Clan Wars: Discussion

Warriors! We are currently working on brand new clan wars which many of you are waiting for eagerly. We want to make these new changes so that event would be interesting and fair to everyone. Few words on how we're expecting the new clan wars to look.

Main changes from the previous format of Clan Wars:

1) All wars will start twice a week - at 21:00 on Wednesdays and 16:00 Saturdays.
2) Duration of wars reduced to 2 hours.
3) If clan wants to participate in a war Clan Leader or someone with necessary permissions needs to press button "We want to Fight" in diplomacy tab no less than 24 hours before the start.
4) Enemy is chosen automatically using several variables to make the fights as balanced as possible while avoiding putting two same clans one against each other too often. Until the start of war you do not know who you'll fight.
5) Requirements and fight mechanics in general will stay unchanged. However new events like "destroy a caravan with ammunition" that will reward extra points and consumables might be added. Contribution and Seal of Defeat removed completely.
6) If you pressed button that you want to participate in next War day you cannot cancel your participation.
7) Heroism rewards will be doubled from previous wars.

Rewards: Heroism for fights as well as bonus points for most active members in them. Sydian and clan reputation as well as some other rewards. While little bit less than winners losers will also receive both Sydian and Clan Reputation! However only winners will be rewarded with Heroism. It will all depend on your own activity!

From our point of view only few active clans were constantly participating in wars and we'd like to see that changed with new format of Clan Wars and for it to stay active even after first month of changes. We are discussing idea(-s) regards to making clans into full fledged Alliances with Alliance chats while decreasing maximum number of players that can be in clan. But we'd like to hear your feedback on this first!

I don't do sb any more. I've done a number and the amount of heroism I came away with was miniscule. My guard toon ran in three sb and got a grand total of 77 heroism. The only way she can get heroism is to switch to red and do sb or switch out with another toon. Both options have seriously been considered. I said that to say this: most blues don't bother with sb any more for the same reason, little to no heroism. Heck, I'm getting corsair reps farming piastres on the islands.


I love the sydian mine or island control to the winning clan idea. We know that means some clans will always have access to sydian and some only limited access, but without sydian the game is dead from level 52 up.


The problem with penalties is that it killed the smaller clans. Unless they had a high level or two willing and able to farm all day long for gold, they couldn't pay the penalties. Additionally, *everything* they did cost them as individual players.

Gear damage:

The part about it costing to have no gear damage makes me a little nervous. I flat out guarantee that more people will fight in clan wars if they don't have to worry about gear damage. Charging something for it, that puts it back in the have and have nots category. So the top clans won't suffer gear damage and the bottom levels will, which also could kill wars again.

Putting cw opposite IW works for me. I just would prefer to not have to make choices between dot and clan war, or a boss fight and clan war.
Been waiting for a Wednesday to see how wars would fit.

Hero Mobs start at 17:00. At 19:00, Duel of Truth starts..... and a bunch of us still locked in the boss fight. At 21:00 Wars would start and we'd have to pick between war or DoT boss. And at no time is there a break for prepping, unless time taken out of other events. That is 6 hours of play time, non stop, on a weekday, if you don't add the extra 2 hours that most of us Hop per day. Please reconsider the weekday timing.
edit - forgot to include Maze of Eternity, open 18:00-20:00. But that's an every day event, and will be over before wars start, still adds to an already busy day. ">
Tired of waiting For good updates.
And hoping them not to change like ToC
Well according to mobile users Clan Wars will be here next week and the good folk of DE/Game Insight listened and have decided to ignore players who were concerned about the proposed times for the two slots available as they appear to have gone ahead and implemented it as stated 21:00 -23:00 on Wednesdays clashing with DoT and as Storm Kat has pointed out at the end of a busy day and Saturday 16:00 to 18:00 at the start of a full day of events most weekends. It will be interesting to see how this develops but I am not holding my breath for a sympathetic reply from DE when players tell DE told you so.
Continue discussion in player posted thread here regarding your latest concerns:
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