23/12/2012 00:41

arena quest

I've killed at least 2 witchers and not got credit for my quest! please fix this as it is very annoying!!!!
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22/12/2012 00:12

Taking Marks off

i took a mark off some gear and it completely dissapeared is this normal?. if so shouldent there be some warnign thats stupid
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26/12/2012 22:32

Profile Pic Not Showing

Pretty self explanatory title. I tried clearing cache and cookies but nothing changed. Any ideas why?
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13/12/2012 00:08

Significant Bag Of Spoils

23:58 Heaven's Voice: You untied Garuug's bag,and found inside: {ITEM 42963} (1 pcs), {ITEM 1071} (150 pcs). when I clicked on this bag ^^^, nothing happened, no message saying I struck out, no... anything. Was something supposed to happen? Not really...
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30/10/2012 00:39


hello i have had problems trying to get into the game i missed dot can u guys fix this please i still have trouble
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21/12/2012 10:54

Malfunctions on the server - result - the spoiled mood

Today, due to a failure in the server game, I could not complete the quest, had no time to collect gifts to get festive pants. Thank you very much, dear administration.
19/12/2012 21:53

uploading pics!!!

when i upload pics i can only do 3 thats it and when i try to do more it wont let me is it my laptop or is it this game i need a answer back plzzz me needs a answer bac
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18/12/2012 12:29

Orange mark purchased from Adan shop does not go into Red outfit

Again i cant put my newly purchased orange fury mark into the red new outfit. {ITEM 36559}{ITEM 28441}
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20/12/2012 02:50

Poppers Quest

I bought 5 and used 5 in aoh just like quest said. When aoh was over it said that it wasn't complete and that I had only acquired 3 out of the 5 even though I had 5 on my belt. I tried refreshing didn't work. Is something wrong with this quest?
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19/12/2012 18:00

Poppers Quest

last nite i gathered 1k decorations and turned in the quest i got both of the rewards and the gift gave me 10 poppers. Yet the popper quest that ask u to get 5 poppers from gifts is not working for me i have gotten 10 of them from gifts and the info sti...
19/12/2012 21:31

Duel of Truth

Why are there always connection problems and flash crashes in dots? Those are times I get the most and the worst.
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19/12/2012 15:51

Christmas Quest

The quest said that we are supposed to acquire 1k decorations and that it had over 12 hours left when I logged off. I assumed this was the time left for me to claim my rewards from it. I logged in now to find that the quest has vanished and i cannot clai...
19/12/2012 14:14

Bewitched Lairycawns quest

again i didnt get the quest like in the first stage, please look into this i hope it will not be the same in the next stage
18/12/2012 02:26

Trouble getting into Port of Sadar

I dont know what happens but i cant get into Port of Sadar, i mean, when i get there it keeps charging, appears a red circle charging and never appears the place. I restarted my computer, cleaned history, changed browser and nothing works. Please help me....
19/12/2012 02:07

Multiple Bugs

Hello i have had lots of stuff go wrong lately and here is the list: 1. I cannot leave the group that i am in and have been trapped in it now for 2 days as everytime i try to leave it gives me an error saying that you probably know about it and will fix ...
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19/12/2012 05:45

Cannot get into clan hall

Hi, I have a bug where i cannot get into Clan Hall. Could you please fix it? This has happened only after the crash. Thank you
18/12/2012 20:22

Gladiator 7b quests

This appears quite unfair. I get approx 650 valor for a normal win in a normal fight. So, spending 50s (not 30s any longer) - and getting the approximate of 650 valor at my level - seems quite unfair. I could spend the 50s on the elixirs and fight proba...
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19/12/2012 00:08

No rep for skeletar use

I got 1000 vigilant guard rep a few days ago. I been using skellies since then and looking at collections tonight I am still stuck on 1000 rep only. Why is this? Please fix this glitch I spent a fortune on skellies only to find out i am not getting rep fo...
17/12/2012 20:53

Trouble getting into clan hall

I've tried refreshing, loggining in/out. nothing works
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17/12/2012 15:56

Reputation description showing in russian

I was checking on my reputations and just noticed that their description is showing in Russian. I did clean my browser cache, but I am still having them in Russian I asked few people and the reply was that they also have this. Can you please fix this? I...
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