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09/06/2013 03:59

DoT quest

I'm not being allowed to redeem the DOT quest from participating the DOT battle. I did the 3rd highest dmg on my team and got an award item but cannot collect on main award for additional xp valor. Quest show that I still have to do the 750 required dmg...
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12/06/2013 19:21


I have not received the quest. I have cleared my cookies, cached and even all my browsing data upgraded flash and resarted my computer. Still no quest. I can still get bombs tho.
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12/06/2013 17:56

Sale, what sale?

I posted 5 lots of Wheat in AH this morning, one sold, and the rest disappeared. The "My Sales" tab shows one sale. The "My Lots" tab does not show any expired lots. What happened to the wheat or the silvers. Lot size was 110 Lot price was 20s I am miss...
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12/06/2013 15:07


Had Garrug's Stay whit says to find him and defeat him in the time. But didn't get the quest that shows up on the left so I couldn't see him nor find him nor fight him.
11/06/2013 21:34

Arkashul Conqueror of the World Quest is a sham lol

Everyone spent buffs and mounts time and pots and glyphs and more buffs and orbs to fight for...... NOTHING. . The defilers side keep winning and no completion of Quest. Very disappointed on this one.
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08/03/2013 20:10

Insect Traps not giving anything but meat?

I am a hunter with over 1000 mastery and can hunt insects, but they only give me meat, even when i have a quest for fragile wings. Could you fix this? thanks it is working now.
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11/06/2013 04:36

Bug with Discharged Gravitars

You know the discharged gravitars? Yeah, the ones in the lv 9 quest "Power of the Spirits". You have to use 10 of them to instantly kill Ghost Guards under 30% health. I decided to use some on the same turn that I did damage, and now they aren't even bein...
10/06/2013 08:50

Reached Limit of Instance Tries

Trying to do the 3rd Tomb Quest but keeps getting a message indicating i've 'Reached the Limit of Instance Tries' and to wait a while. I've been waiting for hours and still couldn't get in. Well the timer for the quest is running down and most likely I wo...
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08/06/2013 20:04

lagging against pay players

y isit i lagg loads whn im beating a pay player enuf keep this fair i never lag aggainst non pay players its hard enuf as it is stop making it harder
 Zalex Jr33 
09/06/2013 16:44

battlefield 1 minutes timer does not work

several times I have crashed but I still enter the battlefield WITHOUT accepting the enterance from the 1 minute promp. I've died several times because of this... please fix it
Cdr KJ10 
09/06/2013 19:06

Error with winning items not registering

When I win a battle and it comes up with what I received for winning, it shows the money and how many pieces, but if there is something else such as potions, glyphs, sparks of inceptions, essences etc it shows the picture but the writing by it is not in E...
Cdr KJ10 
09/06/2013 19:17

Parts of game missing on ipad version

Is it me but when I use the ipad to play the gifts area of profile is totally missing and places such as barber aren't listed only the main areas. There seems to be only part of the game on the ipad version
08/06/2013 06:03

I cant choose gender or faction

im trying to have a female and it wont let me choose
09/06/2013 04:18

accidentally sold something to shop i wasnt suppose to can i get them back?

accidentally sold something to shop i wasn't suppose to can i get them back?
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07/06/2013 17:33

buying reels

the credit card screen dosent load sends me to blank page
09/06/2013 22:49

2nd stage shaab tomes

The quest that has you go through the altar. A person in my group (Radiohead) his quest did not complete after the boss even though the rest of ours did. I spoke to a guard and they said it was happening to others.
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09/06/2013 20:42

Tones of blight bug invasion of shadan event

i was doing the tones quest and the first boss dident give me my drops and then when i went out the bug notice came up and i cant get into the portals. (solved now)
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07/06/2013 06:45

Skellie Shackle Curse Thing

Can't buy green ones. says error also I bought 3 of the grey, saw the green, sold the grey and tried to buy the green, didn't work and now it won't let me buy 3 more grey ones. anyone know why?
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07/06/2013 14:35

an error with the item i got from Duel of Truth

I got an item from DoT 2 days ago, but there's a problem with the item. The item name is "Amulet of of Merciless Barbarian". There is two "of". I'm afraid that i won't be able to sell it because it's bugged and no one wants to buy it or if i buy it on AH ...
06/06/2013 05:26


Ok recently i went to try and start an alliance with another clan. When i went to look at my Diplomacy page all i see is "ERROR". I'm not sure whats wrong with it but seems we can't even pay off a debt if we wanted to nor can we do anything else. Would li...
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