What do we have to do to get war back?

Come on DE. How hard can it be to fix what you broke? War is an essential part of the game. SB alone won't get the heroism we need. Please patch your software

Another alt in SB

am I right this alt http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=PUMA544 is again only an undergeared guy in full grey gear without mount and dragon who is brave enough for Sea Battle http://dragoneternity.com/game/event.php?id=5978f4c1-063...

Other posts deleted, heres the same thing again. CONFRONTATION

Nice to see you remove two posts when you are too lazy to even fix the bug. I dont care how many times its deleted I will keep reposting until its fixed.

CONFRONTATION NEEDS TO BE FIXED. IT is an absolute joke that before you will fix the bug you...

No wars tomorrow (Saturday 8th July)

Did any clans get war or a message telling you that you were left out?

let me ask a question

So, let's say i am in a clan, and i have an alt that is in a different side, and in a clan. if i sail my alt, can my main clan members attack that alt, and that is ok?

option 2: i run my other side alt in sea and Ruins, and my main clan members f...

Alien Helm

Does anyone know the name of the quest that starts the Alien Helm quest chain? I haven't got the quest.

Not knowing if it is a luck or game errors...

I have been opening casket of plenty a lot and I have never got a hammer. I just want to know if I must "pay more" to get a single hammer once or not.


Remember being promised rebirth...

What 2 years now? haha glad Terra gets such a fun game. Too bad we can't have the same.

Bet this gets taken down faster then the pornography.


I normally don't post things on here but today is a special day, so I nominate today as pick on laker day.. he loves it!!!
give him all you got :)


Sorry for shouting but I drank 8 glasses of champagne for u. Happy birthday u sweet girl!


Waele aka communifunction is a cheater his sadar char had no armour while his vaalor char had full blue armour and buffs

Barbarians Leggings Quest

I was doing this quest with my level 40 friend. He was glyphing me and I did twice as much damage as him.
When we finished the fight, I got nothing, while he got the k...

Log in issue

Anyone else having trouble logging into the game?

Lost account

My account sadistic saint was lost over half a year ago nd I can't get it back at all
What do I do???

An open post to show 9th negativity

Please post your battle links to show how 9th are the most negative clan in the game and like to stall hops and do all that fun stuff they like to do...Did you not like MP's 101 alts getting shackled today?

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