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20/11/2015 12:58

Guardians are hiring!

We are looking to recruit new Guards that would like to join us for the long term! We're expecting new players joining us soon so we're looking for dedicated players that wish to help others! What's different from usual recruitment - ...
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22/04/2016 17:55

Help!? Just deleted main chat :(

Just accidentally deleted the main chat, can't seem to get it back? Thanks
26/03/2016 23:26

Ruthless Fury - Revert all changes!

I know this has been mentioned before, but im going to mention it again. DE has ruined a perfectly good event. Im a pretty old player (2012) and honestly, I really enjoyed the old Ruthless, not the team oriented waste of time it has become. Basically, if...
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24/04/2016 22:38


Is there any way we could be able to restart some old quests that we have completed before the achievements were introduced? There are a lot of achievement that' I simply cannot complete because of this. I don't expect the rewards again, but it would be n...
11/04/2016 01:56

Battle Boas, Eye patches for women, and Corsets of Distraction

I think women in game should get perks for dressing like tarts I mean the guys are all muscles and buff, but we look like......well, girly girls Not fair ! Eye Patches should be allowed for women And Battle Boas with +15 to strength Corsets of Distraction...
08/04/2016 14:41

Square Storage?

I'm not sure if anyone has asked this before but is it possible to create a storage spot other than at the Tavern? The reason for this is that the crossroads is not a safe spot to hang out if you have loaded all your crafting stuff in the tavern and are ...
10/04/2016 10:26

Diablos Clone Respect!

Today have found out a good friend diablos clone got shot in Syria for doing what he believes in and told me he could not sit back and watch no longer RESPECT TO YOU MY FRIEND AND GET WELL SOON!
20/04/2016 19:55

thinking about playing this game but I don't know

Hi all, I'm new to dragon eternity and at first it seems like a good browser fantasy game, something I can play when my other games are not working or on maintenance. So far I am likeing this game for the most part. My baby character is lvl 10 and I've be...
20/04/2016 20:30

middy b-day- that time of year

its that time of year where middy gets a year older and we get to embarrass her....i mean....celebrate....yes....celebrate middy. so post some happy b-day or tell a story to entertain the rest of us. ps. to middy: this is revenge for my b-day. you make ...
 Zalex Jr51 
19/04/2016 21:45

one of my works 'stdvd'

just a bit of one of my stories... free to be viewed but please not copy/paste stdvd is current title and means 'sequal to Devid the Demon' not thought of new (official) title for it yet. comments welcome... and I challenge anyone who thinks men can not...
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 Storm Kat68 
16/04/2015 19:50

Turning into defilers.

Let's start discussing how we can get the last Shaab fight done and more defilers Opinions needed. We tried talking in Current Combat chat last time, and too many didn't listen and we all got stuck. What can we do differently this time? Did admin ch...
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19/04/2016 15:09

Need better equipment

I'm currently level 14 and im getting quest to kill monster around my level but it seems as though my armor and weapons arent strong enough. Best suggestions on how to acquire new weapons for my level would be highly appreciated.
11/04/2016 16:09


How can I connect my profile to FB
05/04/2016 09:33

Adan anniversary and Treasury of grabbers - Thank you DE

What a great treat... no words to thank. A free casket of plenty and a chance to kill so many garuugs... got 15 reals (usually takes 10 HoPs) and the most delightful part was getting those hundreds of cursed coins, guldens and piastries.. a great treat i...
Lord BeAr51 
05/04/2016 15:34

Grubber portal gone

Not sure if I misunderstood or what. I entered the portal the first time yesterday. Milled the grubber.Nd got a quest to kill the King Grubber. Mi tired to go back in the portal for anothe kill and I got a message that something was removed and the quest...
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 Storm Kat70 
01/04/2016 14:30

April Fools

New Gear I'm a big black warrior with a garuug pic in the corner where my face usually is lol And LOVED the heaven's voice telling the whole game that I am Invincible Funny Stuff Admin, Love it.
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 Zalex Jr51 
27/03/2016 19:36

discription error the description for this on the lvl 26 quest is now 35,000 damage on RotAC not 7b damage now as the page displays
03/04/2016 01:28

Hero of Empire Reputation

I am starting this thread with this question: What is the best way to gain Hero of the Empire Rep, without gaining a lot of experience, for someone who is behind? Any answer is appreciated
24/03/2016 02:15

Thank you DE

I love the raffle it is very fun
16/02/2016 01:18

Buying reals with Paypal

Ok, I want to buy some reals with PayPal, but my account does not and will not have a credit card/bank account attached to it. Is it possible to buy?
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