02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago. - Loaning/Renting/Giv...
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01/03/2015 03:13

Damage to gear in Dot?

Past 3 dots. Damage to gear, I got killed by -SINNER-....he's not a damned or a summon. Sadar didn't even have any damned. Heaven's Voice: You repaired: {ITEM 32240}. Spent: {MONEY 30769}. Happened to Reaghnf too past couple dots. Is this a new thing? Or...
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28/02/2015 00:59

' impossible to make puchase?? '

Cannot buy reals says is impossible to make purchase, is this a bug, i have bought reals before and no problem
 Lord W0lf30 
28/02/2015 17:45

Cyber bullying

Where do I make a complaint?
27/02/2015 21:12


Spock is dead (Mr Nemoy) Illogical
 Born To Kill21 
26/02/2015 18:08


any idea on order of nails in hive quest?
25/02/2015 17:38

Happy Birthday Natsu

Everyone wish natsu dragneel a happy birthday have a good one mate hit the big 40 proud of you
23/09/2014 20:49

Signs you play too much DE...

Have had a few moments in the recent past that made me think... maybe I play DE too much... thought I'd post a few here and see if anyone else had others. Some of these are real but most are just silliness. 1. You catch yourself including DE style emoji...
25/02/2015 01:34

Fortunes Favorite & Treasure Hunter Collections

Is there any trading one from a collection to another, I've gotten a bunch of the Fortunes favorite, that I can't really use since i'm not much of a casher. So can, or is there a swap for it? Kinda sad to sell it to shop for 3g (which isn't bad) for somet...
22/02/2015 13:24


Does the 4-15 confrontation 1st place person get a dragon mask? If so, what's the point? Its not like were going to power-level just to use it????
21/02/2015 13:53

A work around for clan security

I realize that most clans have a LOT of clan gear, but it occurred to me that a work around until such time as admin can give us a better solution, is this: Move everything out of your clan safe and put what gear you can fit into your clan safe. The clan...
21/02/2015 21:54

At colosseum -- how do you get back to locations outside the colosseum?

I thought you were returned to the last place/town after the colleseum, but that's not happening.
22/02/2015 17:59

Confrontation, once again :)

How long does it take for winnings to be transferred to your backpack?
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 Major Ursa36 
12/02/2015 02:33

Main tab gone

anyone know how to get the Main tab back? Mine disappeared and I keep defaulting to trade. I tried to recreate main, but I can't seem to rearrange the order of the tabs. Looking for suggestions
 Storm Kat64 
18/02/2015 20:05

PvP should award both players

Ok, to be clear before I start a quick rant - I do not blame the players for this..... but when I get bc'd, why do I not get Valor? It is PvP after all. And, when attacked in Maze of Eternity - again no valor!? This is a new PvP area, why are all the ...
19/02/2015 17:30

Lost my keys

i used the key bonus thing and done the vista print where you get 25% off a mug but when I went back on the game I still didn't get my keys, so my question how do I reclaim them? Or I just lost £10 and 825 keys
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13/02/2015 18:49

why cant anybody hear me?

hello..i am new to game..why cant anybody ever hear me...i keep asking for help..no replies..i have been playing 3 days..have never seen a word in chat from anyone..i go to location chat, see many players in my location...i ask for help....no answers..why...
13/02/2015 01:09

Auctioning Curses

(Can move to suggestions in a bit) Say you have a green curse, and a lot of people need it, you should be able to auction the curse. It'll be listed on AH at healing cost, so when people buy it, it heals off you. When it's listed, it still stays on you, b...
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 Clara Korn70 
17/02/2015 12:10


Honestly cant we just get patch notes when stuff in this game get changed, like in every single other game? Not only that the patch notes are incomplete and we don´t even get any about the most changes. No the few incomplete ones we get are always about 5...
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 Storm Kat64 
16/02/2015 07:17

Still no wars?

Can we get some information on this update yet? Been a long time now with no wars, which means no heroism for most of us. Any clues as to what the updates are or how much longer they will take?
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