u make new update for gold ... I have spent 78g for parcel and I didn’t even go up to the blue .... earlier this would not have caused problems, but now ..... I am very upset ... I do not want to play it..............................................

Normaly idea for gold for fight.

If you want to take at least a little gold from the battles, then you all need to get up to sea battles or ruins. no matter what level you are with, the main thing is beating the clock.

What the....

Lv 30 fighting with stupid arena boots and revive 12s.. Good bye game

Server is barely active lately

The gold and valor drop in events for bots has caused a significant exodus. Do not have a problem with a reduction but when you can't make enough to repair your gear, replace your resources/mounts, and have some left over for wars - where are we goin...

server death

if the server dies, maybe you should at least transfer characters to terra at will? maybe for the money, but leaving the game like that is sad and sad (

face book terra severs not login in

ok its been 1month and i cant login from my facebook account by this time im trying to save my clan disbanding because of bug issues please fix this please im eternity king from cherubims

Now that this server is completely neglected and clearly dying, will admin consider moving us to Terra?

After flash is dead all the pc players are gone.

Any chance they can save the few who remain and move us to terra so we can actually play the game.

For a fee perhaps?

Btw thank you!!

Not said enough, but thanks for fixing fight exit and teleport issues. But yes, this arena gold thing, is that expected? Maybe some release notes?

Update: Well, they are right. This "fix" lasted 3 days....

Sydian price

Ok seriously I’ve heard some crazy crap going on here to force people to quit but now, after months and months of barely being able to sell sydian for 5s. “The council” sends me message just now saying I need to sell if for a minimum of 6s.


Rules Clarification - Regarding Clans of Alternates

Due to recent issues, post with some clarification is needed regarding alt clans.

We decided to update and allow alternates to participate in wars, but you must select and use only this one for the entire war, you cannot log in and participate on...

Cant log in to Ichorr

ok so. I would previously log in to dragon eternity using my facebook account. I am no longer able to do so? It says access error on dragon eternity even when I attempt to do so. I have tried swapping browser and I get the same error trying to log in...

Arena Hop

I get it, there are many people who think the AOH is theirs and no one is allowed to join against them because they want the gold from the bots all to themselves. This solves that problem but for us who can't get anyone to join us, we suffer. Yesterd...

Taking long time to teleport from one location to another

Am i the only one facing this problem? Admin, pl help asap as there is war later. ty

Iphone hangs when i move to Valor harbour and i have to reboot

useful information after updating hop vs bots

i recieve 1g-1.5g for win vs top bot in aoh with garrug bag before the update it was 7-8g
my friends in terra tel me , hop vs players its more golds , we test with sting , 2-2.5g for lose 3,5-4g for win
I also want to tell you a little secret , if...

Hello and Goodbye, I guess...

So, I guess I decided to come back at a bad time since DE will not work on PC for much longer probably... Does anyone have a suggestion that is similar to DE where some of us would want to start playing together on?
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