26/03/2013 16:47


Ihit: changed resolution to 1280 X 1024 & logged in. Played for a bit- type in chat window kinda small so set resolution back to where it was. Accidently quit chrome, started chrome again with original resolution & login window appeared. Killick
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26/03/2013 16:20

can't login

i switched to fire fox everything worked for about 3 days now i can't log in on any of my home computers pls fix
26/03/2013 15:57


Yesterday, login window would not show when using IE, so switched to chrome. Used all morning, had to leave shut down chrome, now login window will not show . Same as yest. with IE???? Killick
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26/03/2013 16:05


Looked at other posts advice you've given doesn't work, tried both IE and Chrome, updates done last night, cleared cache less then 5 minutes ago, tried F11 etc.. Yet unable to play game, eventually had to log in through contest option yet still unable to ...
26/03/2013 14:41


how do you log in
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26/03/2013 13:51

Can't enter game

It doesn't give the char login screen on homepage. I was only able to log into my account to post here from the contest link. Tried latest firefox and IE. Shows me logged into account on homepage.
25/03/2013 12:36

I can't login either.

Don't know what has changed on game but at work I cannot login anymore. I can't change my browser either. It used to work but no longer.
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 Skyrim Elite17 
26/03/2013 12:32

it wont let me log in

it shows my name when i go to website but i wont pop up where it saids log in shud i just wait later for it to pop up
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26/03/2013 13:06

Still Unable to Log in, either on IE or Chrome now.

help, tried what you list, worse off
25/03/2013 21:32

A recklace thief quest

necromancers text all in russian
24/03/2013 02:37

quest glitch

the quest seaal of searching has a glitch when u talk to gabrilas she talks in a different language maybe german thought i should let u know
25/03/2013 07:21

Crafting Leggings Quest

So I know it's not a bug but it is a mistake in the game. When you are doing the level 6 quest to create your leggings, it says it will give you 15 substances of revival for making the leggings. (As the quest reward) this is not true. It gives you 15 pepp...
19/03/2013 01:19

I have a log in problem

my characters cannot be logged back into again. i have to make a new character everytime and they dont survived. its starting to get annoying . plz help me if updating flash doesnt work
23/03/2013 03:40

problem logging in

I cannot log in my game, the site is working just fine but there's no square to log in, and refresh doesn't help. I really hope u can do something
25/03/2013 00:01

Anyone here?? No log in screen

I also have this problem...cleared everything,and everything is updated. I also cannot log out ontop of no log in screen..Plus,if I try to make a new character it must be opposite sex and sadar(opposite side?) The only way I can enter the game is to type ...
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22/03/2013 12:08

War of empires bug tweeting

im tweeting it but getting no points its coming up on twitter but not on DE
19/03/2013 20:59

Can't Log. And Which thing is Dragon Eternity sent to?

I can't log on, and when i make my new person it shpws up female only and still log on, all it says is "Please Choose Player" and never works, mind helping it out on all computers, and which place is dragon eternity going to be sent to, and which devices ...
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21/03/2013 03:25

ah bug

i made many bids and put up a few lots yet i got no pay out or refund. my lots that i put up are missing as well and did not return and again no pay out, i did all that i was told to do but still nothing so if anybody can look into it please
20/03/2013 22:34

I can not navigate on the map

I can not navigate to other areas of the world, the place I click but nothing happens
21/03/2013 01:29

FRAUD ALERTNo access to game funds

I used my discover card to pay $10 on my account for VaalorWHunterMom which is a moderator for your game and payment wall cancelled and denied funds, even though Discover approved it. Now I can't use any other method of payment to resolve this issue. I ...
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