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11/07/2013 14:08

Missing Reals

I attempted to purchase reals through iTunes yesterday (30 count) but it wouldn't process. So I went online and bought reals (30 count) through PayPal. Today I noticed my checking account has been charged for $60. Can I get a refund for the $30 or the 30 ...
11/07/2013 02:36


Lvl 4 quest Learning Battle Magic. Says equip you class amulet. Should be your not you.
09/07/2013 18:58

Game music playing even though it music is set to off

The music is the only game sound I do not want and it has started to play at Aldorian Road please fix this
09/07/2013 22:17

Arena's and queuing bug

We can now queue for multiple things without it unqueuing u from one that you were intially queued for Also i have noticed the pop up thing isnt coming up at the 1 minute warning
06/07/2013 01:10

Simple Necromancer Orb Bug

I've spoke to a few people now, and it seems you can only get collection items if you have max'd your current Vigilant Guard to 3000, even though you can use at 1000+ once you have completed Faith of the Vigilant Guard Collection. I have used over 25 of t...
25/08/2012 05:52

posting on face book

i cant seem to find a way to stop pictures from dragon eternity to my face book i do not want any postings or pictures to show up
05/07/2013 02:01

locked in loading, cant get to game

anyone have a suggestion to solve
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02/07/2013 21:07

Trap in Farmstead..won't work

This has beed going on for two day, so I'm hoping someone can help me. The trap at the bottom in the farmstead will not work. It started out food was rotting immediately after filling, now when I put the mouse over it...nothing. It's like it's not there. ...
02/07/2013 08:25

Garuug quest

I was doing garuug quest and the game/server crashed on me. Second time in four days, i've been denied the chance to kill garuug two times now. Can something be done about this?
02/07/2013 12:11

dear support team hello

yesterday i bought by excidante a sartificate of support from gal-kirion by there a way that you can undo it(this parches) and i could get my 2 gold back ...preaty please with sugar on top.... i'll be realy greatfall
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19/06/2013 22:33

Instance Bugs and dot bugs

appearently therte is dot and instance bugs i cannot enter instances along with other players and sometimes dot fix it please
28/06/2013 23:50

Missing Rep

23:45 Heaven's Voice: You have struck crumbum with the {ITEM 17762} Curse. 23:45 Heaven's Voice: You have struck Weak with the {ITEM 17756} Curse. 23:45 Heaven's Voice: You received {EXP 3521} Experience. 23:45 Heaven's Voice: You received {HO...
29/06/2013 00:19

Facebook quest

Whenever I try to log into facebook, it keeps saying "Authentication Error: -109".
01/07/2013 03:34

New info screen

Can't access people's profiles anymore. By that i mean there character page like we used to be able to. So how do we put bad nicknames into the bad nicknames part of forum so that they can be shackled. One character for example that should be shackled do ...
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19/06/2013 00:20

Insignia of Redeemer

Where you stayed Insignia of Redeemer on task? And why is not the task of the employer? fight.php?id=51c0e8e9-0bb1-0302-3291-9262c6eb4c7d 00:12 Heaven's Voice: You received {EXP 213} Experience. 00:12 Heaven's Voice: You received {MONEY 1001}. 00...
 Surturs Fire50 
23/06/2013 08:45

Elemental Marks not activating

I have farmed a full eye and not once did my elemental marks activate. I have 18% steel shield so it normally activates a few times per fight I do. I can understand a few fights but not a full 2 hours of farming mobs and not having any activation's of my ...
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26/05/2013 17:21


For some odd reason. now when I play the game. 30 seconds into it says that my connection to the server was interrupted. Does anyone have an idea what is happening or whats happening
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26/06/2013 21:33

Hero Rep

In DOT battle, just finished, Was in 4 battles before got +6, +6, +12 & last one nothing. WE won the battle - another +6 heroism, but before battle started my heroism was at 1321 , now still at 1321. AM I wrong in saying that it is not counting my heroism...
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25/06/2013 11:32

Clan War bug

So i was trading crystals with a clannie since i didnt have enough energy to move them further, i put them in the trade, my clannie accepted but i had forgot and clicked move location. I still had the crystals and it only cost me a normal amount of energy...
25/06/2013 03:23

Transferring reals problem

I'm on my iPad I tried transferring reals but its having a hard time doing it I need help with t his problem
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