02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago. - Loaning/Renting/Giv...
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28/01/2015 22:30

Sydian from AER to Nova

Ihit or anyone, We were told to bring all sydian in from the Arch so it would transfer. I kept mine in my bag on me, and it didn't transfer from what I see. Is there a way we can get this back at all? I know a few of us have screen shots of it prio...
 Adam Collins44 
29/01/2015 03:17

Some AER transfers got things others not?

wondering about this dragon stellar give away, some people got 11-12, others none (both my names got 0) wondering why this is. and wondering who got the most.
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 Storm Kat63 
28/01/2015 20:56


Is he coming? Lots of us with Charms of Durability that need a new timer. Bring Melvin as planned.
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28/01/2015 14:08

To aer people

any questions regarding this sever: rules, prices... Just ask me, I'm sure I can answer a lot of them :)
28/01/2015 17:15

No longer receiving hero of the empire quests

Ever since I reached level 22 and changed brackets, I no longer receive the hero of the empire quests. I can go kill the monsters for the quest and receive the 2 hero of the empire points, but I don't receive any insignia's for it and so can't collect the...
 Major Ursa.35 
28/01/2015 14:32

AER Transfer Question

Good Morning. I apologize if this shows up twice. But its been over 45 minutes since I tried to ask my questions the first time and the post has not shown up yet. First, how do we find out about name changes. This character now has a period at the end...
28/01/2015 21:33

Duel tactics.

Sadar today was different . the duel more I'm not a foot . who taught you to poison the boss? first of all kill the top contenders . so they did not have time to throw their bombs .
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 Zalex Jr48 
23/01/2015 19:45

final boss shab boss quest

I did 15k on the final boss on the shab event and I could not be on to get the quest due to both work and exaustion... (which ended up me being in the hospital for days!!!) I do not know if I got credit for the boss quest or not
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28/01/2015 08:46

proposal .

can the administration of the game to make another chat ? where could all talk in the language which you want . moderator unneeded . not like im not uncover . pure chat for the brawler
28/01/2015 12:46


Will the merge mess up the rating again? Like it did with Luna
23/07/2014 03:51


So Valor are referred to as Smurfs. But never heard a consistent nickname for sadar. Anyone got some funny ideas?
28/01/2015 09:08

early maintainance?

Ihit, why did the maintainance started 1 hour early? you said 10:00 server time. I wasnt prepared yet and now my crops will rot
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20/01/2015 21:53


If you go to the barbershop and change your hair to say a 2 Real haircut, then you change it, will you have to pay again to change it back.?
20/01/2015 14:32

greedy high lev miners

why start a miner? a waste of time after 1k. all the mines get taken by level 70 barbarians or high level players, need to have a way to separate mines to certain levels like pond is for up to 1k so we have a chance to level miners and get needed daily qu...
22/01/2015 17:51

Sorry for misunderstanding

I have gotten a few anonymous gifts that say not so nice things about me telling every one that i am leaving game and then joining a new clan. I do not air my real life or game issues within this game. I was very much going to leave game BUT had some fri...
 Storm Kat62 
17/01/2015 03:11


Thanks for the new emote. Is it here to stay?
26/01/2015 02:22

And another one down, another one down another one bites the dust.

Goodbye Demon Fury. fun while you lasted.
24/01/2015 16:34

New cap

I see russians got it now, any estimated time on when we get it? And did they get rebirth-feature too?
08/01/2015 09:39


I'm a bit speechless the last few days (which is hard for me).....no low levels can mine coal/quartz etc because they have to rely on higher levels to kill the barbs. I discovered i can kill the 7k barbs sometimes, but that depends on the mood of the barb...
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