09/04/2013 19:57

server connection error every 5 minutes

why do we have to refresh every five minutes? i am using google chrome...if its a bug hope u fix it soon
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07/04/2013 19:01

The Bee Queens L14 quest not working

there is 3 step did 2 just middle where must slaysom mobs ..well these not show up at this location :( or actually when i press teleport i see different location . not same what this quest lead me.. at picture (teleport) seems like instance but ..i dont r...
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08/04/2013 03:54

Quest Oil Substitute

It's in Russian. I don't mind since I can see what I need to fight but I thought you'd like to know. ;P
07/04/2013 02:51

No Valor Points

Hi, I am at level 18. After the battles, I get no valor points. It says Valor progression will continue after level 19. Please help on this.
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27/03/2013 22:57

Hunter production isn't working

When I log in and start working traps, I cannot get any hunter production from the kill. I have a knife equipped and I can even switch out knives while trying to "use" it. (Use is the term listed on the production kill) I am losing production and it's ...
05/04/2013 15:02

Looting glitch

In a fight against a Lvl 8 Enraged boar, I looted 7 Sparks of Inception and a green quality two-handed beserker axe. But they didn't transfer over to my inventory. Is there any way to remedy this situation?
05/04/2013 04:49

Glitch for 8th Legion and Valor Serpents

8th had the player Weak and now clan leader of the Valor Serpents, I had a clannie ask me how he can be into clans, The clan journal does not show that he has left 8th and on the near tab with the clan members listed he is still there but using a user lo...
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04/04/2013 21:54

I can't study the weapon scheme

I bought it and now it won't do anything idk what to do. 😡😡😡
05/04/2013 08:25


Why is it taking so long to load...actually it says loading but never loads...there is a problem please fix.
05/04/2013 06:29

Missing silver-Shard of Light Combat Ambition..in auction for 63,only received 38

I placed this in auction 2 days ago, but I didn't sign in yesterday. Today I checked, and it was a complete auction, price 63..but my sales say 38. Can someone help? Thank you in advance:)
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04/04/2013 16:19

Hunting glitch

I came on this morning to get traps, and I keep getting a notice saying I am in the right location, but have all my traps available set ( in so many words). I happens while I am clicking to get prey out, while I am setting it, and now anytime my page relo...
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 Zalex Jr26 
04/04/2013 00:15

glitch with 2x money buff

I got the 2x money buff from storm with 65 coal but I did not get the buff for it
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03/04/2013 04:08

Won it,Did not receive Trap of Grohl!

I won the fight,already had one trap in my backpack for this collection, won another..and did not get it. I'd like it please..
02/04/2013 14:53

wandering swarm

when i click on my map to look what events are coming and when, Wandering swarm event is constantly active and it is so for last few days
 Horned Demon23 
31/03/2013 16:18

Click the box don't worry it won't work anyway

Don't show this warning again option doesn't work , not to mention the link to one of them is broken yet it still keeps appearing when i log on
30/03/2013 18:39

Gladiator Rep points

Ive been in numerous AOH battles since reaching 200 out of 250 needed to complete the quest. But I havent received any rep points even though I have defeated several opponents in the arena and won several battles is there a glitch?
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29/03/2013 01:00


The thing with all the characters and such show up but quickly disappears soooo Pleasee figure out whats wrong
30/03/2013 15:42

Auction House

put in a bid for predator gloves, won the auction, 4g50s, taken out but have not got the gloves, is there a time limit when gloves should appear in my pack. Killick
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29/03/2013 05:57

iPad cannot Lon out

Hey guys just downloaded thr game on my iPad everything is working fine except when I decided to log out I was not ale to find exit button on iPad game:) thank you for your help
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28/03/2013 01:43

clan gifts.

how is it that a day after i opened the confrontation and achievements rewards they disappeared? i usually get all week to give them out and this time they were gone in a day. i had no time to give them out. is there a new time limit to them?
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