An update on mobile?

Anything actually new on this server??

i discribe the fallen

( the hell of justice strongest numbers of players active) i envy them they have more players number

in my opinion

i respect people i can iam angry because i face problems with other peoplei said to them you can make me a friend

the main reason of swearing to people

i want them to be my friends noone make me a friend and all of people love theirself and they betray untill i help them they betray me and they do as they want unlike i want exactly i give to people their rights. i dont wear off to people i said i se...

noone can kill the fallen. where is the challanges?

because they are the strongest clan in this game noone can kill them. if all players can do challange, make all players of the fallen offline and remove them from this game (non active) but no clan can challange the fallen because they are the best c...

When drunk clan leaders play the game....

Most of these he initiated the attack....yes he did win a couple of times...but i will take these odds....

Please give cookies and hugs to Dragonblade

Sigh...I must be overtired and not thinking straight but....I have a soft spot in my heart for the little trouble making draggy.

So while I have leave of my senses...please go ahead and shower her with hugs and all kinds of sweets....UNTIL I get ...

Any1 know whos this alt?
tell me pls in pm, ty

Plase stop fake sbs

Clan whom this is adressed will understand



I am looking for a player who has the same problem as me with confrontation points

As in the subject: I am looking for a player who has the same problem as me, with confrontation points, for some time, I have a problem that i do not receive confrontation points for the fight, then I have to send a report and everything runs smoothl...


Whoever tells me who is it, I give 50 reals

you are real beast phantom but sorry of valours who use alt dron ved

And imagine what ? We lost shootout too

Auto attack?

are there auto attack in this game? im getting tired at looking my my character and click attack it so boring are there a way to speed up the game? that would be better

Need suggestion on getting tin ore for prospector


I just recently made apprentice for the profession of a prospector. When I looked into getting tin ore for a recent quest, I found all the mines had been taken over by someone named Barbarian at level 70. Is there any other way to mine th...
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