Dragon Eternity 2

Been seeing mentions online of a Dragon Eternity 2 however all photos of DE2 look like this original DE. What is this DE2?

What is the point of "request of confirmation of participation in Battlegrounds"

19:07 Heaven's Voice: You have joined the queue: Arena of Honor
Started a fight, knowing I would be unable to confirm at 19:09.
19:09 Heaven's Voice: Battle Storm Kat vs Marian Corsair is complete.
19:10 Heaven's Voice: Battle Started: ...

story I wrote for V day

I wrote this last year after Valentine day and posted it in this forum but could not find it so I am reposting it.

Fire crystal rose

Kora was unfortunate in his birth. Wingless and without a body of a warrior or smith. He was weak and his place...

Achivement problem/request


Will there be islands with Elite Khaimans, Elite Nylph and Elite rachni ?
I need them for achievement, but only islands I found were with pirates, kariols or flosars.

Can you please help?
Thank you

Tom Brady G.O.A.T

Just sayin

Lighthouse battles & wraiths

Combat tab says who is in the fight with the lighthouse keeper, but show only wraiths in the fight. Seems to defeat the purpose of us all being wraithed

Bring back sydian from wars!

you said that this update would make up for the loss of the sydian for clan wars, but it hasnt done that for smaller clans. because of the lighthouses its virtually impossible for anyone from smaller clans to be able to mine at the islands. it was ...

Maze times

So can we have a maze time discussion again. Currently it is setup for those that don't work, or basically N.A. players only.
Half the active players on the server are in Europe. So maze times for most European players are 1200 (most people at work,...

protector quests

new players are unable to access protector quests have reported this several times ca something be done about it ?

Bugs regarding LH and islands - for Ihit please add/comment

Hello Ihit,

Thank you for the game update. It's really cool to see finally some good changes.
Here is a list of bugs or issues that I have encountered so far:
On islands, you cannot see in Near location who is next to you, can't even see yoursel...


How long does a lighthouse last? i havent had the opportunity to go inland on any of the islands yet.

Uploaded photos!

How do I upload photos to this game?

No sidian more in clan war?

There is no more sidian in the clan war? What is this again?

Shaab broken clan war broke. Hopp to the computer and the error. Finally we pay you.

Oh yes and ne compensation would be synonymous times. So thought of a credit of 90 reals per playe...

Some curious questions :)

1.) If you have gold/reals in exchanger and leave clan, what happens?
2.) Where is the new sydian way we've been promised?
3.)If you're shackled for any reason and have gold/reals in exchanger, what happens?
4.) Where is the new sydian way we've b...

self perservation orbs and arrows

Anyone ever notice that sp orbs do not reduce arrow damage? I just lost 1k hp in sb because of one person stalling me.
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