War Dates and Times

As many of my clan members have jobs and families... we want to plan out our participation in war. Any chance you can clarify day of the week and times for war? It used to be Saturday's at 1800 or so server time and Tuesday's at 2300 or so server t...

Suggestions for Dreidan

So I believe it's much easier for Dreidan to help us with suggestions if they're all together in one forum post so here goes...

Saturday adventures

Hopefully there really will be a war. Have any clans heard anything back yet?

Also, I would hope many of you will queue for SB while checking in for wars.
17:00 Heaven's Voice: Unfortunately, there weren't enough entries to start battle. Pl...

Fixing Game Functions

While you're at it why not Return "Dual of Truth" to the game. It was the primary source of 'Heroism' rep for low and middle level players. Sea Battles isn't a good route to earn heroism because its impossible when battles don't occur.


Please guys stop thishexing bc and stall hopes . I have friends on both sides , and this put me very sad . U guys are fucking little ones from both sides and thats not fair for us . We can't leave clan all , we need to work on hour reps and farming e...


To Drachen on fantastic clan confrontation and achievements this week.

Shaab boss fight link


Well done everyone

Please Please fix this bug before shaab event


Posting here to hope more people will report and get admin to fix this!!!! Anyone locked on ships will not be able to group for the shaab event to collect pages for omnis and possible damage for eye...

Where do I get the dragon quests

Where can I find the start of 5he dragon quest thanks

invasion of the Sha'b

Good day. I received level 16, and the task of "invasion of the Shaab" did not appear.

I am looking for winning lottery numbers

Does anyone want to give me??

vedmak1984 leads only fair game


vedmak1984 dies, then resurrects, then again dies.Sydeste does BC rep.seen a contractual battle and pumping reputation.before that he had done so well with himself 17...

81k hunter locations

How about opening up some places to put traps and earn the red items for hunters? The other 3 professions have the ability.

Who wants to try and do Invincible warrior?

Title says it all, we need 20 people to make it work

Unrecieved rewards casket

I bought the10$ reals package but never recievdd my reward casket I got the reals but not the casket. Please fix
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