so i was doing hop and a certain player from avengers clan joined, i saw she not doing hop so i asked her please if she can wait til i finish ,but her answer was ( im only here for bc ). really ?? -… up my hop only because she whant to work on bc ???...

Help with getting to clan level 2.

We are on the last quest, the sparks of life one.
Currently on 32/160, I would really appreciate anyone who would be willing to help me get the last ones needed?

Even completing the quest one time would be a great help.


technical questions

What is the supported browser? ______________
What is the supported version of Flash? _______________
What is the supported version of iOS? _______________
What is the supported version of Android? ______________

Many of us like to stay up...

Test Runs- Completed

Good morning,
I have notified everyone possible that was on Main but I am also going to make a post: today we are doing the test run for the mixed Sea Battles, we will be attempting this every hour for probably the next 5 to 6 hours in order to get...

it's not funny

two weeks of no takers, move to locations, engaged in battles, beat mobs, and it does not appear. check if he's dead. how long can you wait and what else you need to do to make it appear.

Mixed SBs

Please vote if you would like this to implemented or not.

Vote ends on the 10th.

If yes, then I will work with Dreidan to figure out timeframe of when it might come when he returns from holidays.

If no, then we do not need to further disc...

Clan wars...

There were 6 clans in the application : 9th , fallen , LoL , inferno , elitists and we , but for some reason , elitists and we not have war.... WHY ?

pupil quests

my pupil and I made the initial quest, and nothing else happened afterwards...
he is almost level 20 yet no milestone nothing.
are we missing something ?


Dear developers, give us a reason to rejoice, for about 2 years we have not seen the lottery ... please give it to us, all the players want it very much and are waiting

Regarding 50 reals Purchases on iPad or iPhone

Please avoid purchasing this reals selection at this time as it is bugged and does not deliver the reals to your account.

The others are still working so please use those options in lieu of the 50 reals one until it is fixed. If you experience an...


há algum português a jogar aqui?? se es português escreve aqui ….

Pupil award bugged?

My pupil is now level 20, we have accomplished many "milestones" together but nothing has triggered the Mentor "set of magic items" award. Please let us know what we're missing or if this is a bug. Thank you.

Bug noted, will provide update wh...


Messages containing criticism, insults, negative statements about the Game or Administration are forbidden.

1 week silence

Skinflints Shop

Maybe instead of having stuff on AH, give skinflint a shop in winery? So everything is together and you know exactly what you can buy from him all in one place? Just a thought

Nephilim Quest, Lvl 32, Gladiator's fame

The 2nd task in this quest is to complete 3 Bone Shatter's collections. As of two weeks ago I had completed 3 collections and I had credit for them. AS of today Jan 14. I no longer have any completed.
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