13/02/2013 20:34

Not Able to get online

I am not ablt ot get online on my account at all... i log in and all it shows is the valor/exp bars, my account balance, the gold and real buttons and the rest of the outline of my account... but the main screen has that circle thing going on it, that i g...
13/02/2013 14:06

Missing Quest

14:00 Heaven's Voice: You have received the Element not found Quest. I can't find this quest in my Quest Log :]
12/02/2013 19:12

no location names on map

it's in the title lol, is no location names and doesn't show me how much grow time is left on my plants now either, help x
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13/02/2013 10:41

using food after battles

since the new update im having trouble with using food to restore my health after fights,the first one works but after that nothin,i have to refresh after every second fight to use the food.could you please look into this please.many thanks
12/02/2013 21:00

facebook error

a quest i got said to join d.e on facebook i did but when i went to claim the reward (which was a potion that fortifys all my stats by 50) the quest disapeared and i didnt get the item
12/02/2013 21:13

Arena problems

Since the server work last night I have been in 3 different arena battles where the sides are uneven and when at full health it freezes and the next thing I see is that I'm dead, when I know I haven't been disconnected as I can still see all the conversat...
08/02/2013 20:41

Powerful Necro Orb Activated during battle, but no icon apperaed under my name

Hey Devs, At around 20:34 today, bridges battle, I activated my Powerful Necro Orb. No icon appeared under my character name showing that the orb had been engaged. The orb did leave my inventory though. This has happened multiple times and I want to see...
09/02/2013 19:22

Injuries don't show in 'Near' list if someone is on your friends list

After using a BC sphere in the arena for example and I curse someone, the injury doesn't appear by their name in the 'Near' list if I have added them as a friend. To heal the injury I have to look in my friends list then click on the injury to heal.
08/02/2013 20:48

Wrong purchase of armor

I bought reals to buy my witcher leggings and went to shop clicked armor/witcher and when leggings showed I bought them.When I went to pack to equip them they were for a berzerker.Can I please have some help on what to do.I bought them today about 15 minu...
08/02/2013 10:48

No reals for 100 monsters slain

yesterday I didn't get reals despite clicking tell friends of facebook. Today the same bug still present. Please fix.
08/02/2013 07:58

Uploading the comic

i can upload pictures to my profile but cannot upload the comic to the forum i would rly like to get this sorted if not then there was really no point in me doin the work i did
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07/02/2013 10:08


why am i blocked from posting links this is unfair to me. i should be able to post links like everyone else. what am i gonna post from the outside of de i would like to post links bout battles but i cant so unfair to a child who doesnt understand
06/02/2013 21:37

Duel of Truth Error

I levelled up during duel of truth to 22 so it messed up the quest. I completed the boss and won the fight with almost 8000 damage done. Quest completed the second part but not the first so i couldnt claim anything. I'm now missing 1350 valor, 1125 exp a...
07/02/2013 05:59

Help Please!

I didn't login with my facebook account when I registered, and now am unable to share on facebook for the reals rewards, but can't start a new game either because the email I used is my facebook email, is there anyway to fix this?
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06/02/2013 23:57

twitter quest doesnt work

i need to complete the twitter quest and i followed dragoneternity and clicked check and it does absolutely nothing. fix it
06/02/2013 15:46


Collections are not showing in the collections page. Would like to know whats happening.
 Jose M28 
25/01/2013 20:38


I believe that I have received the quest Durable Leggins again, I remember completing ti so I can get the scheme for my gladiator boots.
03/02/2013 13:48

No hunting rep.

I have been trapping and killing loads of monsters but I don't get hunting mastery for the kills.
03/02/2013 04:15

Mob locked out

I have a screen shot but we had a mob locked out and couldnt finish cave what happened
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02/02/2013 04:09

first level spells arent showing up

my first level spells arent showing up even tho it says that i have already learned them . any help ???
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