my cahracter is in prison and it wont let me creat a new one i put my self in there

hello,question at hand how do i find out if my family is using this pc for the game?

after reading up on the rule's here i found out one of my family member's was playing this game on here but he wont tell me the names of his account/account's little own not know if anyone ele's has been there were other concern's to about my freind ...

Son's play and their characters thrown in the dungeon

My Character is cntkpmedwn my son's both play the game and we all use the same computer. my oldest was on his brothers character and misspoke about the term alts because in any game while on the same computer it is considered an alternate character b...

take char out please

hi sorry for using more than one char.,if it is at all possible i would like to at least have my pally out for i would like to play this game and i promise i will not break the rules,His name is Drakken Frolanzo...Please let me play that one char.

being punished

Why are both of my characters punished I was trying to get my main character Veslor put in shackles but my internet malfucntioned and I could not finish the shackling my main character. If there is any way possible to get my second character xX Veslo...

Name Vialation


I know why this would have happened though the name i used was based on my last name cocksey :) i've only just started to play this game so how do i change the name and will the punishment disappear?


i got put in prison for no reasons?

can u get me out


i would like to start my caractor over is it posible
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