no island mobs?

So, sailed out to kill a few island mobs but they're all gone except on pier. Is this another bug or do we get updates soon for something to do???

Lost account

My account sadistic saint was lost over half a year ago nd I can't get it back at all
What do I do???

Looking for people to complete istances

Hello! I'm looking for people to complete a couple of quests and the kill bosses in their istances, because it seems that, who alredy completed the quests, can't go there anymore. I need help to do:
level 50 green quest "Detection Magic" where you h...

Quest of Martial. Valor

Did the quest and when i did the didn't let me complete the quest.
Van u still have the rewards?

IHIT Please help, no wars = no beacons

If wars are not coming back soon,
I suggest that admins give us all a life line,
and make Fire Beacon either available to purchase,
or give every clan 1000 each,
until wars actually come back,

Dear Admins - read please

This link shows an SB fight. I had too many alts in this link, especially Gnr2 who I know. This alt belongs to Amherst. I have many people who can also say this alt ...

Fun in d.e

Well I see that many are becoming bored of game, cause it hasn't been updated as of yet. Why don't we make it fun again, I was told that d.e didn't have wars when it first came out. They had b.c wars.

Not sure what all they didn't have back then,...

Stalling in AH

sure you can silence me for speaking the truth why don't you do anything about the cheaters here ??????????

Stalling in AH

Come on DE can't we make the rules in AH so the worthless cheating people can't stall for 30 mins on hop ??? bunch of bullshit

isn't it time obednitsa

I not so long ago on this server and I think the server is dying . do you want to go to another server .

Its very sad DE

i have played this game for a while now it is now getting harder an harder to play a lot of players not playing anymore.I feel sad but do not want to continue paying money on this game while the dev's do nothing so i will be a non participating playe...

stalling in AH

the only reason a certain individual wins is because he stalls and banes anyone who comes in to ah

Love the cheating going on....

Normally Don't post....but.....cheating is getting out of hand....

Naked _Martin_ Versus Hahatop......guess i just need to get someone to lend me an alt too so i can rank up BC rep and confrontation on a weekly basis.

внешняя ссылка

excuse me ihit

can you delete hummer and huckle and braclet all reds and delete all caskets in this game? because there are cheating between players

Why the new island system is killing the game

You cant see other players in location. So no more PVP on islands.
It takes VERY low time to get to an island. So if you have gray boats , or orange boats, its insignificant difference. So why upgrade boats ?
Kraken is so predictable and ...
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