02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters - Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or money from one of your c...
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29/07/2014 20:48


Just a curious question I just thought of If you're married, and switch genders, will the marriage still be valid? Btw: Question came up when I saw shizzy marry Clara, congratz btw So wonderin if Shizzy switched to a girl if marriage would stick.....
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 Storm Kat49 
25/07/2014 16:54

Beasts have new buffs?

{ITEM 77045} Counter Attack. This monster has a small chance of retaliating on enemy's turn when attacked physically. Counterattack deal 50% of normal damage. {ITEM 77042} Lightning Rod. Has a high chance of casting a lightning bolt on the enemy in the ...
16/05/2014 16:51

New Update

So no more rolling loans through clan chest?
28/07/2014 14:59

how do u capture creatures???

im only level two i have a capture mission and dont know how to do it
 Storm Kat49 
22/07/2014 23:59

Sea Battle Queue

So, I've been trying at least once a day to get a "friends only" sea battle going, and everytime I try, there is always 1 or 2 other people that end up joining queue and we all have to back out. The reason we leave queue - I want to invite my non-belt, n...
28/07/2014 02:04

Help with quest Gone with the wind

Cant find the missing pages in Aldorian road and Pond of tribulation, are they there or is it some bug, been at it for hours, found the 3 other pages but in these two places aint any, of that I'm sure?
26/07/2014 22:30

want a sea battle guide

Im sure someone could make one plz do
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15/07/2014 21:25

Still not attacking very well

I am level 12 and only producing an avg of 70 damage each hit, I feel I am far weaker than I should be. Any advice?
21/07/2014 13:11

War Times Zones

Maybe it might be a good idea to have various times for war so everyone has a chance to do the war. Some in my clan have a 12 hours time zone difference so 8pm server time is 8am and if the war is during a week day most these people are excluded from tak...
24/07/2014 15:04

what level do u get it dragons

What lvl do u get her Dragon place
23/07/2014 03:51


So Valor are referred to as Smurfs. But never heard a consistent nickname for sadar. Anyone got some funny ideas?
09/08/2013 00:14

Fort in Detail Part 1 and Part 2 and Now Part 3.

Fort Part 1, "Inner Yard" 1st your face 3 lots of single guards Sentry Skrag (Level 25 - 32) < 1k HP each Take each one in turn in a group of 5, these will be quite easy but you will get 3-6 waves (up to 30 mobs). Use your dragon 1/2 way or as needed, ...
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14/07/2014 06:25

Happy birthday shadaran!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday shadaran! Everyone plz wish it to her.
19/07/2014 23:39

whose alt

man whose alt is that?
17/07/2014 04:00

How can I increase my inventary weight?

I almost can't go any where! I have never get any game which has so low inventary weight!
21/07/2014 03:32

Weapons you can upgrade?

I know the high level green armour can be upgradable with zikkar and purple gear can be upgradable also. My question is if we have a way to upgrade blue weapons. I am about to achieve the rank of legionnaire and I am looking at the blue masters of fate ...
18/07/2014 06:31


I would like to formally thank an awesome player Novinah is a good soul I had some gear break and was desperate She helped me and I just wanted to say that in this world of selfish people it was so awesome for someone to lend a hand Kindness is so rare th...
22/07/2014 19:13

enjoying the game

Awsome stuff love it
22/07/2014 17:58


This is crazy, the barbs control 90% of mining sites all day long. At least make it so they give them up sometime.
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