New Guardian system

We've received many complaints that there're no law whatsoever here on Nova, and we'd like to change that. We can't rely on the old Guardian system right now since there's no way that you would leave your clan just for keeping the peace here.

That's why we're going to have a new system: the Council. The Council will be comprised of three most trusted, active and impartial members of the community, and they will have the power to recruit others to help them uphold the law. They WON'T have to leave their own clans to do that, and they will receive additional benefits and rewards for their work.

So, right now I ask each person who has a character of 20th lvl or higher to nominate ONE candidate for this Council - one player who, in your opinion, can be trusted with this responsibility. The candidate should be an active, well-known player.
There're a few rules for this:
1: You can't nominate yourself.
2: Your character should be at least lvl 20 to have a vote.
3: The vote will have more weight if you nominate a member of ANOTHER clan, not your own.
4: All three members of this Council must come from different clans.

We'll check all candidates and seed out the ones who've broken the rules in recent times.
Also, The Council will have means of contacting me outside the game, which will be beneficial to us all.

Please, give your recommendations and opinions.
I'd like to Nominate this guy right here.......
autum winter
Rhatmes from Elitist
she is the best to be a new council
This is a very good idea. There has been a lot of cheating going on and this server desperately needs order.

I vote for rhatmes.

She is smart, calm, collected, fair, has wisdom, integrity and is very active.

She is well liked and respected by the entire server and I trust that she will base her decisions on reason and facts not on biased unfounded opinions.
I also vote rhatmes she is well liked by all on this server
I vote for rhatmes from Elitist
i vote for Leane
vote for Leane
This is a good idea but instead of 3 person from different classes, you have 3 people that spends differently like heavy casher, moderate casher and hardly casher. It all depends on what administration objective for implementing this feature. Is it to generate law and order or to spur innovation to attract new/retain players? To many selfish people in the game. You better do it right or it will backfire. Look at the old guardians. You have guardians who punish people that they or their main toon hate either by having a beef with their main's clan or one of their other toons. For what it is worth I vote for AlexTiger. He was from the Elitist clan so he knows the drama scene and he is a hardly casher. He is a hardly casher that grind his way to 81K prospector which is difficult to do by not being a heavy casher and not being the ultra strong.
Athough i would love glean in this position i dont think he has the time doing it therefore i would nominate
I’ll vote Palasa too since he has previous guardian experience. I am assuming the council position is really not for suggesting new ideas to be pushed through: but to catch cheaters, silence people and introduce new people by guiding them through the game like midnite98 used to do.

Would be best if all three were from different time zones so someone always on.

I vote leane
I Vote For Rhatmes from Elitist
I vote Leane
Guardians need to leave clan it will be bias if they stay in clan.
I vote for Palasa. He is decent guy.
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