21/02/2013 15:42

Cant Summon Dragon

Since new update cant summon dragon, just broke 3 armour cos of it
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21/02/2013 18:41


I've got the quest from the Blacksmith, to go find Gabrilas, I go to the Eldiren's Farm and I can only see Lior I in the wrong place ?
21/02/2013 23:47


My character is stuck in a cave (I can not get out (what do I do?
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22/02/2013 03:09

lost hearts ITEM 55166

my game crashed, and when i logged back in my hearts were gone. anyone else have the same problem? ladiolien
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21/02/2013 15:39


After recent patch, it's impossible to talk to Legate Val-Tar
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21/02/2013 15:54

error messages and garuug

since the update i get error messages when trying to complete quests. i did receive the garuug the grabber quest, i could see him and click on him to attack, but i would never enter battle with him. he just kept running around taunting me until the timer ...
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21/02/2013 16:10

Eye of the earth Dragon

dont get essences after update. Want to refund to buy new one
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21/02/2013 16:00

Farming rump and hams

cant get extra mob when i summon dragon, now going to take longer getting rump and hams
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21/02/2013 15:53

Port District

i cant clear my trap at this location...they doesnt opened and durability of trap - lose!
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21/02/2013 15:48

Profession Quests

Clicking on the lady gives up error messages
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 Horned Demon21 
21/02/2013 14:38

Forum problem

I can see people have commented on certain posts but can't read the posts, for example the one fate killer made i can only see his comment and no others
12/02/2013 00:09

Daily Bonus

I have received the daily bonus for the first 5 days. But, when logged in on the 6th day, it went back to the first day bonus. I thought it keeps increasing or does it go back to the first day always?
20/02/2013 00:51

Log in Daily gifts

If any guardians/moderates can fix this bug it would be nice because I have been not getting my .50 reals
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15/02/2013 20:23

Login issues during start of Wars

Hey i had a problem signing in at 20:22 today , which caused me to miss out on war, Not net settings , as i'm logged in and typing now, please fix
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19/02/2013 01:57

Login issues during events

So this isn't the first time this has happened and I am sure everyone is still upset over the issue with logging in during clan war. During the Wandering Swarm Quest, towards the end, the game crashed on me. After countless attempts to get back on the scr...
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 Horned Demon21 
18/02/2013 18:31

Clan wars

Just wanted to know if clans do go to war anytime soon should we expect half of the clan to not be able to login or is the issue fixed?
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16/02/2013 18:14

Unable to buy reals

When I try to purchase reals using visa card all I get is a blank internet explorer page. Why is this?
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17/02/2013 21:05

Fire Wolves

to my clan game is right now glitching the should be a few seconds loading screen has been going for 30 mins now i can't see anything though logged in. so please those that can contact me via facebook or skype please do so
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17/02/2013 21:22

Cant get in game,

Cant get in game, it just keeps loading. No matter which browser i use. Got no msgs that flash would have crashed and i have no problems with other internet sites, has the game server crashed ? It just slowed up and i did try to refresh the site, after th...
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 Horned Demon21 
17/02/2013 20:07

Login bug

Probelms logging in, I get the audio but my screen remains blank with the chat bars outlined but with multiple buffering signs over my screen, tried refreshing, recently run a scan, cleared cache etc and no luck, please resolve soon as i'm missing a clan ...
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