Aldorian road

So... I'm not sure whether it's a bug or not, but it looks like one to me. The mining spot at aldorian road has beech logs, ash logs... and there is a miner a "Barbarian 70" that's mining ash logs, ( http : / / dragoneternity . com / entity /bot / 7...

Did not recive dule of trurth quest nor Riouge drillers quest

The title says it all AND DON'T YOU DARE tell me to clear cookies restart browser and that crap DO NOT try to blame this issue on me that is unacceptable. Also do not tell me to click following in the count down timer cause I tried that and it did to...

Thieves at large bug

I have logged in to do the daily incident, it shows at the top of my screen and I can see the sinra warriors. The problem is that I haven't been given the quest on this or my alts of the same levels; I kill the sinra warriors and get the hero rep but...

anyone else having energy bar issues?

I am wondering if anyone else on mobile devices or otherwise is having energy bar issues? Right now mine is stuck at half full but refuses to let me travel giving the you do not have enough energy to travel message. I haven't taken out any loans or ...

Clan War Bug

Just FYI ihit this bug is still there, we had a war today vs Drachengarde, they started off the war with 2600 crystals. They have kindly returned the gold via trade as you suggested so I am not worried about anything, but thought you should know it ...

Auction House bug

Since the server authentication error the auction house hasn't worked properly for me, it keeps telling me there is nothing available when I look at consumables or have no filters on.

Old Player

I haven't logged on in 1-2 years, and a lot has changed. The main problem I'm having is the Gabrilas quest (old level 6 quest) that's still on my radar, yet cannot be completed. I can't obtain any items to make the armor in the gladiator sets until...

clan war

My clan had a war yesterday that only lasted 6 minutes in which we lost with no crystals collected form either side. How is that possible. And how would we be able to get our coin lost from a war that only lasted a few minutes.


I'm still having trouble logging in to the game. I've been trying all day. I updated flash, cleared history and cache, even tried switching browsers. None of my alts are able to log in at all. All that shows is a black "loading" screen for about 10-1...

server error

I have at least 2 members of my clan stuck in clan hall since the server crash of last night. galathon and militaryvetborn are the ones that i know of as of now. please let me know when this is fixed

Quest completeion without even doing it

Heaven's Voice: You have completed the The Nimble Snoors Quest.
14:15 Heaven's Voice: Received: 410 Experience and Flawless Orb of Courage (15 pcs). Removed:

i was able to complete this quest without even doing it...................

why. can't I go into the scrag caves

I'mlvl. 15 and it says I've reached my limit

Daily resets

I have 2 lvl 10 toons on nova.when I log in day 1 I get 5s,day 2 10s,day 3 15s,day 4 20s,then resets next day to 5s.I don't get the .5 real on day

nephilim quest bug..

Have completed caster of arrows collection twice, as evidenced by the next collections wreaths ., but quest says zero still. Please help fix this have gone broke trying to complete this

My items sold in ah but was not added to my wallet

Hello my items are selling in the ah and I am not been receiving the gold. It has happened a few times.
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