Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited:
- Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago.
- Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or money from one of your characters to another one
- Using secondary character to bypass silence placed on any of your other characters
- Using secondary character in Archipelago to acquire traumas from monsters to later heal them with your main account. This includes any sheningans with your friends using alts - so don't even think about it anymore.
- Transferring Sydian to your alt even if it is for market value in Archipelago to sail it to mainland and then selling it back to your main will be considered abuse and punished as you would be using your alt for storage.

However it is Allowed your characters to:
- Enter the same clan
- Transfer items and money not violating the trade rules. Balance of trades or items sold through Auction should not exceed the +-30% of items worth. You also cannot lower price more than 30% from what it is going for in Auction House.

Last updated on June 6th 2016


Have a look at third point here:
Say if you went into a group with 2 characters......

Would you be allowed to split rewards you got from, say Caves but your character wasn't in and you did on your own?
The Wolf69,


Well that was just straight up NO
What about Clan Wars. If 2 characters are allowed in the same Clan, can they both participate in the same Clan Wars?

Yes, but they are not allowed in same fights.
This would all be good if you were able to work out an average going on A/H prices, but when I tried to determine a price there were no other items in for sale so completely unable to get a min/max in order to find out average. There were also ZERO guards on duty to assist, so I ended up selling the item rather than risk a punishment of some sort when I was trying to do the right thing. Please explain what process we are supposed to use in order to get "average prices from A/H" when there are no items for sale.

Honest players who don't try to throw money to their friends or alt's have nothing to worry about.
to get the lowest possible price simply find the item in A/H and times its price by 0.7 really not hard
I say something that caught my eye. 17 sparks of inception at AH for 7S with 12 hours left. I refresh and the item was gone. I want to know can I create a toon and sell items like sparks of inception for 7S?
Rogue Outlaw,

Such trades are not allowed, and are punished, especially if they are sold through your toons.
What if more than one person plays the game but they use the same net connection thats provided by the building attendent ? ex: housing unit has 100 people in it, maybe 2 or 3 people play the game from the buildings provided connection, is that ok ? ? ? ?

Let's just say it's very easy for me to distinguish if you're the same person or 100 different ones playing in one big apartment complex which is providing same network. Or for that matter hundred different people playing game on same public wi-fi hotstop. Also that doesn't change the fact that you have to abide by trade rules be it your alt or not.
ok ty but i should of stated it more clear, it was directed to the battle portion. wat i mean is wat if I and say my spouse play, can we or can we not both do pvp ?

I'd steer clear from being in any fight together with your spouse unless Ihit says you can.

As long as you're not on same device. Two different tablets/laptops/phone - in general is fine.
My Wife and Son wants to play the game. We intend to follow all trade rules. We however use 3 different computers. Can i still team up with them and do dungeon runs? Or is that against the rules as well? We would of course be on the same network provider (IP Address) But we would be under different emails and different Dynamic IP Address's.
P.S: In order to be fair. We would refrain from running PvP fights like AoH and 7B's and such together.

As already mentioned only when you're playing on different devices/computers.
Wow!! I can see where the game wants a fairness to the players. Seems everything is more or less could and would get a player Banned? This does seem to be an Interest to players, Set limits to prevent under or over pricing. Is scary to read these forums and want to cash in.
what i dont get is the devs should have items EVERY ITEM with a fixed price its stupid if 1 person is selling a statue for 5g no 1 noes how much a statue of protector is realy worth cus theres no fixed price as it only says its a collection item therefore we can sell how ever much we wont or how cheap we wont unless the item has a fixed price by the devs so by going on the ah price is a realy realy stupid idea so if i put a item on for say 50s does that mean cus im on the ah i can trade it for 30% less i think it does the prices vairy from being uber expensive to being realy cheap like only relics and few other things have a fixed price so therefore u can go by the 30% rule if an item dosent have a fixed price then i dont think the 30% rule shouldent stand
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