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18/04/2013 16:01

sort it out or u will lose alot of players

i duno what changes u made but loads of people are playing now and its so slow u can not even fight anything iv dun all u said i got flash player and fire fox and i can not even fight a monster
13/03/2013 03:20

facebook quest wont work

i have joined the facebook group and yet it wont allow me too collect the reward
 Horned Demon23 
18/04/2013 16:02

Login error

Ie login box doesn't show, have changed resolution, cleared cache, refreshed, re-started computer and run scan nothing, please investigate at your end. Also tried chrome and when clicking login box, a box appears saying error. Only able to access game thr...
 Horned Demon23 
18/04/2013 20:28

Just a question

Why is the combat when using chrome so sluggish in comparison to IE or is that just me?
 mack city37 
18/04/2013 02:20

logging on

why is it that i can not use internet explorer it worked fine last night but now i can not log in through there and do not tell me i need to clean my history i do that all the time i even have adobe as well so there must be a problem on your side. This ma...
18/04/2013 22:13

Item 56698

is there a typo. should this not read protection from fire rather than order?
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18/04/2013 14:40

cant get in shop

since i upgraded the ability of my dragon this morning, i cant open the shop...i refreshed and rebooted a few times...i hope this glitch is not the result of another effort at 'upgrading' the game
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18/04/2013 06:44

google chrome issue

most the time i refresh once in a while lately i been having to refresh alot is there a better web browser for this game
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Mr Danger17 
17/04/2013 18:15

Logging in

Login button not appearing again. On IE login button wasn't appearing so I changed resolution a few times still nothing. Cleared cache, run computer scan and re-freshed still nothing. Then tried to login with chrome and login menu comes up but when I cli...
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17/04/2013 23:19

Hiring Gathering Helpers

I hired 5 helpers today and it says I have none???
16/04/2013 22:09

Back pack weight.

I can not get the back pack weightdown. I have sold or stored all but 5 items in back pack and weight will not go below 22. I know when I started could have lots if items in pack. Is there something wrong with the game or am I doing something wrong?...
14/04/2013 04:15

Need help downloading an item

I spent $5 on gold $5 on reals. (This happend ten hours ago) and I keep getting this message saying that the items need to be downloaded. How do you do this? Please respond. Need out help.
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13/04/2013 20:32


I got the gabrilas's bow and quiver but it didn't go to my bag pack. Is this supposed to happen or is this a bug please answer
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12/04/2013 20:53

Getting to the game!

When I try try to play the game, I believe my profile is already loaded. My level, name, and character are on the top header bar. Although, this is there I'm unable to play the game! The main screen comes up with the news on it, not the actual game play i...
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12/04/2013 16:51

LOST ITEM - Bought an item on AH but i did not received it :(

Dear Admin, I bought Torday afternoon a Barbar Boots for 13,5g,but i did not get it.Please check it
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13/04/2013 22:26

Casket error

On the ruthless fury quest the info states If you deal the required amount of damage to the enemies, Davian will reward you with the Casket of Furious Destroyer. Slay 15 enemies to receive the Casket of Ruthless Destroyer. But on the quest for the 16-21 ...
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10/04/2013 21:34

server error

im aving reli bad trouble with it i trydf to report it as a bug but server error stopd me can u sort it becoming hard to work with
10/04/2013 19:13


Please explain why I can not gain any air mastery for using air spells, i have not gotten any for three weeks (except for the 100 i purchased). Also, please explain why my hammer of order spell has been reflected 84 times out of the last 100 uses. This is...
08/04/2013 03:38

No collection piece from sea battle

dragoneternity. com /game/event.php?id=516224a1-7161-0202-32d9-921657c1ff2d dragoneternity. com /game/fight.php?id=51622af8-5cb0-0302-0abf-59ea613b58d2 no collection piece thought was the best defender along with 2 others on my side?\
11/04/2013 05:54

help ..!!

ok.. i would like to tell the manager or some guys that made the game if he can help me with something i have in my backpack ..the problem is that i still have the stuff from valentines day .. and i dont really need it, please take it aways if you read ...
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