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02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago. - Loaning/Renting/Giv...
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01/08/2015 22:17

Iron Ring

OK, quick one. Iron Ring has been running for a while and from what I can gather is very unequal depending on the mechanoid chosen and I would like to know if its just me or if I am right. I have a loader, I have had all upgrades for ages and completed ...
31/07/2015 21:15


There was once this little boy named Shade, he was born pretty thick, a normal baby is about 3-10 pounds, but Shade was born at 26 pounds. He grew up eating twinkies & kit kats like nothing. At the age of 10, he was 180 pounds, thats pretty fat, no offen...
30/07/2015 18:37

WARNING to all vaalor clan leaders:

allegedly some account information has been shared around recently and _garfield_ got into said account and sold everything the player had to the game in a fit of rage over what he assumed was the other player bcing him 4 times with a wraith sphere. I wil...
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 Storm Kat70 
05/07/2015 20:20

Another round of Vaalors switching to the Sadar side

Good luck to those that have already switched. I hope you find what you were looking for. For those of you that are on the fence, Please consider saving your reals, and explain to me why you would bother switching without giving the other vaalor clans...
01/08/2015 01:03


Could someone just silence _Garfield_ and Skrillex_II I know Skrillex was a victim, but they jst keep on going and going and going in main, theres kids here guys
21/07/2015 05:25

The dragonblade ban has been temporarily lifted!!!

She has been on her best behavior for over a week.....well with a few slip ups here and there. Luckily the pony grew all her hair back after the shaving So for now, I am suggesting we lift the sugar ban from dragonblade. BUT.....if she starts running ...
27/07/2015 01:27

Petition to remove factions from Seabattle for NOVA server

Month after month.....the heroism event is just is another boring weekend. Seabattle just does not go on this server when it is factioned - the other sever may be a different story. Some of us are asking if you admins can do away with the factions for...
31/07/2015 06:37

Mindless The Lover Boy.

There was once a small little noob named Alexander he was a lover at birth. He grew up to love but no ladies loved him back. Poor little Alexander would chase girls arounds the playground but the girls would never chase him back. If he touched them they w...
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31/07/2015 11:02

Sydian Mines

It would be a good idea to know who is gathering sydian at a mine before you attack it. Just like other mines.
15/07/2015 13:08

Clan Wars

Hey all. As most of you will know, I don't often post in the forums, but I have had a couple of beers (or several) and I feel like venting yet praising at the same time. Lets get the vent out of the way, so far since they re-introduced wars, I haven't r...
25/07/2015 03:36

Dear Diary

That is all
23/07/2015 03:22

Throw the closet thing to your left at the person who replies to the post!

Then they react to it, and throw the closest thing to their left and so on... I was thinking forum could use something entertaining/stupid like this. And yes you may use furniture as long as it's the closest thing. So here goes! *looks to her left and thr...
 Storm Kat70 
20/07/2015 16:14

Tendo Pain wishes to be called Tendo Bear

And he thinks he can kill all zerks. Anyone else feel like proving him wrong? 16:06 TENDO_PAIN » Storm Kat: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeah! (instrumental, nice pace metal beat) (normal screams) i'll try annoying storm kat just becuz i'm bored, feeling just lik...
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21/07/2015 01:14

Last Adan Boss fight

Could the defilers please make sure for next time that this is a fight they have to loose so everyone including them can finish the quest. Twice now we nearly lost and that would be a redo which most do not want. You would have thought we learned our less...
21/07/2015 14:46

Note for developers...

Just been reading a few of the forum posts. I just find it funny that players in the game on multiple post tell people to go play another game. That should be a HUGE red flag to developers. You want your players to be like, " No, stick with game it gets b...
16/02/2014 04:09

Public notice: Novi the Awesome Hunter

HEAR YE HEAR YE!!!! Novi is an awesome hunter! Background: A few weeks back Novi and I had about the same Hunter Reputation... around 20k. We decided to put a little wager on who could get to 37k first. On Friday she pulled it off and one the bet...
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12/07/2015 23:28

A List of Things to NOT Give DB

Until she behaves......which i am guessing may be ETERNITY (good thing we are in this gameworld called Dragon Eternity).... Bacon (whether she likes it or not - not to be given out freely) Brownies Biscuits (the English kind) Cakes Candy Cookies Custard ...
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15/07/2015 15:50

Shaab Beast Etiquette

So a lot of people are in doing beast and will continue to do beast for a long time. Just some things I think we should all do. 1. Share! Yes I know there are some in here that never got past kindergarten and act as such, but for the most part we are al...
12/07/2015 22:46

ALL cookies on hold for Dragonblade until further notice

It seems our fun loving frolicking dragonblade has overstepped her bounds and now needs to be cut off from any sugar supplies you all have been giving her. I am guessing too much sugar has made her run rampant around is time for some tough lo...
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