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30/05/2016 08:26

Alts - ships, curses and archipelago.

After several discussions and careful considerations from now on May 30 2016 it is no longer allowed to suicide your alts into monsters on Archipelago to heal the curses afterwards, also any similar behavior with dying to th...
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02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago. - Loaning/Renting/Giv...
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20/11/2015 12:58

Guardians are hiring!

We are looking to recruit new Guards that would like to join us for the long term! We're expecting new players joining us soon so we're looking for dedicated players that wish to help others! What's different from usual recruitment - ...
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25/09/2016 02:22


what's up with not being able get past first round?
25/09/2016 03:30


How do I buy gold??????? Any help????
22/09/2016 04:14


Please post here if you'd pay money to see the fight of the game! Ihit versus Pandor! Come on, folks, wouldn't you love to watch that fight?
24/09/2016 00:48


How do I go about gaining reputation for a hunter?
 Major Ursa53 
22/09/2016 22:03

Questions and Concerns over new updates

IHit and DE. A lot of valid questions and concerns have been posted to the news announcement about the new AoH updates. Its been about a week now and there haven't been ,any responses to most of our questions. Please take a moment and give us some fee...
24/09/2016 00:51

Barber Shop

When and where do I find the barber shop? Thank you.
 Storm Kat70 
14/09/2016 20:52

Feedback on the newest changes

HoP update - does not yet work in arena. Please let us know when this is resolved so we can test it again without wasting more hops. BC spheres in battlegrounds - The additional chances of getting rep sounds very promising. Is it still possible to end u...
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18/09/2016 06:03

bots not even?

why is it that i was against a lvl 70 buffed zerk and his bot (which had every buff possible) and my bot only had green food and balm?
15/09/2016 12:56

New archipelago

Ihit. You said if enough people ask something, it happens. I ask in the name of my fellow de's to bring the new arch. Most of us are bored without it. We have no motivation or anything to do in game. Torlingss, kariol, elites, mines, arch quests, etc. My...
18/09/2016 02:45

Day of battle steel broke

I just spent 7g fixing gear that broke in aoh!
16/09/2016 07:45

AOH HOP's not yielding same amount of gold for all

Hi I wanted to address an issue that me and a lot of others have noticed. The amount of gold that a player earns in AOH on Hop is not the same for everyone. Apparently zerks are getting more gold than others, given same damage and even same valor earned....
19/09/2016 08:42

blue jewelry

my blue jewlery no can sell worth scrap I want compensation
15/09/2016 03:36

Blue gear... clan gear?

I see that blue gear can no longer be transferred (under 30 collections anyway) that sucks if you buy and sell it lol. I guess it also means that clan gear cant be transferred?
14/09/2016 22:33

Maze times

So can we have a maze time discussion again. Currently it is setup for those that don't work, or basically N.A. players only. Half the active players on the server are in Europe. So maze times for most European players are 1200 (most people at work, North...
17/09/2016 07:23

Bots break AoH? that's my fight. unmounted and unbuffed but using red pots. I died while doing significantly less damage than I do in a usual fight.
18/09/2016 06:12

Clan wars=clan reps?

Is this the case? Are there restrictions, like must be 1k rank to get clan reps from wars? With the islands out of commission, my clan is getting NO REPS at all. We need 89 to get to 1k The last two winning wars I know for a fact were not credited to us ...
03/12/2015 09:21

elite marks drop

Hi Ihit, Whats the rate of elite mobs dropping marks? Did that change recently ( last 6 months )? I did hundreds of elites of my level and only a single green mark. Blue marks still drop on elites? When I was level ~40, they dropped about once in 10-15 ...
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