19/12/2012 15:51

Christmas Quest

The quest said that we are supposed to acquire 1k decorations and that it had over 12 hours left when I logged off. I assumed this was the time left for me to claim my rewards from it. I logged in now to find that the quest has vanished and i cannot clai...
19/12/2012 14:14

Bewitched Lairycawns quest

again i didnt get the quest like in the first stage, please look into this i hope it will not be the same in the next stage
18/12/2012 02:26

Trouble getting into Port of Sadar

I dont know what happens but i cant get into Port of Sadar, i mean, when i get there it keeps charging, appears a red circle charging and never appears the place. I restarted my computer, cleaned history, changed browser and nothing works. Please help me....
19/12/2012 02:07

Multiple Bugs

Hello i have had lots of stuff go wrong lately and here is the list: 1. I cannot leave the group that i am in and have been trapped in it now for 2 days as everytime i try to leave it gives me an error saying that you probably know about it and will fix ...
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19/12/2012 05:45

Cannot get into clan hall

Hi, I have a bug where i cannot get into Clan Hall. Could you please fix it? This has happened only after the crash. Thank you
18/12/2012 20:22

Gladiator 7b quests

This appears quite unfair. I get approx 650 valor for a normal win in a normal fight. So, spending 50s (not 30s any longer) - and getting the approximate of 650 valor at my level - seems quite unfair. I could spend the 50s on the elixirs and fight proba...
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19/12/2012 00:08

No rep for skeletar use

I got 1000 vigilant guard rep a few days ago. I been using skellies since then and looking at collections tonight I am still stuck on 1000 rep only. Why is this? Please fix this glitch I spent a fortune on skellies only to find out i am not getting rep fo...
17/12/2012 20:53

Trouble getting into clan hall

I've tried refreshing, loggining in/out. nothing works
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17/12/2012 15:56

Reputation description showing in russian

I was checking on my reputations and just noticed that their description is showing in Russian. I did clean my browser cache, but I am still having them in Russian I asked few people and the reply was that they also have this. Can you please fix this? I...
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17/12/2012 15:01

stolen decorations

i didnt get this quest, also at first durgs were droping decorations when i killed them, but now they dont do this either please fix this, i was really fired up for this events and now nothing but frustration
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17/12/2012 03:20

502 bad gateway

cant get on to play the game... what happened and is this something you guys have to fix or is it my computer?
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16/12/2012 12:11

Battle tracking issue

Hi, relatively new player but enjoying the game. In battle it says i can track people/beasties but i have no option to do that. In the battle screen i get two side windows which have the loading spinny thing in them at all times, i assume this is where my...
 Toy Soldier14 
15/12/2012 07:10


i just harvested 100 quartz and it doesn't show it in my back pack
15/12/2012 16:29

paysafe card buy reals button is not there?

paysafe card buy reals button is not there
16/12/2012 03:34


every dot ive joined and used a {ITEM 31717} right after it i get 1 hit ko'd by a 900+ hit which is impossible for the 16-21 bracket costing me a ton of repairs its bull it says redirects it at the dmg dealer not the one who glyphs otherwise change the de...
14/12/2012 03:01

bc spheres

im not recieving any rep for bcing people in pvp anymore and when i do it is very rare. most of the players or my lv and higher what gives?
06/12/2012 05:53

sea battle ship repairer

it seems like every time i am a repair. about 2 or 3 time i repair after it finishes it go into a repair on it s owe and after it is does the one i repaired still needs to be repaired can you look into it. it would be greatly appreciated.
12/12/2012 16:07

Hunter's Kit

I just finished fighting a ghost guard (9) when my huunters kit took me to a fight with a Strikade that apereared to be about level 15. I am not sure if this is a mistake or just bad luck on my part.
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12/12/2012 04:03

lost reels from red mark purchase

i bought a red berzerk weapon and 2 marks to go on it. the marks do not say that they can not be crossed onto other class weapons and i bought 2 pally witcher marks not knowing that. the marks need to be clearly marked so that something like this does n...
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07/10/2012 18:35

Crafting Quest

The other day I had my gathering quest which is farming and I somehow canceled out the crafting quest I have waited 24hrs from that time so that it will reappear and I can start again on it. Today I only have the gathering quest is this a bug problem or ...
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