Clans button in the lower left part of the screen opens the Clan menu.

 • Clan List

 Clan List shows Clan Logo, Clan Name, number of members, Clan Leader's nickname, and Clan's status. Instructions for creating a new Clan.


• Clan Info

Contains Clan's description (if any), Level, Experience, as well as Clan Services and Clan Reputation buttons. Clicking on the Clan Experience bar will show information about how it is calculated and what benefits Clan members gain when the Clan levels up. The Clan Services button will take you to the portal section with Premium Clan Services. The Clan Reputation button opens the Clan Reputation screen which contains information about your Clan's current Reputation levels and earned benefits.

• Clan Members

This tabs contains a complete list of all Clan members with detailed info: status (green circle marks players who are currently online), nickname, received votes, Rank, as well as Leave Clan and Exclude Member buttons (if you have the respective permission), and the button used to vote for a new Clan Leader.

Players with the respective permission can change the Rank of any other member except the Clan Leader at any time. This is done by clicking a button next to a player's Rank and selecting a new Rank from the list.

• Clan Ranks

Players with the respective permission can create up to 16 different Ranks and remove existing ones. Permission to edit Ranks allows you to click the Edit button and change permissions for the selected Rank. After the changes are made, all players with the respective Rank will receive the new set of permissions.

• Diplomacy

Use this tab to invite another Clan into your Alliance or to view a Clan's status (at war, paying contribution, etc). Players with the Diplomacy permission can use this screen to surrender or pay the Contribution after a lost Clan War.

In the mobile version of the game, Clan Wars log is shown here. Click the War Results button to open the statistics screen.

• Bookkeeping Department

This section contains information about deposits and withdrawals of items and money into and from all Clan's storages. All transaction in the last 30 days are logged here. Withdrawals are highlighted red, deposits are green.

You can view all transactions done by a particular player by typing their nickname in the search field.

• Clan War Log

Contains information about all Wars your Clan took part in from the moment of its creation. Each entry shows the opposing Clan's Name and Logo as well as the date of the war's beginning and end, and its result. Click More to view the statistics screen.

• Clan Chat Channel

In order to make communication between Clan members more convenient, Chat tab settings allow you to add a special Chat Channel (marked green in the settings) to a Chat tab. To use it efficiently, create a new Chat tab and add the Chat Channel to it from the settings. Then name the tab and adjust other settings as you like. Please note that you can't disable private messages.

Chat tab settings can be changed at any time. Simply select a Chat tab and click on the cog icon next to the tab's name.

• Clan Tax

First- and second-level Clans are obliged to pay a Clan Tax of 10 Gold every 30 days. Any Clan members is allowed to pay the tax. Clan tab shows whether the tax has already been paid. If the Clan doesn't pay the tax on time, it is immediately disbanded and all records of it are wiped out. Please note that the Clan Tax can't be paid in advance for more than 30 days.

• Disbanding the Clan

Clan Leader may choose to disband a Clan by clicking the respective button in the Clan Info tab. Clan is then disbanded automatically after seven days. This command can be canceled at any time during the seven day period by clicking the Cancel button.

• Electing a Clan Leader

New Clan Leaders are elected by voting. Please note that this can't be done more often than once in 30 days. You can vote by opening the tab with Clan members, locating the name of the member you wish to vote for and pressing Vote

For a new Clan Leader to be elected, 60% of total votes are required. New recruits can't vote during their first 14 days in the Clan and don't count against the total number of votes. If a Clan member votes but leaves the Clan before the elections are over, their voice isn't used to calculate the results.