Theoneandonly can you un curse me plz it was only a jk and iv acctlly got a question for a quest FIRST PROSPECT its called and i dont know what to do and i only said what i said in the heat of the moment and not gonna lie it was funny so up to you gu...

hey what is going on?

what happened it says i was apart of an illegal money-item transfer.what in the world is that?i was playing like normal and everything then this happened.there is no reason for this.i worked hard to get what i have.y take it away?


how do i git out i have no money


I just got chat banned for typing ***** and chat banned for swearing this is not acceptable Theoneandonly is my account


I want to Restart level for level 1 can u reset me please

What have i done

All i did was change my profile picture, i haven't put anything offensive on my profile, so i would like to know why, i've been placed in the dungeon, also ive been playin less than a week,


Hello, i got a 1 hr curse but it lasted for 1 hr and 4min just sayin, but apprently a rule is u get a warning b4 u hav a curse put on, and i agreed to not to say it again i said 'I will cum in ur bed' but i still get a curse even though i agreed to s...

Forbidden information in character information? How so?

I logged into my account to start playing again, and suddenly I'm in the dungeon. My screen says as follows:

"Reason for punishment:Forbidden information in character information
Type of punishment:Prisoner Shackles
No rights to pay redemption"...


What the crap did I get shackles put on me for

In the dungeon...

i was accused of havin 2 accounts and i dont im new... idk even know how to and i cant get out of the dungeon and play... i didnt do anything wrong....

i wanna become a gaurdian

can i become a gaurdien plz???

My account f a l l e n

I'm supposed to say i will not be using this account anymore so i made a new one, a game moderator told me to post this

no ansawer

i posted about stonersrule my other account that was ban and didnt get any reason why it was ban and you all just delete my post without answer?


hey sorry for using more than one char i didnt even know what was going on when i was in the dungeon so im begging you please get me out of here and i wont break the rules ever again

I bought a clan certificate by accident....

can i get a 2 gold refund???
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