Clan ratings, rewards for prize places and Masters rating!

Many members of clans have already paid attention to Clan Ratings, which appeared in a game some time ago. Weekly clan progress is measured by two ratings:

Confrontation Rating, which is calculated from the the sum of clan members victories on the Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, "King of the Hill" battles, as well as in the events between factions and conquered sawmills and mines.

Achievements Rating, which consists of clan members weekly activities: earned experience, valor and the sum of all reputations.

Now the clans who occupy the first three top places in each of the ratings will get a decent reward! Rewards for the winners of last week will be issued on Mondays.

Those Three Clan Leaders, who in a week's time took the first three places in the Confrontation Rating, will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze Arks of Confrontation.

Opening these treasuries, they will be able to extract Spheres of Bonecrusher, as well as Caskets of Bonecrusher, Caskets of the Conqueror and Caskets Gladiator. The higher is the occupied rating place, the more items Clan Leader will receive.

Sets of Bonecrusher Spheres are transferable, so they can be given to those clan members who still do not have enough Bonecrusher reputation to purchase more powerful Spheres themselves.

Those Clan Leaders, who have occupied the first three places in Achievements Rating, will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze Arks of Achievement, where they will be able to find new magical artifacts: Stars of Bonecrusher, Hero of Empire, Gladiator, Conqueror of Seven Bridges, Protector, and Vigilant Guard. Amount of Stars found in the Ark depends on the prize place, that clan took in the Rating. 

When using the Star and earning appropriate reputation, warrior will receive twice as more reputation points. However, the reputation received under the effects of a Star, will not be considered in the weekly Achievement Rating, to equalize the chances for all clans. Also, reputational bonus will not be added for collections completed under the effects of a Star. 


Now we also have a new personal rating, Top Masters, with which you can easily find the most experienced masters of various professions, as well as the owners of highest Bonecrusher and Hero of Empire reputation. You can view Masters Rating here.

Also, from today we have new external information for clans. It will be updated in developed according to new clan features.

this is great if ur in a clan!
This is really awesome added perks and benefits for Clans. Used to be just the thought of being in a clan as a family now we get added benefits. I really like this new add on. Keep up the Great work!!!!! Can't wait to see the great ideas you come up with next....
Very nice addition.

One of the appealing factors for me is the difficulty in acquiring objects and advancing my character.

Please dont make it too easy to get ahead.
call to arms one and all "> time to get some fabulous loot lets hit them where it hurts... their pride ">
I love this, but for the conquered mines and saw mills, do they have to belong to another clan or just taking them away?
Master rankings are a nice touch. Interesting to see what professions are most popular. Oh ... it's interactive too ... very nice.
I like the master rating. Nice to know how I rank in professions compared to everyone else.
well i will say so far im liking this game much better then WoD, here its not as pay pal oriented and i like the fact you can get a dragon, even though thats what im workin for right now :)
Hm, I might have to look into clans then.
This game seems like a great way to spend my free time, its very user friendly and i love how new it is. I cant wait to see how it changes over time.
Very nice, top masters makes finding higher lv buyers easier. I approve
Sounds like more fun
Really like that idea,
clan wars will help this game to be more popular ;)
Good work, keep it splendit
is it just the game master who gets it? or we clannies get the goodies directly too? :P

I dont wanna pester the master and get bc'ed :P
this is great my clan has already been rewarded but can we get a better understanding of how the "star of ********" work do they do anything for the first 30 mins or is it only after 30 mins they double ur income earned???
I am Elle, current leader of Inferno Asylum. We wish to change our clan title to 'Shining Phoenix'. We do this with the full consent of Rising Phoenix and Phoenix Rising as we are all related clans now. I have the necessary 30 reals in my account. Thank you in advance
I confirm the above ^
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