So the question is - who rules?

I am only saying this against my better judgement because Kingboxa is holding the rummed coffee hostage.....

Zerks Rule

Unless of course I am logged in - then pallies rule

Help me?


Why are there only 3 different layouts for islands? What is the purpose behind this design?

Anyone with a guess feel free to speak your mind on the meanwhile...

Death of AH

So I basically believe the auction house is a dead part of the game. After being away for a little while I noticed prices of almost all items have sky rocketed to just idiotic amounts. Things I use to pick up for 15s are now 5-6g. Reason? I think the...

Mindless crying and stalling

mindless crying and stalling peoples hops. funny really as he told me he had changed and wasn't being a troll liike he used to. Seems he can't change lol no surprise there. Same old 9th and yet 9th cry when they get hexed or even breathed on....well ...

Non payment of Reals

Some people are reporting non-payment of reals after they have purchased them through the payment portal.

Please can you investigate this!


Green Dragon gear 60+ where can it be found?

Since we lost Duel of Truth which seemed to be the only place where you could get dragon gear level 60+, also level 50-ish, in drops (from the main battle) I have been hoping that DE would give us a mob that would drop these pieces but checking besti...

Dont know where to post this so ima do it here

Im making this post to warn you not to group with a player called _Nimeria_. She will firstly get her whole group to kill an elite for her and she will steal all the loot. Yesterday I was helping littles out in instances on my alt and when it was tim...

Do we get a Valentines Contest?

Don't think we have had a contest on Nova server for awhile.

Why don't you give us one again. It was fun reading all the poetry - people can be quite creative.


Vedmak and Mindless

Take whatever petty squabble you have with each outside of the arena and then you can go throw whatever fight you like. But been a consistent theme now for days and you are both at it on a consistent basis.

Dragon Eternity 2

Been seeing mentions online of a Dragon Eternity 2 however all photos of DE2 look like this original DE. What is this DE2?

What is the point of "request of confirmation of participation in Battlegrounds"

19:07 Heaven's Voice: You have joined the queue: Arena of Honor
Started a fight, knowing I would be unable to confirm at 19:09.
19:09 Heaven's Voice: Battle Storm Kat vs Marian Corsair is complete.
19:10 Heaven's Voice: Battle Started: ...

story I wrote for V day

I wrote this last year after Valentine day and posted it in this forum but could not find it so I am reposting it.

Fire crystal rose

Kora was unfortunate in his birth. Wingless and without a body of a warrior or smith. He was weak and his place...

Achivement problem/request


Will there be islands with Elite Khaimans, Elite Nylph and Elite rachni ?
I need them for achievement, but only islands I found were with pirates, kariols or flosars.

Can you please help?
Thank you

Tom Brady G.O.A.T

Just sayin

Lighthouse battles & wraiths

Combat tab says who is in the fight with the lighthouse keeper, but show only wraiths in the fight. Seems to defeat the purpose of us all being wraithed
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