02/04/2013 09:39

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited: - Entering same fight with two or more of your characters - Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or money from one of your c...
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23/04/2014 21:19

Paying By Mobile Follow-up

Who else has problem buying reals in mobile, it sais for me service temporarily unavailable and I understand we have to contact DE support but one email a day gets annoying and takes ages, so if there anything you can do to speed up the process? everyone ...
21/04/2014 23:31

Pay By Mobile

it dont work, when I send messege I just get back one from fortumo...
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21/04/2014 04:58

We Love you

Peryite i know youve been goin through alot but you cant give up we all love you i know we get into fights everyweek sometimes but i still love you and always will and all of us care for you. if you quit i quit, we play together we stick with eachother y...
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20/04/2014 05:33

Curious Questions....

1.) How much does it cost to repair a gloomy belt? (Ihit,DrakoBerserk's belt) 2.) Does any non-admin in the game have more than 1,000G? 3.) Has anyone landed a crit equal/more than 5k? 4.) Has anyone hit soldier of 3rd blood at lvl 19-21? 5.) Has any play...
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16/04/2014 21:24

Damned People inDoT

Hasanybody else being witnessing huge amounts oof these in fights the DoT on the 16/04/14 (today) had 25 inj 16-21 please cut down on these as they swkward to kill and put on dejection glyphs
22/04/2014 03:45

Relatable moments

You ever have that one friend who's so annoying, but somehow you're still friends with them? Post other relatable moments like these.
15/04/2014 21:58


3k glad rep awww come on
21/04/2014 00:42

Marcus is recruiting miners!!!

I am recruiting miners to be my mining servants! All you have to do is sell me your mining resources cheap to me! I am always buying! PM me if you'd like to sell me cheap mining resources!
20/04/2014 01:16


sorry for all the trouble i caused, to linda and to themamma and everyone else Pls accept my apology
23/02/2014 15:15

sadar to valor

no1 wants to talk about it but it is an issue far too 1 sided and most of time we fighting are old comrads and way its been done is amazing its not illegal u get bc until u join if good enuf so that valor struggle to recover nothing has been done about th...
20/04/2014 14:11


i think there sud be a rule making sure that no1 is allowed to leave tournament 1min prior toi start as hapening too much now that there is full q and people droppin out with 3 second to go thus wastin the other 7s people buffs Happpens loads in 16-21 d...
18/04/2014 19:03

People leaving queues right before they start

Especially for seabattle... 6/5 in queue, I go buff at ancient temple. 1sec left, yeey SB goes again! 2stupid vaalor players left queue right before it started (idontcare), buffs wasted... The people that do such things have to know that they are COWARD...
20/04/2014 11:07

Shaab Tome Quest Guide

Part 1 -Killing spree....try to get them down to 1 or 2 before they respawn and eventually kill the respawns. Have all 5 go together mounted preferably. Boss-same thing pretty much. Might want to focus on the elites first and then the other guys but u...
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 Storm Kat37 
19/04/2014 19:08

Battle Steel Description vs actual quest

From the Library - Events - Day of Battle Steel description - Every third Saturday of each month, from 19:00 Server Time to 07:00 Server Time of the following Tuesday, the Day of Battle Steel is celebrated In the Game, Battle Steel just started and lasts ...
 The Wolf6923 
18/04/2014 21:32

Against the rules?

Say if I had an old account, would it be illegal to sell/give away it?
19/04/2014 00:08

Nephalim Quest.

I completed the Caster of arrow Collection 3 times. The quest only incremented once. What gives. Looks like a bug to me.
18/04/2014 02:51

ice trap quest

Can't get any further in this game since I play with kindle and its frozen at ice trap quest. I get runes in order then nothing happens it turns blue and just nothing..
17/04/2014 23:55

hi there

17/04/2014 16:53

minotars garden

Does anyone know why when I try to go to minota rs garden the game shuts down and I have to restart, I am playing on kindle fire, thanks
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