10/01/2013 21:35

game server

can you help last two day it keeps saying server connection error finding it hard to log back into game thank you
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07/01/2013 16:44

game crashes when faceing those who used cheats for reps

Seems like every time i have to fight one of these players that cheated on their hero rep the game crashes is there anything that can be done to fix this its getting real annoying bad enough that they messed up the game with cheats but then to crash to be...
09/01/2013 03:43

Group Backpack problem

I joined a group that was doing caves, they had killed the first boss and then I joined the group. At this time it showed the backpack being empty to me because they had killed everything prior to me joining the group. After I joined the group we killed...
08/01/2013 03:02

(solved) Inability to use equipped lvl 23 Skeletars

I have recently both acquired the 1000 reputation and Assembled the full Faith of the Vigilant Guard, but when equipping a lvl 23 Fianite of Midnight Valterna Skeletar, the Skeletar is not visible in a fight. -Tested with both mobs and in PvP situation...
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08/01/2013 02:02

Reals reward for killing 100 mobs

I have my FB acct set up for this game so that I can receive my reals.I was getting them until a few days ago and now I can't get them it shows that I killed 100 mobs and opens the window to share but I do not receive the reals.Can you please help.Thank Y...
08/01/2013 01:50

Kicked out of the game

was playing along had a ashy mount on and doing AoH's... then it kicks me out of the game and now i can't get back in I've lost my mount scroll...been blocked out for like 20-30 mins now... is there anyone that can help me!!!
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07/01/2013 21:46

Addressing names by entering # or @ + name in paranthesis (e. g. #(john doe) ) doesn't work with german keyboard-layout

Ok, I guess the title explains everything: Addressing names by entering # or @ + name in paranthesis (e. g. #(john doe) ) doesn't work with german keyboard-layout Steps to reproduce: 1. Switch to a german keyboard-layout (you maybe have to reload the pag...
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06/01/2013 22:40

Bug on Leader Hurugh-Khar

Second time I have encountered this we all click on the 3 groups before the boss and it doubles the middle group. We beat all the groups and then we can not fight the boss.
05/01/2013 23:40

VG Trophies

I have spent a lot of gold - and have hit the last blow to players who are far higher level than me - 3+ levels at least. But so far only 1 trophy off the 5 of the grey collection. Can someone really check what the heck is going on?
02/01/2013 21:46

Duell of Truth

Hi, i dont understand why the Vaalor side getting always the bad one of the both bosses? Last Fight we getting a Earth Dragon vs Witcher Guard who could get with Water Magic Hp back. Now we getting a Paladin Guard vs Berzerk Guard who near always critts...
 Toy Soldier15 
03/01/2013 07:42


i dont know what the real problem is but i keep logging on and as soon as i get on and do something i crash... how do i stop this?
 Darius Swift40 
29/12/2012 21:12

log in problem

have they updated something when i try to log in i get the black loading screen but it goes no where fast stayed on that screen for 2 hrs
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30/12/2012 13:45

No rep for 7b

Just done a 7b battle and received nothing for it. Have refreshed and checked my rep and still nothing.
28/12/2012 13:55

Laptop Usage

when I use my laptop with wireless mouse I get the register page rather than DE loading my acct. Can you help. Laptop set up for wireless from modem. thanks. Killick
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31/12/2012 01:43

100 beasts

Hi - I earned the 100 monster award of .20 reals this evening - however because my provider (CenturyTel) is having internet issues Facebook cannot be accessed over the provider and thus I did not get my reward - presumably because Facebook would not be ac...
30/12/2012 16:29

trade chat and main chat

Hello there is a problem when i post on trade chat i get warnings from guardians that i shud use the trade chat which i actually use...
27/12/2012 18:40

Not getting my 0.2 reals

Hi, logged in through facebook, killed 100 monsters, have it posted on facebook, no reals. Can you tell me why not? Thanks
 mack city35 
22/12/2012 19:15


OK i am pissed off i had 1.20 reals on my account now it is gone idk what happen to it u was saving it now it is not there anymore.... this is crap u guys need to fix this
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28/12/2012 04:37

Cannot enter game

I am trying to enter the game, but get a black screen with "loading..." in the center of it. Previously it stated something about Server Connection Error.
22/12/2012 17:32

Level 7 Quest: Blown Away

The quest makes you search for bottles, i found all 4, but can only click 3. The last bottle (bottom right hand corner by rock) isn't click-able. Yes i refreshed/re-logged/cleared cookies. Quest is glitched, i believe i saw another post about it on forums...
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