02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters - Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or money from one of your c...
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22/10/2014 05:30

It's Glean's special day! Stop in and wish him well

oh....guess i was not supposed to tell....... well now that the is out of the bag......wish Glean a Happy Birthday today! Cheers dear for turning 21.........again.......remind me how many times have you done that
17/10/2014 01:20


dragoneternity.com/about/announcements/#cP=1 So is it going to be an instance such as fort and caves? Looking forward to these updates. Will be a great change :)
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22/10/2014 07:14

You would think.....

........that a lvl 69 witcher could easily beat a lvl 65 zerk dragoneternity.com/game/fight.php?id=54473562-9025-0104-bee0-be7ee4141cae dragoneternity.com/game/fight.php?id=54473ff9-f0ec-0105-015d-60503f7a8f45 Alas, you'd be wrong....
21/10/2014 20:41

Purely for fun

If there was a rep that you could get exclusively/only for buying reals what would it be called? What would it have as awards?
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15/10/2014 04:24

just for a good laugh

this just happened.... received a call from dispatch about a mother and her 2 young children trapped INSIDE her car. she claims her battery died and the doors won't unlock. i arrive at the scene and speak to her through her window and ask her to unlock h...
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20/10/2014 02:17

Looks like fun

drakosurv.com Endless pvp eh? bring it
19/10/2014 22:42

The First Vortex On This Server

dragoneternity.com/game/event.php?id=54441139-0008-0305-1167-af9475d16ad2 We had 23 out of the 18 needed (can have 27 max) THANK YOU TO YOU ALL THAT WENT. I have been trying to do a Vortex since they first put it in. I know a lot of people felt it wa...
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 Storm Kat56 
20/10/2014 17:13

Level 52 to 60s needed for Insignia Boss Fight today

PLEASE PLEASE pass on the message to any level 52-60s you see. Scandelnavia needs the insignias from the boss fight for the Neph Quest. usually we do not get enough people to complete the quest, so I need all your help recruiting as many as you can find. ...
18/10/2014 19:42


I'm just gonna go ahead and say that it's bull crap that you can be silenced over typin in wrong tab. Like all my chats are in one tab n if I forget to click purple to sell something before I can even correct the mistake I'm silenced like really do all of...
20/10/2014 13:14

Vortex Quest

Did anyone complete it? The one for finding 10 items? Mine was neither completed nor even moved from 0/10.
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20/10/2014 12:53

Madness of Blight

Would be very expensive to actually have this for the 997 days... Good thing it goes away after the big fight at the end of Shaab not to mention such a random number 997...just 3 shy of 1000
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18/10/2014 13:30

confrontion bug

same thing that keeps happening, bracket 2
16/10/2014 20:36

So close yet so far

I would like to say a very big thank you to all those that queued up for IW after the shaab boss fight. We were so close! (Had 17/18 and needed 20). I would also like to mention that for Vortex we need at least 18. We could have done it! I would like t...
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16/10/2014 00:41

Blocked from buying reals..... ?

Is anyone else blocked from getting reals? paymentwall is asking me for my photo ID and a screen shot of a online credit card transaction to them...heck i don't have an online credit card account...I've been a loyal patron to this game for along time, and...
15/10/2014 21:34


Noticed that the shaab mobs have squire of the first blood valor rank
16/10/2014 19:56

Rage of Elements

Is it coming back at all? I liked it...
05/09/2014 02:48

This Game

This game makes me feel old. Too many people and even clans for that matter come and gone. Here is a page for remembrance. Who do you remember?
11/10/2014 15:35

An Open Letter to Adan

To the inhabitants of Adan - It seems some players have decided that since they cannot defeat us in war, and that because despite around-the-clock attacks they cannot dissuade us from taking our fair share of the islands... rather than share a portion o...
13/10/2014 14:25

My two cents on Bullying...

I'm writing this thread because I've read a lot of post and comments on this subject lately and I lost a good friend from the game due to it. Does Bullying exist on here? Absolutely. Is this a war game? Absolutely. Do we all play this game for the same re...
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