New Player

Hello folks,

New player, starting under Sadar ( I think). Any recommendations for professions? Unsure the best approach to leveling in the game. I'm at level 7 trying to do Arena of Honor currently, but running out of elixirs and orbs.

Any advice or recommendations are welcome! Thank you!
Gatheringwise - wouldn't take on prospector. Choose either fisherman/hunter if you want something that requires less involvement/time (hunting requires spending some time killing mobs), or farmer if you feel like you'll be ok with checking in frequently

Craftingwise - focus on leveling up alchemist and jeweler, spend some time on cooking and ditch inscriptor** . But tbh, most proffesions r interconnected, so you'll end up leveling everything at some point anyway (Find a steady reliable source of novice prospector resources, as in collaborate with sm1 who actively plays as one. Everything requires P. resources at some point during production)

**Might be a good idea to focus on I. as well, since it gives u access to some pretty nice items to buff ur stats in pve&pvp, and the auction for those is dead. So if you won't do it - nobody else will probably do it for u
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