02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters - Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or money from one of your c...
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26/08/2014 22:32

Luna Server gone?

Luna Server is no longer on my list. Does that mean the characters are gone? I wouldn't mind using that spot I had there over here instead
19/08/2014 14:34


while i know i am probably going to get bc'd for this i just had to i like living on the edge so here goes.....................................................HAPPY UMBILICAL SEVERING DAY GHOST ZER0 !!!!!!!! we have been friends for a long time and i wis...
05/08/2014 21:28

Clan Robbed

Overnight we were robbed by someone from our clan, his name is buhahaha (ironic I know). He took and I presume sold to the game the following: Wheat 9,995 Taimen 749 Minnow 4,588 Mirth 1,355 Kustera 3,661 Kustera Fillet 1,329 Fragile flask for Elixir of L...
21/08/2014 01:02

Lock PvP Queue

Please do this! So much people think its funny to leave queue at last second, or you should show names of people in queue so we know who messes with queue
20/08/2014 00:57

Great way to save reals.

Whenever u spend a real on something your not saving up for, you have to do 20 pushups. Works 4 me
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24/04/2014 05:55

Nephilim Quest Guide

[21] Talk to nephilim Dailenkar who is waiting for you in colloseum ...
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18/08/2014 01:21

Talk to the keeper of the archive

Each time I try to complete this quest I keep getting the message my backpack is too heavy and I must purchase teleportation. Unable to navigate anywhere else in the game. Any suggestions?
16/08/2014 23:15

Help with a quest please.

I can't finish the quest 'Fist fight at Dead Snoors Tavern'. Every time I try to finish it by taping the magnifying glass (the person does not show up) the window opens, stays empty and will not finish loading. I'd say it freezes but if I hit the back but...
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16/08/2014 10:55


Whens the trader of rarities coming, it's not in my map...
15/08/2014 01:02

What time zone?

I can't figure out what the time zone for this game is. I mean is it just me or does the game not show it anywhere? (And yes I have tried looking.)
16/08/2014 18:14

Event Mobs should be closed fights

Please for the love of everything make the daily event mobs closed fights. The amount of noobs that join fights right near the end of a fight and cause you to die is ridiculous. 4/5 of my fights on my alt were ruined by this. Make them closed to spare the...
15/08/2014 20:32

Help to the Hermila's crushing sword quest

Hi, Can someone help me how can I summon Hermila in the battle? I tried to do it but I couldn't find nothing to the quest! Thank you for your help!
10/08/2014 04:12

why can't i find fiends

there is litraly no one where i am sad sorrow
13/08/2014 20:59

Warm welcome

Hello everyone!!I am new.My name is Super lion girl.Why not give me a warm welcome!!
13/08/2014 05:00


Well. Today, exactly starting now ;D Is MY birthday, yay ;D but ALSO chubster's b-day (Leane's) Make sure to wish her a happy b-day here, today!!! And gimmie beer. nah lol, wish it to her! ;D
08/08/2014 01:47

Rage of Elements

please please please bring back R.O.E
08/08/2014 18:34


Yo was up guys any of you got any dragons
05/08/2014 19:41

Hmm - HIKE

If I paid 100R, can I get the hike emote back for me?? Or is it 50R
07/08/2014 21:24

Wish it to the dear lady. :)

Happy Birthday Ladybrook!!! May all your wishes comes true! Please wish a happy b-day to her! 75 wishes at LEAST, because she's awesome
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