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Outskirts of Fort Giard
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03:16 April 25, 2017

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character progression log
01/04/2017 17:12
Achieved new Reputation stage with "Gladiators" - Exaltation!
25/03/2017 21:42
Received a new title "Eradicator"!
11/03/2017 19:50
Got married to Nurse Ratched.
10/03/2017 06:36
Received new rank "Brigadier of the First Blood"!
18/02/2017 22:30
Reached level 65!
11/12/2016 21:44
Divorced Nurse Ratched.
30/10/2016 17:46
Reached level 64!
28/09/2016 01:05
Received a new title "Oppressor"!
11/09/2016 22:36
Reached level 63!
20/08/2016 23:00
Received new rank "Cohort Master of the Third Blood"!
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Where once in time my heart was broke and void
We met, we spoke without the hint of gain
Then showed to me the way to fill this pain
Your heart shined bright this light I have enjoyed
Confess, through trust, this fondness could avoid
A heart, with fear for what could be insane
Our talks our times my heart you now retain
Keep safe this heart that once had been destroyed
Through happiness, and smiling, will attest
Each day, for you, this heart that healed will stride
To show you what has yet to be confessed
Because you shared with me, my heart takes pride
I found and know what life has at its best
The joy that mends and fills my heart… My Bride.