Treasure map not working

Since the last update I've found in barrels, or obtained from "Man Overboard!" dozen of maps, but everytime I click on it nothing happenes. Please solve this problem, I'm not using the mobile version.


Got by accident 100 packs of flawless orbsof fearlessness

Would like to return them back

Emailed to in beggingof this week and didn't get any answer about this.

Is this service still available?

Watching Cashbacks fight - Winner of the "Most boring" award?

Possibly the most boring thing I have ever done in this game.
23:20 Heaven's Voice: You received 27267. - lost to a player in under 5 minutes
23:27 Heaven's Voice: You received 37621. - won vs cashbacks (yes, all 3 bots were cashbacks) but t...

Nephilem Quest

The current published list of Level quests to reach Nephilem status is no longer valid. Is there any way to find out what the updated levels are?

My own feeder =)))

7b for kids

in the arena mobs are there, why not at seven bridges?, ruins with 22 levels, and how to get reputation to us kids?

Bots system and magik only for zerks?

1) I have qustion, why bots on arena not the same????
Most strong zerks(68-wierdo), strong palies(68-mad), strong withcers( BUT WHY 63-one way), again most strong zerks(63), easy witcher(but 68^^-cashback), easy pal(63-tigy): strong---its with fu...

Computers' strength Vs. Daily Quests

Honestly, even though i love the idea of being able to run arenas with computers and not having to wait for other people to join in , i think computers kills should count in the additionnal quests we get to complete.

By that, i mean with their inc...

Charmed Monster Idols

There is a serious lack of information involving idol. It holey unclear upon completion of hunter collections that one needs to proceed to idol making after a completing the collection.


as you can see, this player has a buff,
which basically turns him invincible, atleast to anyone who isnt level 70. This guy's been using this bu...


Couldn't figure out where to mzke a post asking for advice so here goes.
A bunch of questions i hope someone has the time to answer (thanks in advance)
1) Is Garuug's compass worth it?
I mean its 5 gold and most of us at early levels barely get to...

no island mobs?

So, sailed out to kill a few island mobs but they're all gone except on pier. Is this another bug or do we get updates soon for something to do???

Lost account

My account sadistic saint was lost over half a year ago nd I can't get it back at all
What do I do???

Looking for people to complete istances

Hello! I'm looking for people to complete a couple of quests and the kill bosses in their istances, because it seems that, who alredy completed the quests, can't go there anymore. I need help to do:
level 50 green quest "Detection Magic" where you h...

Quest of Martial. Valor

Did the quest and when i did the didn't let me complete the quest.
Van u still have the rewards?
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