Does damage from phantom orbs count towards your damage

In wars or whatever?

Updated Nephilim Quest Chain

21 – Location - Colosseum – Path to Initiation
• Talk with Dailenkar to obtain the Nephilim Quest
21 – Location - Colosseum – Colosseum Training
• Deal 35k in Arena of Honor
• Completed 3 Castor of Arrows Collection
• Earn Soldier ...

500 internal server error

again ?

Level 73 Thkiss should give meat?
01:35 Heaven's Voice: Battle Storm Kat vs Mountain Tkhiss is complete.
01:35 Heaven's Voice: You received 1796 Experience.
01:35 Heaven's Voice: You received...

Stats on black mounts

The library info only goes up to 81k mounts.

Does anyone know the stats for the 170k BC and Corsair black mounts?

special offer bug???

i was stocking up on reals to buy and build my rep and there has been those generous offers of extra real as a "VIP Offers", but when i wanted to get it the window didnt get me to the selection for the offers nor did it give me the promotion once i b...

Special offer.....

While the extra reals are appreciated progressively asking me to spend more to get the exact same rewards as the previous offer seems pretty stupid if you ask me.

Hey buy this much and get a casket and 2000 sydian and we will increase your purch...

Heads Up

I am sure I am the only person unlucky enough to get this, but just a heads up, if you do the Outpost quest, wait until you have recently done Garuug, as I got him between fights on the stormbreaker ship which meant I couldn't teleport to him.


So u guys working for a DRAMA NOVEL?? U guys forgoting this a virtual game , something happens Linda and elitists fault . C'mon guys not use forum for that , u have issues or complains talk with Dreidan or one of council . Everyone talk about Linda s...

Trodaithe (war clan)

So the last post was removed, no idea why.

I made this clan specifically to war, and I will have my main in here (-miracle-) when im doing that..
for now, ill accept pretty much anyone who wants to join, even alts as long as i know who the main ...

Bc spheres not working during war

Used 5 spheres gained no rwp during war

ty Dreidan for the 90 cap lift

im thinking of returning to game now, thank you, that's all i was waiting for

Clan Bans

Seeing as the other post was closed because it was all obviously OK now I guess I will make a new one.

Just so I am clear on the rules, each clan has 1 chance to appeal a ban which will be lifted?
If this is the case, in theory could the followin...

Emergency psychosocial services

For those who attacked me today for no reason I feel sorry. Guys, you really must have a very miserable real life, if you need to forget all your business and attack on sight someone. So sorry for you. Such complex of self inferiority is something sp...

Guardians are going to get first place?

Before anyone puts a lot of effort into competing for the performance win, can you take Guardians off the top spot? Or is this intentional?

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