clan

I'm making a clan need certificates. Please Help Me!!!!!

Lost daily quest- Strange looking toon pic

Don't know what happened but in the middle of doing the Valor daily quest- lost the quest and my toon looks really wierd- strange costume i have never seen before- still there. Didn't get credit for arena damage or kills either?

Looking Ahead To Final Shaab Fight

Is it going to be like last year where there's not enough absorbed damage on the non-defiler side so we won't get quest complete and have it be a complete waste of time or have the admins prepared for this and have a load of mobs ready to join the no...

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

So we're left with half a game and now we have a quarter of it.
Why was sydian taken away from wars? We're already stuck without islands and promised them soon but get nothing but vague responses now. 2 hours and tons of gold/reals wastes for Heav...

Anyone miss DOT or battle steel?

Wondering if these would be worthwhile Sunday events or included on other days. Have no idea what time dot would run, whatever time wouldn't make everyone happy anyway. Battle steel may ruin the other event days if ppl waited for steel day and didn...


ok normally i can keep my cool but i lost it today and swore, sorry to all who heard but i save reals not buy. now lets talk about the fact i sent 3 complaints about swearing in chat and nothing was done makes me think the Guardians pick and chose wh...

Still getting xp

Whyyy am i getting xp with my medal tooo block it, whyyyy?????

Battle Selection Sucks!

I am really curious how game select players for battle. I am the first to que in when event start and got skipped all day and there are people who go back to back! I get one 1 fight in 8hrs qued, this really SUCKS!!!

WOOOOOOW, my Draggy is a Superstar (BUG in TOMES!!!)

..... but i logged off to let him die after that 168k dmg and already send the link to ihit to check a bug:


7b = roa

will damage done in 7b be counted on roa days events?


I have 122078/125000 damage done from roa and q is 2/12 but 7b q is 5. if I deal the remaining 922 damage in 7b it will count toward the days event?

part 2 will kills count as we...

a bad joke at best!

en.nova.dragoneternityfb.com/game/fight.php?id=58768ec6-aad0-0205-b916-d3abbb2589de shaab boos fight 1-11-2017

Christmas shop

Anyone know when it will be leaving us?
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