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25/04/2013 01:40

corsair wheel

i logged on today to all the disconnects and new updates to find that my corsair wheel has disappeared. where did it go and will you be giving it back?
24/04/2013 12:17

Game is getting problematic with continual disconnects and gear breaks lol

Heaven's Voice: You repaired: 38805. Spent: {MONEY 9643}.12:09 Heaven's Voice: You repaired: 5051. Spent: {MONEY 12000}. Should really code against gear breaks for server disconnects. void the fight or battle or something.
25/04/2013 02:20

No Meat

I noticed I'm not geting carcasses after slaying monsters, did the hunter rules changed? I have my knife equiped, to clarify. Thanks.
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24/04/2013 23:21

Can't log in

I'm having trouble logging in. When I use internet explorer the log in box isn't there and when I use google crome an error pops up. Can anyone help me?
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24/04/2013 17:52

An unexpected frustration

I have a problem... I bought these rings and when scroll over it says for same faction, but when I use, then it says can only use on opposing faction. :/ {ITEM 34894}
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 Surturs Fire50 
24/04/2013 12:19

Server kicking off

I have been repeatedly kicked off server and site has been unavailable several times now tonight. And it appears to be something affecting every player that is online. what is going on if I may ask? this isn't some simply maintenance like I was lead to be...
19/04/2013 01:46

What's going on with the Queen of Nomads at Nests.

We've been fighting the Queen now for over an hour and she's gone to full health again.
22/04/2013 01:55


My dragon is level 47... I started out with 17 Dragon Stellar... I activated 7 and now I have 4 left.
20/04/2013 18:56

iPad repaired trap can be placed but then doesn't appear

Place repaired trap but it leaves backpack but doesn't appear in place. Pressing trap on screen just asks you to purchase another one. Tried to move screens then return but trap still not showing as placed on ground
19/04/2013 20:03

Auction House Bug

4-19-2013 not sure exactly the time but I posted up 40 or so Essence of Chaos in the auction house for sale, when I went back later to check on my sales after loggin back in they had all vanished. They weren't in my lots tab, not in my sales tab, and not ...
11/03/2013 01:33

forbirum bugg???

i cant complete quest cause item is stuck in my inventory and there are 4 placed where they need to be....... would like to move on past this quest thank you very much wingflame
06/04/2013 20:29

Heaven's Voice: You received: ITEM 41921 (2 pcs) only got 1

It says i received Heaven's Voice: You received: {ITEM 41921} (2 pcs) but only have one. there are no more toadstools to pick and i still need one for the quest. what am i supposed to do?
15/04/2013 00:38

I did not receive insignia of redeemer during event: guards of the ancient lord

00:30 Heaven's Voice: Combat Past and Future vs Guard of the Lord is complete. 00:30 Heaven's Voice: You received {EXP 404} experience. 00:30 Heaven's Voice: You received {MONEY 1038}. 00:30 Heaven's Voice: You received: {REPICON 31257} Hero o...
19/04/2013 16:02

Having problems swtching between ALTs

Today I logged in to farm, fish and Mine with my alts but after I got done farming it wouldn't let me switch to another Alt, can someone explain this to me. I haven't borrowed any reals so my main and alts couldn't have been Shackled but what's going on h...
18/04/2013 16:01

sort it out or u will lose alot of players

i duno what changes u made but loads of people are playing now and its so slow u can not even fight anything iv dun all u said i got flash player and fire fox and i can not even fight a monster
13/03/2013 03:20

facebook quest wont work

i have joined the facebook group and yet it wont allow me too collect the reward
 Horned Demon23 
18/04/2013 16:02

Login error

Ie login box doesn't show, have changed resolution, cleared cache, refreshed, re-started computer and run scan nothing, please investigate at your end. Also tried chrome and when clicking login box, a box appears saying error. Only able to access game thr...
 Horned Demon23 
18/04/2013 20:28

Just a question

Why is the combat when using chrome so sluggish in comparison to IE or is that just me?
 mack city37 
18/04/2013 02:20

logging on

why is it that i can not use internet explorer it worked fine last night but now i can not log in through there and do not tell me i need to clean my history i do that all the time i even have adobe as well so there must be a problem on your side. This ma...
18/04/2013 22:13

Item 56698

is there a typo. should this not read protection from fire rather than order?
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