If your character was put into prison, you can find out the exact reason of your punishment in this topic and terms for liberation. In order to do this, please complete the following application form:

1. Nickname (link to your character).
2. When (approximately) punishment was applied.
3. Case description

You are kindly requested not to flood in this topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted and violators will be punished with the Curse of Silence!
why am i shackled my name in boner joe because i sale jawbones ... this is so stupid

It should be obvious why your nickname is inappropriate.
i have no idea why i was punished or when i havent played this (not counting yesterday) for like 5 months to a year
could you tell me whats going?

You requested yourself to be jailed more than half a year ago.
1. Sir Artimus
2. September 9th I think
3. I had an unrepaid loan. If you look at my account you'll notice I spend frequently here, I understand the reason for punishment and it is just. I was just curious if I could get a extension for repayment. I am currently at military training and wont be back online until september 20th. but I wont be able to repay the loan until my next pay check which is september 27th. As I wont be online until september 20th I was wondering if you could release my character on the 20th with a 7 day extension so I could continue to play until I get paid again on the 27th and can pay off the loan.

Unfortunately it is impossible to extend duration of loan for anyone. We're very sorry.
1. Tamerlein
2. September 16
3. I haven't given my alts any money to help them out with the game, and I haven't used them to get money for myself. Yes, I have traded with them, but I have also done it legally. Putting conditions such as "Alt trade" which is legal as far as I know. If I'm wrong I'll try to pay the bail. But I would like to know for sure before I waste my money for no reason. Thank you

It is not legal to trade items to yourself for free putting such condition. All items traded must be paid for which in your case weren't.
1. Night_Fury1992
2.June 2013 ( i think)
3.reason for punishment: combat leveling up
I have used a lot of his time and energy to this character, I'd love to keep playing
Please Consider and let me be free.
Thank you very much.

If you wish to continue playing with this character you will have to pay the fine.
1. Blue Mistress
2. 18.09
3. Inappropriate dragon name
Firstly I want to say, that it isn't meant in English. I couldn't pick name for my drafty so I asked a fried to choose it for me. He put this lousy name. Yes, I understand that it's not appropriate, but what does means without redemption? Name change costs 10R. I would like to get out of here and pay 10R for dragon name change.

Once you have 10 reals for the name change in your account whisper me in-game, Ihit.
I don't have 10R ATM. Is that possible that you let me out and i'll get you those R in 1 hour or less?

Character won't be released until i see enough for Dragons name change in your account.
I understand your policy of getting as much $ as possible, but I don't see a problem here. I can get 10R in game, but you want me to cash in. I'm asking only for time, and not much, only minutes. If you don't let me out, then I have question. Do I get daily money/real bonuses?

While in jail you cannot claim daily bonuses. While i know that you may be able to "borrow" from clan chest - everyone is equal in terms of punishment. Character will be released only once i see enough in your account for name change. You should have thought about it before you named your dragon.
I'm not sure.
It has been a really long time since I've logged in, but I'd like to keep playing.
I had 2 accounts for a while (not realizing it was an issue) but requested that the other one (Sam Snape or Samantha Snape or something like that) be shackled/imprisoned so I could keep playing on this one.
Thanks for your time.

As far as i see there is no such character. Also self-jail requests are only approved if posted from account that wishes to be jailed. If you thought this was a mistake you should have posted right away instead of such a long time.
i have been inactive for a few month, and now i have time to play again
but i find my character in prison and i don't know the reason
please release my char, so i can play again

Self-requested characters do not get released, if you wish to continue playing this character pay the fine.
I have only just started the game and I am in prison, it says by my own request too. Please help

You requested this character be jailed back in 2012, so let's not pretend that you "just started". Either pay the fine or create a new character on your account to keep playing.
I have only just downloaded this app. Why would i request to be jailed?

You've played our game through browser version of back in 2012 and when you decided to quit you self-requested to be jailed.
my name is after a local band. ill change it, but not for reals (cause that'd cost real money) - not my fault the "guardians" misunderstood the name

You were already answered that it doesn't matter that it is a band name, it's still inappropriate. Either start over with new character or use the nickname change service if you wish to continue playing.
i don't know why i was jailed it say combat leveling up but what did i do wrong i wish i could still play thank you

Intentionally throwing fights is considered Combat Leveling Up and is forbidden.
why cant i tarde my stuff to my other game ? thats not fear">

You are in prison with trades with Dark Warrior.
Ihit, sorry but why my characters is in the prison am not doing anything am not playing last 2 or 3 days ?

Which characters? I do not see any of your recent characters you've played to be in jail.
Bardock988... I want to play again .. and with the same account ... Release me, please ... I can not pay that much money ... not justified payment is so high. I think I've paid .. For several months the account is active .. that compensates for any illegal .. Please consider other maneeras of paying the ticket .. as months of punishment without trade or go paying with money earned in the game ... receive less reward for monsters out ... That may take it as a suggestion to improve the game

Pay the fine if you wish to keep playing with this character.
i am clueless of what just happened. What did I do to end up in the dungeon?

Joining fights naked is considered Combat Leveling up and is against rules, you were warned two times not to join any battlegrounds without equipment or the shackles would follow.
I came on an had shackled of debtor why?
It say illegal money and item transfer when did this happen?
Please let me out i didnt do anything wrong

Several trade violations when trading with your alt - Lync. Pay the fine to get out of shackles.

No idea to be honest

I'm totally confused as to why I log on today & find myself in the dungeon... Please shed some light onto this for me........

Your character was jailed 9 months ago for violations of trade rules.
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