02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago. - Loaning/Renting/Giv...
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29/03/2015 09:36

Congratulations RF_17 - Conqueror!

08:35 Heaven's Voice: {RANK2ICON 13} RF_17 received the new title of Conqueror! 08:35 Heaven's Voice: The Sea Battle Battle is finished.
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24/03/2015 20:11

Tell A Joke a Dayy

Ok everyone im pretty bored at the moment and wanna hear your jokes i've pretty much heard every joke ever but it'll be good to see if i can hear some i havent so everyone post your Jokes there might even be a gold prize involved for the best joke, Try to...
29/03/2015 02:17

Adobe flash player

I have installed the latest flash player version but the game still comes up with the install adobe Flash player msg when I try to login and will NOT let me play the game I am using Chrome and have set chrome to use the adobe flash player as per game reco...
29/03/2015 00:37

Server Surv

Up and running yet?
28/03/2015 10:45

lvl 90

Has this been added to game now? I see items in the shop for lvl 89. Is this in anticipation of lvl 90 being added or is it possible to hit lvl 90 now?
27/03/2015 22:55

Message for skinflint bron.

How about a price break if an entire clan wants to switch from vaalor to sadar? Maybe a bundled deal or something it seems like then current trend and i'm always looking to save money.
 Storm Kat66 
27/03/2015 02:40

Elixir of supremacy kills

Ok, so Elixir of Supremacy in Sea Battles means everyone is considered the "same" level. So, Why don't the kills count for the Neph Quest?
 Storm Kat66 
20/03/2015 16:07

Disgusting Thief

Ihit- thank you for recovering what you could, giving me gold to rebuild supplies, and collection pieces to sell to get more gold for clan to rebuild. I do appreciate that you deal with this Immediately and although the amount is not the issue, the work ...
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 Storm Kat66 
23/03/2015 16:17

Disgusting Hackers

It appears very likely that Alliesin was hacked and is not a thief, but a victim. This leads to the problem of Only Admin can protect us. There is absolutely No Way I (or any other clan leader) can predict who's accounts will be hacked. I beg admin/p...
26/03/2015 13:21

game play question

I Have been plaing the game for a month, My berserker character is level 15. Why do level 6 creatures rountinely damage my character more than I can damage them. I have tested yhis over and over. When I go up againts creature nearer my level
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25/03/2015 13:56

App for Amazon???

I have been a long time player of this game, I love that we have app in google play and istore or whatever it is, I no longer have a google powered android device and have no access to those apps, Is there any development ongoing for an app in the Amazon ...
25/03/2015 01:31

I'm a newbie

can any one tell me tip or two? This will be helpful
17/12/2014 14:22

Clarifying "player" rules

Just to make sure I have all these down and feel free to add some I may have missed. - at level 16 you get a dragon companion (which by level 30 or so you cannot use in PvP) -you do a chain of quests, build up rep and acquire difficult to get collectio...
23/03/2015 01:14

Curious Curiosity of the Mind

randomly popped into my head. anyone remember how to make the tm symbol. can't remember. ctrl alt something? shift alt something? my memory is terrible
23/03/2015 00:36

Threat to the Sky Horse Questline

Anyone still have the last quest in the line where you fight waves of mobs? Called A Horse Under Attack. Tried by myself and nope, not happening. Now that we have no level restrictions on groups I just need one or 2 more people that have this particular q...
 Storm Kat65 
06/03/2015 20:05

We Deserve Valor for this fight

Ihit, please tell us what does or doesn't get us valor in fights? We definitely earned it in this one, even though we lost (not a chance with the 2 that were there + a cursed). I am even wearing Gift from Elder Dragons but got 0. dragoneternity.com/gam...
21/03/2015 02:31

The Delayed Messengers quest level 17

You can collect the special piece from each of the three locations: aldorian road, vaalor harbor, and port of sadar, but do not click to complete the quest until you are already at the temple, otherwise you go long and slow with energy delays.
19/03/2015 23:05


Sydian I've thought long and hard about this and although it was a noble idea, I believe the sydian gathering requirements for upgrades and the way players on this server have handled it frankly is a disaster. Speak to others about servers that got c...
13/03/2015 20:45

Sea Battles - Here's looking at you Vaalorians

So for too long Sea Battles have barely gone due to threats from both sides and then post battle BCs. Well now we don't even have wars to get a little heroism, so end result the game stalls and everyone gets more bored and can't progress. So a call to al...
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