A person having an item that isn't unlocked for her yet.

dragoneternity . com / game / user . php ? nick = [nickname]
She has a purple mace, but it wasn't yet unlocked for her... how is this possible?

Daily reward

I login every day but I get 5s every day... what am I doing wrong ?

Not getting the hero event quests anymore

Do you mean Duel of Truth or Incident quest?

sealing of searching

the quest didn't open up for me ?? got the A wonderful Dedaire Artifact but cant do it cus the other quest will not show.

I need help on a bug that i have been experiencing

Guys there is an achivment when you get 100 kills there is a pop up saying you have been awarded 0.2 real when i click the claim button i dont get the reals this has happend everytime i have gotten the achivment which is around maybe 3 or 4 times wha...

Tamer of glory

I have 1k glad rep, I have all the pieces, I purchased the warrant, but I cant make the tamer of glory peices

no enraged shesher quest

when event happened I got no quest to turn in my insignia. seems like same bug as I had with golems.

protector collection pieces

hello !
was just wondering why i haven't received any pro coll pcs yet..i do them about every 30 minutes when i'm on
i find it odd..especially at lvl 22 !
could it be that i took the quest for every 30 minutes?
thanks so much for your time !

Daily Instance quest does not appear

The Quest for daily instances is not showing up. The monsters do but the quest so I can collect on it does not.

kindle fire and sea battle

When I do sea battle on my kindle I get booted out of the game in the second phase is there anything being done for that?

Chat Glitch?

nobody ever appears to be in my main chat.
This is not fixable by any of the guardians suggestions.
is not just because no one is on as my alts chat was full?


Daily Arena Quest

I am not able to get the daily arena quest. I have the daily 7b quest, but nothing for the arena quest. And whenever I talk to Master Davian, he doesnt give me the option of getting the quest at all.


not working today on nova, and wont let people get jet black hair usually

Panel bug

when i drag orbs into my panel it gets highlighted yellow and does not let me select or use anything on the panel..... but once i refreshed it went away.

Thanks, Ducky

1 kill, 2 real drops. possible error?

dragoneternity . com/game/fight . php?id=53793a86-6b61-0105-d878-63114e104d83

23:57 Heaven's Voice: Fortune favors you today, and, in addition to the usual reward, you receive 0.18 for the combat.
23:57 Heaven's Voice: Fortune favors you to...
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