Expiry Time On Gifts

Is there any chance that the expiry time of the gold purple and blue gift could be I have a few of all 3 but if I use the gold one the blue and purples will expire before the gold ones over

Custom Emoticon - are requests being taken?

1 - Is the price negotiable at all? 100 Reals seems steep.

2 - Will admin make a new one if we request it?

3 - • make an order by sending an e-mail to: zakaz@drako.ru; is that still the correct address?

Thanks in advance!

Eyes should have gone out to Ved and myself

Final boss fight ended with defilers losing as we needed.

Ved got top dmg for defilers
I’m first wraith with top dmg on non defilers

Again bug

8 mount scroll in backpack , in auto , 7b start , mount no use ... and we wait fix bug with arrows quest ... maybe add arrows to shop for golds ? If no fix bug ...

Black 170k 7b hex

So this hex should disable teleporting between locations. Except it doesn’t and I’m still fully able to teleport.


I just received a sad message.

Our former clanmember VIKAMAG has passed away.
After a long fight against a terrible dissease she lost the fight and left us.
Message received me today, but it seems she allrdy passed away in november of 2018


Clan level 2

How can we get to clan level 2 if we can't achieve the quest in necromancer place any suggestions please

clan quest

i have a clan quest that i need to kill a bersek on ruins but as i have seen ruins not run so anyone know if kill will count on 7b ??

Buying reals

So I was looking at the reals packages available for purchase and noticed that they're in the wrong currency for my country. I need Euros, not dollars. Furthermore all my browsers are blocking purchases from this site with pop-up warnings about the s...

Garuug Event

So is this every actually going to happen ??? It was promised ages ago

Why is IE skipped for war again?

how does the system allocate clans for war? thank you

Rules Clarification - Regarding Clans of Alternates

Due to recent issues, post with some clarification is needed regarding alt clans.

1. Clans consisting of mostly/mainly all alternate characters are not allowed to participate in wars against a clan that consists of all the alternate characters' m...

Deleting accounts

I wish to delete my account so I can make a new one.
I can't find a "delete account" button.
How do I delete an account?

garugs bug??

today garugs quest showed up only with 40s to kill it was a bug??
not know if i will get reals from it but i lost red bag

Accidentally Sold Item/s

Was trying to see how many items total listed in bag. Sold all by mistake where can I request return of items.
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