29/01/2013 19:58

Game freeze during Sea Battle

Usually I'm pretty accepting of the fact that sometimes games & the internet just play up causing lag, crashes or game freezes, especially since this is a free game. Today in Sea Battle the game froze on me the instant the boarding battle started and of c...
30/01/2013 00:07

reward for slaying 100 monsters

Is there a glitch going on with recieving the .20 reals from slaying 100 monsters, because i havent recieved any except for the first time i posted on facebook
29/01/2013 15:10


i have 2 swords but one is not showing upas in my hand. tried refreshing, logging out totally but when I log back in same problem No dark sword in my hand. Tried unequipping & equip, same its there on the bottom of my avatar but not showing up as in my ...
29/01/2013 06:18

Lost Item

Hi I wonder if you can help me with an issue. During DOT this week I got some witcher dragon gauntlets, my dragon is a zerk dragon so I wanted to sell them. I put them up on the AH and didnt think about them again until today. They are not in my backpa...
28/01/2013 17:18

Just plain rediculous!!!

This is stupid.. we have had our clan vote 4 times now to change the leader in clan. The reason is that we need to change leader is because the current one is not around and we need a leader to do one simple task... Push the complete button so that we ca...
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29/01/2013 10:35

Equipment presets

A preset will be deleted after unequiping once.
28/01/2013 02:58


my sever crashed right after i killed 100 monsters and it did not give me my .20reals can u help?
27/01/2013 14:13


hey i declared war and then it lagged and somehow i surrendered can u please put me back to the state of war? message back please. . Let me explain further.... I declared war today 1/27/13 at 14:03 server time. It said the war would start tomorrow. Som...
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27/01/2013 01:10

i have lost all my equipment and all my items in my back back, plus all the reals i had

when i logged on everything has gone from my back back and all my equipment, can you pleases tell me why this has happened to my account only and what will happen now as i have nothing, i am very unhappy that this has happened
26/01/2013 19:39


Unable to enter caves/fort with the telestone when backpack is overloaded
27/01/2013 15:11

Reward Bag from Protector Collection

I opened two Medium Reward Bag from Protectors Collection, and the 1st bag I only got 16 Simple Elixir of Endurance and the 2nd bag I only got 200 Simple Orb of Strength. If I remember correctly, I was suppose to receive 16 Simple Elixir of Endurance, 39...
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25/01/2013 19:03

Drop Rate

Dear DE: Been doing 200+ mobs past 5-6 days and drops are dismal. Sure - orbs, pots few sparks are normal. But other than a few junk jewellery & some warrior items, that's it. Has the drop rate declined on armor/ weapons on Pally,witcher, zerk??????? K...
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 mack city36 
27/01/2013 21:20


how come i do not have my reals they say payment wall is holding on to them not sure what this means but i am not happy bunny lol i need to pay my loan back.... I hope this can be fixed very SOON
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25/01/2013 18:38

Might of Earth V broken?

18:35 Heaven's Voice: badintentions (Attack Stance) inflicted 426 damage on MNS (Attack Stance) With the spell active - I got hit for 426 normal damage?
18/01/2013 00:55

Glitch on Necro collections

Is there a glitch going on for me? I am not getting necro collections because my rep is above 1000 on it (trying to get the grey collections themselves)
 Horned Demon20 
24/01/2013 23:22

Having trouble seeing

I've posted on the poem forum yet i'm unable to see my poem, i wanted to check for any errors but forgot to before sending it, but only 3 poems aer visible to me when i click on the forum yet it says below it the tavern forum I have made a comment
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24/01/2013 05:58

Logging in to play

i can not play at all fore the last 24 hours. im logged in but all that is shown is the "loading" screen where its all black. then it stays like that for a long time. i waited for 2 hours the first time and nothing happened...i tried again a few hours lat...
16/01/2013 06:02

Having trouble loading to server

Hello, i have been trying to enter the game for two hours, but my game won't connect to the server. I am stuck at the black screen with the words loading and never finish loading. What i find strange is that i am logged in although i have not entered the ...
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23/01/2013 23:49

Gabrilas armor quests bug

is this a bug? 23:45 Heaven's Voice: Item creation to the Recipe Cuirass of Valorous Gladiator finished. 23:45 Heaven's Voice: Received: {ITEM 8040} (1 pcs). Removed: {ITEM 8065} (10 pcs), {ITEM 8066} (30 pcs). 23:45 Heaven's Voice: You have com...
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23/01/2013 15:56

gear presets

my gear presets are not working. i had 3 set and now it says i have none. when i try to create them again, i hit save, it seems to save them, but when i go to use them i get the message that i have no presets.
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