"Three Corsairs" game on ship: the discription says "The players take turns rolling 3, then 2, then 1 die." I believe it must be dice :)

Item 62227 description typo

Item #62227 says "Faith of the Vigilant Guard Collection" instead of "Enlightenment of the Vigilant Guard Collection"


items with the same name

Amulet of Celestial Patron & Amulet of Celestial Guardian have the same name
Both are called Amulet of Celestial Guardian, Dragon Amulets. Level 60 & Level 40. Please correct this.

Servers on Android

Does anyone know why I can only see the Nova server on my Android app?

Tournament of Honor - stars

It says that after I completed 5stars I get arrows of my lvl, only the arrows are of lvl 29 instead of 36...

Problem with game

Whenever I log on, the screen is black and it wont let me report a bug.


Randomly I'm getting Error Authentication, anyone else with this problem?

Server connection error

As much as you seem to avoid saying it or denying it I very much believe (and I'm sure others do too) that the problem is with your servers.

I have been noticing a rise in this as I'm sure others have as well. For me it seems to happen most when I...

Comma in clan news post title breaks the URL in Heaven's Voice announcement

The title is cut-off in the message, and the URL becomes invalid and goes to a not found page.

To reproduce:

1) Create a clan news post with a title like "test, this"
2) When heaven's voice announces the clan post in clan chest, the link will ...

Not able to collect Insignias while killing MOB's

Need some help for the past 2 days I have not been able to receive insignias when completing the people divided quest. Not sure what happened but I was able to gather them before when killing mobs.

Thanks for the assistance


Necessary Parts Quest Bugged

Can not load the screen to find items and the. SKIP button does not work

Reals not posting

Bought them payment was taken. No Reals yet

Aldorian road

So... I'm not sure whether it's a bug or not, but it looks like one to me. The mining spot at aldorian road has beech logs, ash logs... and there is a miner a "Barbarian 70" that's mining ash logs, ( http : / / dragoneternity . com / entity /bot / 7...

Did not recive dule of trurth quest nor Riouge drillers quest

The title says it all AND DON'T YOU DARE tell me to clear cookies restart browser and that crap DO NOT try to blame this issue on me that is unacceptable. Also do not tell me to click following in the count down timer cause I tried that and it did to...

Thieves at large bug

I have logged in to do the daily incident, it shows at the top of my screen and I can see the sinra warriors. The problem is that I haven't been given the quest on this or my alts of the same levels; I kill the sinra warriors and get the hero rep but...
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