Guardians are hiring!

We are looking to recruit new Guards that would like to join us for the long term! We're expecting new players joining us soon so we're looking for dedicated players that wish to help others! What's different from usual recruitment - you are able to apply with an alt as long as you are an experienced player!

1. Place of residence
2. Contact details - can be sent through private messages
3. How many hours can you dedicate to Guard Duties?
4. Please specify time intervals, when you definitely can present in the game (morning/day/night - please state time intervals by server (GMT) time)
5. Do you have any moderation experience?
6. Why have you decided to join Guardians?

Please note, all applicants should meet the following requirements:
Minimum character level - 15.
Minimum daily online - 3-4 hours a day.
Minimum hours dedicated to Guard Duties - Several hours a day
Proficiency in English.
Potential Guardians should have access to Skype.
Minimum Age of Main Character - 4 weeks.

Moderating from tablet/phone device is prohibited!

-If your application does not satisfy the requirements above, this will be marked below and in a week’s time, your application will be deleted.
-If your application to become a Guardian has been declined, your application will be deleted.

Please, watch your applications, as they will be marked!

If your application is denied you cannot reapply for a month.

You are kindly requested not to flood in this topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted and violators will be punished. (Any messages posted outside required format will receive a 24h gag).
Accepted for trial.
Accepted for trial.
Accepted for Trial.
Accepted for Trial.
Accepted for Trial.
Please contact Irish in game.
Contact Jaqen Hghar for interview.
Please re-apply at a better moment
Removed by user
Please contact Angelia Avalon or Jaqen Hghar in-game
1. Canada
2. Will be provided by PM
3. 1-2 (somedays 4-5) depending on the day
4. I am generally online from 14:00 - 04:00 game time. (Will leave clan to apply to guards clan when interview has been completed)
5. No
6. I have the experience needed in game to actually help people with questions and answers. I am an excellent guide for new and old folks, and I have a very good understanding of where things are on this very disorganized website to help people get official answers from the right links.
1.) California
2.) Can give # through PM
3.) Depends on day..several most likely.
4.) Depends on day..I can make it work :)
5.) Nope
6.) " you are able to apply with an alt as long as you are an experienced player! " and game needs badly.
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