If your character was put into prison, you can find out the exact reason of your punishment in this topic and terms for liberation. In order to do this, please complete the following application form:

1. Nickname (link to your character).
2. When (approximately) punishment was applied.
3. Case description

You are kindly requested not to flood in this topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted and violators will be punished with the Curse of Silence!
Haha, I see no violation of rules, i assume i'm inprisoned due to the fact my name is similar to the automated system, but please clue me in on where i have violated any rules.

Which is exact reason your character has been jailed, please read the rule number seven here: , while it's automated system it still falls under this rule.
sounds easy enough, i'll be glad to change my character's name as soon as you make it possible in-game. If it requires reals to do, then i await the credits. And please don't try to tell me that i have to spend real-world money on this action, as that amounts to little more than extortion. it does cost 50 reals to change the nickname, - if you do not wish to do so you're more than free to start over with a different character. As this character won't be released.
you're joking right? $50 to change a name that i have used for several days? Ridiculous, if there was any concern about the validity of my chosen name, the issue should have been addressed immediately. as i stated previously, i am more than willing to change the name, but i refuse to pay when i still feel that there was no violation of any set of rules.

Your character is less than 24 hours old, let's not make things up. Getting to level 4 with a new character/new name takes less than an hour.
maybe i'm a slow player. my character is more than 24 hrs old. if there was a problem with the name, as i stated before, the issue should have been addressed immediately. seeing as it wasn't, i don't feel it's right for you to punish me for what i can only deem a lapse on your part.

Not every single name can be filtered out, if you stick to quests getting new character should take you less than an hour as you've already completed them once. If your character would be week old your excuse of "not jailed immediately" might have held up but given only one day has passed i don't see it as reasonable excuse. During the time you spent replying in this thread you might have been well past level 4 already.
Stormchild Shackled for illegal transfer of items. Now Im sure whoever decided to do this has looked into this and knows I came to the forums asking for info reguarding transfers serveral times since I had little or no understanding of the rules and admitted to the fact I may have done an illegal transfer without knowing it. That being said this is really quiet simple theres no way Im paying 6 dollars in this scam to get the character Iver spent over 80 USD on already in equipment and goods of which none were transfered to my other character. Now I dont see proof here only someone trying to get more money from me in a way that clearly looks like nothing short of a scam to lose good customers who have already spent money on the game. Now I was good enough to come forward and admit before being caught to not understanding the rules and I ceased doing it at that point and have not again made any other transfers. So please release my character, no good deed should go unpunished, should you choose not to release my character I will have no other choice but to further actions to return of funds spent and Fraud reported. thank you. Mark A. Meek

How about violation of trade rules with free transfers to your character from Suffer? All items transferred be it your alt or other character has to be paid for. I suggest you read the rules you agreed to when registering to the game:
Shackle of Debtors spell
100 gold to be released from this spell.

Youve got to be kidding me right, My alt which I spent money on says the cost is 6 dollar this character its 100, are you out of your mind, this is not only a scam but, I believe completely illegal by internet law. Im in law school so Im sure I can find out by end of the day, been fun playing the game but, you shouldnt try cheating players or scamming them out of money for little things like a couple small transfer of vertual items and demanding real money in return to remove such punishment, Put a time on a player they cant play and be that dont cheat people its illegal and immoral.

