Sydian Extraction and Battles for Sydian

ATTENTION! By default, Sydian is considered to be property of the player who mined it. If your Clan wishes to make the Sydian Clan property, then we recommend that you create a special topic in your Clan Forum (Clan/News on game portal) entitled "Rules of Sydian Extraction and Distribution" and describe your desired rules. All Clan members must then agree with the rules in the comments to the topic (we also advise the Clan Leader to take a screencap of the topic and the comments). Only then will our Guardians be able to review any conflicts of interests that revolve around Sydian.

Crystals of Sydian can be extracted in the Roaming Archipelago from special Geysers. Also, small amounts of Sydian can sometimes be acquired in drops from slain monsters . Geysers are only visible to players who are members of a Clan. One Geyser contains 1000 Crystals. When a Geyser is depleted, it disappears and reappears after some time with restored Sydian deposit.

When a Clan member finds an unoccupied Geyser, he can click the Geyser and select a Worker to extract Sydian. A Worker mines 1 Sydian in 1 minute. A Clan can't occupy more than 10 Geysers at a time. A Geyser is considered occupied when a Worker is assigned to it or it has bag with Sydian ready for pickup.

While in the Roaming Archipelago, you can't:
• use Sydian to upgrade Equipment;
• sell Sydian at the Auction.

Both actions become available when you return to the mainland.

Extracted Crystals can be transferred to other players in the Roaming Archipelago or stored away in a special chest in a Hideout. There's a Hideout on every islands of the Archipelago. Hideouts are located on the far shore (not the one where your Ship sets anchor). Please note that Chests in the Hideout are personal: only the player who put Sydian into the Chest will be able to take it out.

Moving between Hideouts consumes 6 Energy (maximum level of Character Energy is 15).

Battles in the Archipelago are fought under following rules:
• any warrior can be attacked, even those under the Aura of Peacefulness or Protection;
• attacking a player who is in combat with a monster puts you on the monster's team;
• when you select a Sydian Geyser that is occupied by another player, you are offered to pick a Worker and try to capture the Geyser;
• Your Worker begins Sydian extraction as soon as the enemy Worker is defeated;
Sydian acquired by the defeated Worker will await pickup from the Worker's master in a bag.

Defeated players:
• are teleported to the Hideout on the island where they lost the combat;
• are inflicted with a temporary effect that forbids them from leaving the Hideout;
• the duration of this effect depends on how far the island is from the mainland: the further from the continent, the longer the effect;
• to avoid sitting idle, you are allowed to teleport to the Vaalor Harbor from ht Hideout, but you'll have to leave all Sydian you are carrying in the Hideout Chest.

Upgrading Armor with Sydian

Sydian is used to turn elements of "violet" Sets of levels 32-50 into respective "violet" elements of Sets of level 52 and higher . To upgrade an item, select it and click the icon, then click the "Upgrades" tab in the window that appears.

• Armor Sets for your hero

Set [32-50] Resources Cost Level Rank Set [52-70]
3400 39 52 Sword Master of the First Blood

4400 40 54 Sword Master of the Second Blood  
5700 42 56 Sword Master of the Third Blood
7500 43 58 Sword Master of the Elder Blood
9700 45 60 Cohort Master of the First Blood
   12600 48 62 Cohort Master of the Second Blood   
   16400 49 64 Cohort Master of the Third Blood   
   21300 51 66 Brigadier of the First Blood
   27700 53 68 Brigadier of the Second Blood   
   36100 55 70 Brigadier of the Third Blood   

• Armor Sets for Nephilim

Set [36-51] Resources Cost Level Set [54-69]
   4500 40 54   
   5600 43 57   
7000 46 60   
   8700 49 63   
   10800 52 66   
   13500 55 69   

• Level [36-51] set upgrades for Nephilim

Set [36-51] Resources Cost Level  Set [36-51]
   200 6 36   
   250 650 39   
300 7 42   
   350 750 45   
   400 8 48   
   450 850 51   

• Level [54-69] set upgrades for Nephilim

Set [54-69] Resources Cost Level Set [54-69]
   400 8 54   
   450 850 57   
500 9 60   
   550 10 63   
   650 11 66   
   750 12 69   

• Level [54-69] set upgrades for Nephilim

Set [54-69] Resources Cost Level Set [72-89]
   6800 60 72
   8400 65 75
10500 69 78

   13100 74 81
   16200 78 85
   20300 83 89

• Level [72-89] set upgrades for Nephilim

Set [72-89] Resources Cost Level Set [72-89]
400 13 72
450 14 75

500 15 78

550 1650 81
650 18 85
750 1950 89