02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters - Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or money from one of your c...
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15/04/2014 21:58


3k glad rep awww come on
15/04/2014 13:56


How many quests before I get it? And the 2nd quests says I have to complete "Caster of Arrows collection" x3, but since I have 16k gladiator reputation already, it won't give me any repu . That's so bad! Why don't you just let that collection part out of ...
13/04/2014 18:36

New Game Members

Anyone else find it very unfair that new players in game get 1. all 3 DoT spells which to buy items for costs around 10g+ 2. they basically get 1k glad rep handed to them while it took us like 15-16 level to get
15/04/2014 00:37


Ominach Chronicals I, says click and it will summon into "Combat" I clicked it in combat, and nothing happened. Is this defective or what?????
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15/04/2014 02:17

be with us

i did this event got in there was 3 on my side 18 on theirs my computer froze had to shut down and comeback but was to late i was dead the other 2 were dead and it was over cant redo event had no damage dealt now i cant get my old quests back or recurring...
15/04/2014 04:57

question about the Dragon quest

I'm trying to get my Dragon quests done and I'm at the past where I need 200 air essence.... now my question is how do I use the eye of the Dragon to find the essence so I don't have to buy it?
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14/04/2014 19:50


What damage count for the eye? only dmg to arkanshul or total dmg to defilers as well ?
14/04/2014 05:45

Ominach Chronicals

If I have 12 ominach writings and I use 6 to get the chronical to summon 3 warlocks, after I use them up can I cash in the next 6?? Or do I have to wait till next adan event? And i'm a level 30, how much HP would the warlock have??
09/04/2014 21:01

Battle Master Quest

Do the rewards for the Battle Master Quest reset. I saw yesterday that there was a countdown to next quest. When I got online today I noticed that the timer had reset to countdown until the next quest, but the rewards and the star level did not reset?...
13/04/2014 06:38

Defiler Quest

....the quest started 5.5 hours early...it's supposed to start at 12:00 isn't it?
05/04/2014 09:48

Hexed me

Yo who hexed me I have a bone 2 pick with u
10/04/2014 22:08

Ruthless Fury + Shaab

Will the Defilers be coming into battlegrounds during ruthless?-Thank you 4 your answers
04/04/2014 22:32

never enough vaalors for SB why?

and when there is enough they drop out the last second when your buffed.
09/04/2014 03:21

When is next rage of elements event?

06/04/2014 23:57

Abolish Martial valor day

Useless feature in game, allows players to get easy valor without work. This feature needs to go. Or, triple valor for the winning team and ZERO valor for the losing team. That would be nice.
07/04/2014 22:57

Dragon Abilities

I have a order dragon. I want to know is it worth to choose Consort of Order at higher lvls because of selfless ward thanks...
26/03/2014 03:13

Image Change...

Do you admins really think anybody is stupid enough to buy this? It's really ugly, and it's 500 damn reals!! Nobody is going to buy this, we're you admins high when you made this update?
 The Wolf6921 
19/02/2014 15:01

King Of The Hill

Why does no one ever do this, some people have told me its very glitchy could someone tell me whats wrong with it?
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