How about violation of trade rules with free transfers from your character to Stormchild? All items transferred be it your alt or other character has to be paid for. I suggest you read the rules you agreed to when registering to the game:
How about the fact this is a free to play game you are trying to require someone to pay for a violation of a rule that was asked about in the forums, the rules are not clear on transfer of items, it says you can but later states you must pay for the transfers, the items transfered were not equal to 100 dollars worth sent from suffer, the punishment should fit the crime which would be maybe a total of 2 gold worth of items. Also I came to the forums asking about it long before you decide to shackle my account. And I was then told how exactly it worked and I stopped doing any form of transfering from the accounts. The items even on the auction wouldnt have cost me more then a couple gold total, Im not gonna pay 100 dollars to get a character back that Ive already spent 50-80 dollars to equip with full blue and green gear. Punish me if you must but make it within reason and not for a huge ammount for a first time offense this is unreasonable and will only make me leave the game and call my credit card company and get my money back. As it is you stand to lose a paying customer rather then bend a little and give warnings to players for first time offenses. i would suggest you to read rules, sender is always given 100g worth of debtors shackles. Your trades between you and Stormchild amount to 6 gold (3.23g and 2.77g given as items). As this is your first offense we're willing to re-consider your punishment - pay the fine of 6 gold same as Stormchild and continue playing however note in case of repeat violations of trade rules next time the fine is going to be double - 200g worth of debtors.
Ok deal but can you tell me why Suffer with 100 gold payback can still play just not arena and Stormchild who is 6 gold cant do anything, I mean I dont get paid til friday not a big deal but, just dont get why the larger spell allows me to do quests and kill mobs where I could gain the gold over time and the lower one doesnt. Is this a mistake or bug?

His shackles was changed to same 6 gold shackles you currently have. Sender usually receives 100 gold debtors where he cannot receive any money through drops/trades/etc... while prisoners shackles is simply a jail cell until fine is paid. Read the punishments link above and first two violations and punishments for them. Currently after reconsidering his punishment Suffer has same shackles as you and cannot play until fine is paid.
LadyJulia: I was shackled for my loan and I repaid the loan and was not credited for my payment and I am still shackled. I have spent over 300.00 dollars in the last month and I need this fixed ASAP. Thank you.

Removed, and we'd like to extend our apologies for this mistake.
i just came on and saw that i'm shackled,i have never traded,all my gears i bought is on auction house,the rule clearly states you can trade gear and items for the value of what they are worth in the Auction House as long as it doesn't exceed 30% or under 30% of the price.
please do check again,because i like to play this fun game again,also i have worked very hard for all my gears
thank you

Trades with characters "try it" , "im batman" are clear violations of rules and have exceeded the 30% rule. Or do you think 3 gold for 40 elixirs of endurance or 5 gold for 40 orbs of courage is fair price? There are also other trade violations you've made.
i like to know why i am shackled,because only got two accounts on my e-mail,one is mine and the other my little brothers,i have only bought things from the auction house, some of my brother to but as rules say 30%,please help because me and bro love this game and like to play.
,i worked very hard to get this far

Trades with characters "sugar daddy" are clear violations of rules and have exceeded the 30% rule. Or do you think 3 gold for 40 elixirs of endurance or 5 gold for 40 orbs of courage is fair price?
you're saying that i've traded i didn't trade,but everything i bought is from the auction house right or selled,i paid the tax.
you could have givin a warning or something how should i know that is also for the ah.
you can just give me another chance

Pay the fine and have your another chance. Buying from auction house is same as trading.
i told you that's my lil bro i've bought from,via the ah
you can give another chance right,
helping a family isn't crime right
i know this now i can do it fair now right
you gotta help brother or sister

Pay the fine and have your another chance. Buying from auction house is same as trading.
i like to know what i did?because i don't know why i'm punished

Same violations as two players above, trading several gold for less than one gold worth of elixirs , orbs...
December 27
I don't know why I was shackled :(

Fixed, our apologies.
i am so sick of this game doing this shit just becouse my card did not match the othere one u throw me in jail

Illegal trade between you and razerblade4
Fixed, our apologies.
I killed the elite monster and I was given a collection element elite protector,I did not take guilty.Please return my 20 reals and free from the shackles of a prisoner.Thanks

Fixed , our apologies.

I think you had the same problem I do, looks like they had an issue with payment processing yesterday and cancelled the deposits. My bank confirms all is as it should be so looks like an issue on DE side. Hope they resolve soon.

Fixed, our apologies.
i had an error or reals on my account and contacted you about the problem. i dont know why im being prisoned because i used what i bought and nothing else.

Already being taken care of and our deepest apologies.
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