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20/05/2013 20:33

Missing Gold

I Had 5g 90s...Now I Only Have 2g 90c
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16/05/2013 05:21

Luxurious Necklace of Destruction Lifetime did not renew

I purchased, equipped, and did many PVPs to level up this item, {ITEM 34405}, Luxurious Necklace of Destruction from level I to level III. But the lifetime on the necklace did not renew each time it levels up.. According to News description intro of the...
 Jose M34 
15/05/2013 23:11

Logging In

I can't see my characters when I try to log on using the Internet. I do not know why but it is getting frustating because when I try to play with Google Chrome my computer is too slow
14/05/2013 17:07

New instances bug

When you click on the person that can help you nothing happens you dont get given the thing to increase health and attack
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13/05/2013 22:58

Opening links when in Firefox Full-Screen Mode

Hi there, When I'm in full-screen mode (in-game option, not the browser's full-screen), and I click on a link/URL, my game freezes temporarily (can't open/close dialogs, chat, click buttons, etc.). In order to unfreeze the game, I have to exit full-screen...
12/05/2013 03:09

private messages

i think there might be a slight problem with pms... sometimes it seems that when i send one it has a word or char name from a previous one in it that wasnt supposed to be there... it has happened a few times so far... it shows that i typed it that way, bu...
12/05/2013 01:01

reals help

i borrowed reals now im going to pay to repay the debt but its not letting me pay for them at all HELP ME
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10/05/2013 19:46

Hunter's Palar Nerfed?

Anyone notice a drastic reduction in the multiples using a hunter's palar? Last 150 traps, 4 doubles, last 100, none. Not really worth 3G if they nerfed it.
12/05/2013 09:59


09:59 Heaven's Voice: {ITEM 47078} (1 pcs) has been granted to you by Amelsis. Sacrificed to the goddess: {ITEM 28694} (183 pcs). AND I DIDNT RECEIVE IT
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10/05/2013 11:25

Spring of Restoration Spell VI healing less than than Spring of Restoration Spell V

Level VI has a healing range of 3-10 only vs. Level V with a range of 2-18?
08/05/2013 23:17

Hunter Points

I've noticed that my hunter points have only gone up 1 point despite completing hunter quests and fighting numerous tracked monsters yesterday and today. 22:55 Heaven's Voice: You received: {REPICON 17451} Hunter +5
08/05/2013 10:45

Link in profession description leads to page in Russian

I went to the profession menu and to the gathering part. I was wondering what I would find if I click on the link that says that I will find more details about the profession there. The page, which opened, is in Russian. dragoneternity(.)com/library/fish...
08/05/2013 09:49

Bridges bug

I was battling in bridges when my enemy disappeared it says I was being attacked when there was no one there and I couldn't attack back causing me to lose the battle
03/05/2013 19:45

Crash in Sea battle for all sadar players during stage 3

Well... Thanks a bunch for that. I had level 5 covers, dragon ambrosia, dragon phile, food for both my dragon and myself, balms and a mount. I was mounted and had 4 pots left. Dang server crashes and I can't sign back on until I'm dead. We lost that sea b...
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07/05/2013 11:45

On the server there is no character

On the server I can not play, not my characters. they do not appear in the string.
06/05/2013 22:14

Alter at Ancient Temple

None of the four tabs work. It would not even allow me to use reals. Only one thing was allowed to me and that was to leave the altar. That is the only "option" available in the option drop down. Of course, desperately, I even clicked on the list abov...
28/04/2013 19:33


I put on 12 reals on to game but it didn't count so now I will get shackled help me not get shackled
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02/05/2013 13:16

Can not play your hero

I have created the character Nick: voblja . I go to the server profile, it is, and they can't play. What do I do??
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02/05/2013 18:38

Can't cancel lvl 16 skellies

I am using I pad and can't cancel the lvl 16 skellies so I can make the lvl 20 skellies wonder when there will be an update on it or if there is a way to switch to lvl 20 quest?? Thank you very much and have a great day!!!
02/05/2013 20:36

Character profile there, and the server does not have

the character was created by me 30.04.13 Nick voblja. A 01.05.13 number of logging on to the server it is not defined Nova, although his profile. You can't play them because it is not defined as a character.
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