02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters - Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or money from one of your c...
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23/11/2014 05:26

false alarm

Im such a noob, just realised
23/11/2014 05:09

HoP problem (ah too)

Got some ham from ah , 22s worth , and didn't get any, help?
22/11/2014 17:47

f all things are fair.

We know we are not suppose to use alts to assist you in battles. Today I ran into an issue where a spouse joined a fight (level 70 spouse of a level 11 player who was not clanned) at the mines. Of course the battle over the mine was quickly decided becaus...
22/11/2014 22:55

Yellow Arrow Over Pots

I was doing a HoP fight, 2v1, went to use a pot, there was a yellow arrow above it and it wouldn't drink then this happened 22:52 Heaven's Voice: Following Items are completely broken: {ITEM 16553}, {ITEM 9339}. You can't equip them until they are rep...
22/11/2014 23:59

Sea Battle...rigged?

The last 2 sbs I did had very week players that didn't even have recruit valor and where lvl 32 the first, 26 the next. Naturally people started accusing of them being sadar alts. On the other hand I noticed sadar had some very weak people too. I am ass...
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22/11/2014 22:52

Search for burial vault

Can't find final location got Ancient Temple Aldorian Road Faltarnas Apiary Right Bank of Shadan ...
22/11/2014 20:27

How do I search the name to pm?

Hi, Can someone please tell me how to find someone with their name? I can't figure it out how to find someone to send a pm to, Especially when there is a space between the name(s). Thank you
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21/11/2014 19:49

Maze of eternity

{item 77726} Seriously? The mob had 8 of these by the 3rd round. It is impossible to knock them down even if the mob is standing in front of you, and you use arrows/mount weapons. The lowest I was able to get it to was 5 . No wonder nobody does this event...
21/11/2014 16:33


There is another birthday in the land of demons. Happy birthday Galathon. For those who really don't know him he is very faithful friend and when angry can be very fierce. so everyone please wish my friend a happy birthday
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13/11/2014 13:38

Bored.. Lol post jokes here

Getting bored of always fighting monsters in DE lol... Post jokes here for a good laugh I'll start- A canadian, a Frenchman, and an American were walking on a bridge. The frenchman suddenly took a bottle of wine and threw it into the river beneath them...
11/11/2014 23:56

Just realized

...is it normal to get no xp when fighting garuug? Just realized I got no xp from all the fights.
15/10/2014 04:24

just for a good laugh

this just happened.... received a call from dispatch about a mother and her 2 young children trapped INSIDE her car. she claims her battery died and the doors won't unlock. i arrive at the scene and speak to her through her window and ask her to unlock h...
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17/11/2014 14:10


I put it up on ah just to see if I could. Had 100 up there for 30s and it sold! The ingame pricing was 10s so I wasn't sure what to put it at. As far as I know it has never been sold before so I didn't have a point of reference to auction it at. Proba...
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18/11/2014 22:37


Happy Birthday Zhie i miss you
16/11/2014 17:54

Level 4 troll

Aight guys, just to let you know, there is a level 4 going around joining eeryones fights while on hop/eyes his name is "Protector Warrior" already wasted about an hour of hop
25/10/2014 14:52

Max. 12 words - Atleast a 1 comment wait

Continue the sentence, i'll then put it together after 25 comments, lets see how weird it'll sound... Shade opened the door to a dark room...
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12/11/2014 23:07

Oh well

wasted the agrafe you get that's lvl 51. accidentally completed the quest when lvl 50 at least i'll get the bracelet lol
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01/11/2014 20:28

Mass PM Etiquette

They are annoying. Sometimes the only way to get a message out though. However in consideration of annoyance to everyone if you reply to a mass pm please reply just to the sender or whom it concerns and not back through everyone linked in the first mass p...
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30/10/2014 23:57


Anyone know if running the 2 hour orange garuug bag with a full 2 hour HoP is more profitable than the 1hr red bag with HoP? Me personally I do the red just because I get to bored after the hour and I have a hard time fitting 2 hours into my schedule bu...
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