19/03/2013 20:59

Can't Log. And Which thing is Dragon Eternity sent to?

I can't log on, and when i make my new person it shpws up female only and still log on, all it says is "Please Choose Player" and never works, mind helping it out on all computers, and which place is dragon eternity going to be sent to, and which devices ...
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21/03/2013 03:25

ah bug

i made many bids and put up a few lots yet i got no pay out or refund. my lots that i put up are missing as well and did not return and again no pay out, i did all that i was told to do but still nothing so if anybody can look into it please
20/03/2013 22:34

I can not navigate on the map

I can not navigate to other areas of the world, the place I click but nothing happens
21/03/2013 01:29

FRAUD ALERTNo access to game funds

I used my discover card to pay $10 on my account for VaalorWHunterMom which is a moderator for your game and payment wall cancelled and denied funds, even though Discover approved it. Now I can't use any other method of payment to resolve this issue. I ...
15/03/2013 15:13

CPU and RAm consumption

Not sure where my topic has gone to. The CPU is hitting about 50 when fighting monsters and memory consumption is too high.. Something is wrong with the update and it needs to be fixed before the laptops get damaged,
20/03/2013 03:40

Reverse Main and Additional Rewards for Catching Fish?

Thank you for all the spectacular improvements! :D But I think the reward for catching fish might be reversed. By catching fish I automatically obtain them so the additional reward is already there, so but if you make obtaining fish the main reward and...
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18/03/2013 07:57

AH sales

I went to bed last night with 23g and woke up this morning with 23g, YET i sold 500+ essences. I maybe gong mad but is there anyway to check this like a log as per clan chest. I dont wanna be loosing money over night every time
19/03/2013 00:41

Back pack and adding items to belt.

Today when I was trying to add and take stuff off my belt I could take stuff off my belt but not add things back to it until I closed and refreshed the game Ihit. Have you heard anything about this? Thanks.
18/03/2013 21:27

Vaalor side

I started this new toon when I was trying to change it the vaalor side it wouldn't change
18/03/2013 15:33

Auction House

Put my Guardian's Necklace in AH , but its not showing up??? Killick Tried refreshing but still not in AH
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08/03/2013 11:28

google-flash player link from in game broken

clicking on tell me more takes me to this page dragoneternity. com/forum/bugs/15388. html which is invalid :) A~
17/03/2013 14:16

Clan screen scroll bar

I am attempting to look at members in clans. The scroll bar will not scroll down to show everyone in the clan.
16/03/2013 17:58

Item description error

dragoneternity.com/entity/item/8812.html#cP=1 "One of the five wallets containing the payment for the goods that the Sinra had to give to {Skinflint Bron,0x7e4238}. " :) A~
18/03/2013 02:46

cant do quest

the quest is hours of prosperity. it is lv 16 quest. not on library list. but i cant do it. i go to person it says to talk to and nothing. any suggestions? it is dude that starts clans so do i have to start a clan to complete quest. cuz i wont start one s...
16/03/2013 12:39

Cannot complete Queen bee quest L15

I cannot complete this quest - Subscreen "Nest of Queen Bee's" does not load - just get loading symbol permanently.
17/03/2013 14:32

Combat screen freezing now

Logged on today - went to clear hunter trap - Combat screen came up but was blank - and timer stationary. right click on screen said movie not loaded. Left for long time then relogged - said I had just died and equipment damaged. Tried next trap - exactly...
14/03/2013 18:01

Animation bug

In the AoH just now one of my opponents just performed all of the animations that the character can perform. It was a bit off putting
15/03/2013 15:04

Group backpack

I was in group yesterday and the group leader signed off. So I stayed in because we had items in the backpack. EVERYTHING I had got for drops that went into group backpack lastnight and this morning is gone. The group leader hadn't signed on that I had no...
15/03/2013 07:09

store stole 60 silver for eye of air dragon never recived

06:56 gtm115: i just got ripped off by the store any advice lost 60 silver on eye of the air dragon????? 06:57 gtm115: it says i spent it its gone all 60 and its not in my bag 06:57 Rajabi » gtm115: that is because it is active, look in top left ...
14/03/2013 17:52

Boots by Your Own Hand

I received an Amendar in the Arena and I bought a Mekhar in the shop with the idea I'd use it when I had the ability. But now I can't seem to make the boots in Boots By Your Own Hand, as it only shows the cuirass because of the Mekhar quest? So I can't se...
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