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31/03/2015 08:54

GI Play Beta Version Feedback

As you know we've recently launched GI Play client that is currently is available for both Windows and ...
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02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago. - Loaning/Renting/Giv...
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 Storm Kat70 
28/06/2015 23:19

For the first time, I used a BC to teach someone a lesson.

Before this gets thrown in my face, let me tell you all that I gave the level 43, vedmak1984, a very long time before I hit him. He cursed my clan mate in the arena, and refused to heal. I waited, watched him go to 7b & aoh, while my clan mate sat in sq...
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 Storm Kat70 
30/06/2015 03:19

War Reward factors

Hi Ihit, We just want to be sure this isn't a bug before reporting. But chatting with clan mates about the caskets awards, and there are a few concerns. Best Example I can find. -DDK- vs Syan. In the war on June 27th vs The Fallen
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23/09/2014 20:49

Signs you play too much DE...

Have had a few moments in the recent past that made me think... maybe I play DE too much... thought I'd post a few here and see if anyone else had others. Some of these are real but most are just silliness. 1. You catch yourself including DE style emoji...
03/07/2015 15:56

arena and bridges .

with all due respect , gentlemen , but I'm going to the fights with skeletons and a dragon . what do you want . and I don't need after the battle, the brain , on this occasion , to bear .
 Storm Kat70 
28/06/2015 00:18

Feed back after 3 clan wars

Please don't use this against me in 3 years There was a large PM message sent to leaders, asking us to consider no mount/buff wars. I have discussed with my council, and for the time being, we can not agree to no mounts/buffs in a war. Ihit has stated ...
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03/07/2015 01:02


Oh now can upgrade to 100 spaces...hmm to bad I don't do professions lol
24/06/2015 18:57

Insignia Boss

Can somebody please explain the mechanics of who the boss picks? I know it's not random. Also, can people stop summoning argars? They're practically immortal, don't count towards your damage, steal damage, and slow down the fight.
01/07/2015 00:16

the belt

can someone please tell me how to raise the storage on my belt
29/06/2015 03:38

GI Game Client. Dragon Eternity Bugs??

Ok, I would just like to highlight a few things and ask a question.. 1. Is it possible to make screen bigger? Currently the screen is very small. 2. Battle screen has gaps between names and actual screen. All in all it runs smoothly, but the smaller scree...
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10/04/2015 03:14

Dill, the amazing essence farmer!!!

MTDill likes farming essence. If you need chaos or fire essence (chaos is his favorite) just pm him. He farms 2 eyes a day, sometimes even 3 or 4 He would really enjoy it if you pm'd him asking for essence, he always has lots on him, cause noone e...
28/06/2015 08:11


Hello, everyone. I'm Adrimus. I'm fairly new to this game and think it's amazing for a browser has all the regular tools a client based game would. I love how in depth it is. Well, a little bit about myself. I'm 21 years old I'm a gaming enthus...
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26/06/2015 21:38

Send Admin FeedBack To Create Lighting & Death Characters

I think game Designers should create a Lightning Character to go with the lighning Dragon,it would maybe mean more money for them & give us more choices.i know you can pick a lighning dragon but most players chose the Class dragon.i told a friend who agre...
03/05/2015 05:54

A Simple Request

It's not my intent to point fingers or lay blame, I've been guilty myself (I apologize here and now to anyone I may have offended), and this proposal has absolutely nothing to do with factions or clans but everything to do with us the players. As a side ...
19/06/2015 00:29

Clan War date and time.

Which is it? On news post it says : "• The Clan Wars shall start each Tuesday at 22:00 and each Saturday at 18:00." But on clan tab it says Wednesday at 21:00 Server time and Saturday at 16:00 server time..... Screenshot in gallery
09/06/2015 08:53

Joining fights and drawing them out longer.

So by demand of some players I'd like to hear thoughts of most players. What do you think of these tactics? Legit or do you think it's simply cheap griefing. Discuss and keep it civil and no name calling please.
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22/06/2015 20:37


hi can somebody tell me how to share the link of this game on facebook. need to to that to complete the quest. many thanks
 Zalex Jr50 
20/06/2015 20:05

war results links

just add dragoneternity. com/ in front of links and take out the space after game sw v fallen game /event.php?id=55844a91-eb9e-0202-079c-88f990c09431 9 v nn game /event.php?id=55844a91-e372-0105-554b-7639dc69487b vs v drac game /event.php?id=55844a91-...
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22/06/2015 02:50

Sea wolves

I would like to join the sea wolves
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