Current status & plans for the future

I was away for a couple of weeks, and unfortunately there's no one else to replace me here and keep things going. I apologize for keeping you in suspense, now we're back on track. I'll give answers to most important questions here.

- Opening the l...

The Dawn of Revival for Nova... A New Approach

I hope that I am not over-stepping... but I will explain. Please keep in mind that these are NOT my ideas - I am simply making a suggestion based on existing ones.

Sooooo, from what I hear our current goal is to revive this server. I love the idea...


Hi I'm looking to join a clan, but my main is confused for an alt, so no one accepts my request. I'm trying to level up for the dragon and I'm so close. Half way there. Will anyone be kind enough to accept my request? I'm in the blue region.


Mr. Dreidan players like me that play on tablets can't set profile pictures u think u can solve this please? Thanks

Tavern room

Hi i bought the 50 tavern room by mistake today. I wanted to know if there is a way to undo it. I would appreciate it soooooooo much.

Bots for weekly quest/7b

Can ye please allow bots to be counted towards kills for the AOH quests... they already have a class and down in the lower levels its just much too inactive to be able to get the quests done.
Also can bots be introduced to 7b? It simply doesn't run ...


Sadar ... i've tired .... why constantly put your alt on a sea battle? I ask the guardians to pay attention to this !!

Alt in sea battle....

and once again we are seeing the same picture, if the Reds are unsure of their abilities, they send spies to us .... this is at least ugly, just not fair, this is proof of the Reds' slack ...

New Guardian system

We've received many complaints that there're no law whatsoever here on Nova, and we'd like to change that. We can't rely on the old Guardian system right now since there's no way that you would leave your clan just for keeping the peace here.


Dreidan, can we get cap raise or please merge us with Terra

There was an overwhelming YES vote to raising the cap.

When cam we expect to see the cap raise?

If not, is there a possibility we can merge with Terra?

Important suggestion for Gladiator reputation i hope you read that mr dreidan !

I have a suggestion which i believe its important for majority of the players here regarding GLADIATOR reputation !

We all know its way impossible to get 81k gladiator reputation without investing reals ! And the...

A small bit of sarcasm

This is mostly for those who move from Vaalor to Sadar.
Good job, guys. I suggest everyone joins Sadar, and let's stop SB and ROAC for good.

Cheating in aoh

I just came online and joined aoh in the last 2 seconds and I found this:

No wonder teapanda won confrontation when you que with a naked person and guarantee your ...

Two steps forward Three steps back...

You fixed wars, nice thank you, we have beacons again..but

For over two days now there have been no islands... so beacons gather dust... you have at minimum 6 active clans needing syd to be able to upgrade their people to be able to compete, but n...

Come SB pliz

Why not people for sea batles and roac?
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