02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters - Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or money from one of your c...
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05/09/2014 02:48

This Game

This game makes me feel old. Too many people and even clans for that matter come and gone. Here is a page for remembrance. Who do you remember?
31/08/2014 18:45

Asking Admin for some enlightenment but probably will not get it

Things are changing. When DE was a small company, they do everything to attract players to the game aka potential revenue stream. They even have double reals day twice or thrice time a year. Ever since the big company of game insight took over, the gam...
22/09/2014 02:56

Wasted Gold - Is there anyway my losses can be recovered?

02:51 Heaven's Voice: Received: {ITEM 56955} (1 pcs). Removed: {MONEY 7000}. 02:52 Heaven's Voice: Received: {ITEM 56954} (1 pcs). Removed: {MONEY 10000}. 02:52 Heaven's Voice: Received: {ITEM 56955} (1 pcs). Removed: {MONEY 7000}. 02:52 Heave...
21/09/2014 07:44

Isn't it funny when your clan leader demotes you to novice because you beat him in TOH

Yep, I admit I used an arrow but I won by 300 points so it didn't really matter. Gotta laugh about that one.
21/09/2014 19:45

"Take-a-hike" emote

We need it! We want it! We deserve it! There are all the reasons we need and if you do not like them then you should... .
21/09/2014 19:54


19:50 Heaven's Voice: Violet Madkhar [27] (Attack Stance) inflicted 1005 damage on Crushing the Beast (Attack Stance) (crit) 19:50 Heaven's Voice: Violet Madkhar [27] (Attack Stance) inflicted 933 damage on Crushing the Beast (Attack Stance) (crit)...
11/09/2014 12:36

Entertainment value?

This is a game, right? It therefore falls under the general category of entertainment - something that we all all probably have a limited budget, and limited time for... I have no issue with contributing time and money in the name of entertainment, even ...
18/09/2014 22:08

Trivia Contest! Gold Prizes! This weekend

This weekend, Saturday at 18:00 server time, the Guardian clan will organise a Trivia contest of 25 questions. Person with most first answers will get a prize. So will second and third. 1st prize - 15g 2nd prize - 10g 3rd prize - 5g One correct answer, ...
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20/09/2014 16:36


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20/09/2014 19:38

Selfie Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be cool.
 Storm Kat54 
19/09/2014 06:59

Level 52-60 ToH "rules"

Alright, so I was tricked last bracket and cruelly told on main that they did not mount for ToH.... and it hurt. Now I am getting mixed replies for level 52-60. Battle Steel is this weekend, I suspect ToH will go. So, to all the level 52-60s out there...
18/09/2014 19:02

I had a thought...about IW

Let's get an IW going! Would a NAKED fight but NO damage dealt on BOTH sides resulting in NO reward for EITHER parties (valor, xp, etc) still be considered a rigged fight? If it was NOT NAKED but still NO damage dealt on BOTH sides resulting in NO rewar...
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19/09/2014 18:01


I'm back on
 Awen Nin22 
17/09/2014 14:46

MARRIED !!!!!!

GRATZ TO BOXY !!!! congratulations to Kingboxa and jasmine on their marriage ! may love and happiness be with you forever (or until you kill him jasmine lol) HUZZAH !!! DRINKS AT THE WINERY !!!!
16/09/2014 02:51

Advance Notice

Invincible Warrior This Thursday at 20:30 game time or 12:30 for us that are on the west coast (correct me if I'm wrong. I think it's right but daylights savings always throws me off.) You want that nephilim right? LET'S GET ONE GOING ON THURSDAY THE 1...
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05/09/2014 03:48

Link for great battles

Let's remember some great battles be them old or new. Post links here. I don't have it anymore but I used to have one that a bunch of lower level vaalors won SB against a much higher level sadar team. So don't despair. Get out there! Update: Here's the ...
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08/09/2014 16:34

Dragonsblades A Birthday Girl!!!!

Happy Birthday Draggy mammahuggs you all day long, been waiting for this day I so owe you
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09/09/2014 22:48

Random Post

Just remember it's a game. Don't take it too seriously. Ihit does have a sense of humor. Every one that plays is here to have fun.
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10/09/2014 23:50

Dragon warlords

Anyone going to play?
more about event