25/02/2013 21:56

100 MONSTER bonus. Can administration be honest about situation?

Ihit : abominatrix, You should know better, I've answered that many times - you can only receive bonus once per 24 hours/day. How can you say you've answered that many times!? You've answered nothing, your putting the question off. Let me remind you, ...
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25/02/2013 21:52

No reals bonus for killing 100 monsters

So again, no getting my bonus reals. And yes I know you can only claim them once per day, and yes my Facebook is allowed thru. I post all my crafting quest and protector rep completions to it. But it won't post my 100 monster kill, and since it won't do...
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14/12/2012 09:09

I didn't get my Reals

Everytime I kill 100 monsters this banner comes up saying that if I post it to Facebook I can get .20 Reals. And there have been 3 times where I haven't gotten my .20 Reals. I'm out .60 Reals ans as I'm only Lv 10, that's a lot to me. I know I'm logged in...
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25/02/2013 09:41

No getting reals bonus

3 days already and im not getting the reals bonus got few pop ups in same day hoping that the next i will get and nothing no sure if this have to do with the last update but having this issue since then. will you fix it soon ???
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26/02/2013 03:38

0.2 reals for 100 monsters

100 mobs again - no reals :( got the pop up to share and i did share! i even got the screenshot if needed!!!!!
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24/02/2013 04:35

I can not get out of the clan (

What do I do (((I can not tell rule (
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22/02/2013 20:18

my hearts always get lost

i logged out than in and all my hearts were gone?
02/12/2012 07:38

Problem with the Schemes of Tireless Gladiator Set

This scheme I is not active and I can not make armor, I 8 level. All quests for level 6 I made
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22/02/2013 03:25

Sea battle collections

thought i would get collection if i do the best.. but past 2/3 times i did - i got no collection - just heroism...
01/02/2013 14:16

no credit for killing 100 monsters.

posted and shared on my wall that i killed 100 monsters but the .20 reel that it said was reward was not credited to my account. my fb link to see it was posted https://www.facebook.com/imanotgonatellya
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19/02/2013 21:58

in war

during war went to refresh pc and can't reenter game it's been like an hour
22/02/2013 15:28

Mayhaps another bug you already know about but..

When in the clan chest interface, clicking the pay gold/pay reals button brings up that specific box all well and fine. however, the text above the 3 boxes is in russian the last word I guess is gold, but cant work out what the first word is, same goes f...
22/02/2013 14:41

Item description error

dragoneternity.com/entity/item/55845.html#cP=1 "a Witcher of level 34 and higher will receive the Ethereal Sword of Avenger or the 26288, needs a link im thinking? :) A~
21/02/2013 15:42

Cant Summon Dragon

Since new update cant summon dragon, just broke 3 armour cos of it
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21/02/2013 18:41


I've got the quest from the Blacksmith, to go find Gabrilas, I go to the Eldiren's Farm and I can only see Lior Mahlron...am I in the wrong place ?
21/02/2013 23:47


My character is stuck in a cave (I can not get out (what do I do?
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22/02/2013 03:09

lost hearts ITEM 55166

my game crashed, and when i logged back in my hearts were gone. anyone else have the same problem? ladiolien
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21/02/2013 15:39


After recent patch, it's impossible to talk to Legate Val-Tar
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21/02/2013 15:54

error messages and garuug

since the update i get error messages when trying to complete quests. i did receive the garuug the grabber quest, i could see him and click on him to attack, but i would never enter battle with him. he just kept running around taunting me until the timer ...
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21/02/2013 16:10

Eye of the earth Dragon

dont get essences after update. Want to refund to buy new one
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