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04/06/2013 22:39

Characters not loading in combat.

When I enter combat my character does not load all I see is a white transparent form of them the monster loads fine it is just characters do not load.
03/06/2013 23:34


When I recharge reals I don't get the 30r casket. only getting the 10 and 90. has happened twice.
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04/06/2013 14:00

Shaab quest

I dont seem to have the shaab quest whats wrong?
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31/05/2013 18:53

Need to have an alliance removed please

When our old sister clan Shining Phoenix disbanded we had a couple of issues, and have come to realize that on my diplomacy page they are still listed as an alliance. Now i cannot add a new alliance officially because it says we are still in an alliance w...
01/06/2013 17:18

possible bug?

no player chat logs in all my channels (main, trade, looking for group). all i see are system announcements (heaven's voice). i tried switching from mobile (iOS) to chrome still no go. any advice?
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01/06/2013 17:43

Phase 1 Mobs are messed up after last updates in Sea Battles

Some on team sees boarding masters and guards but not Sea wolf captains, and other see only Sea Wolf captains and not boarding masters and other mobs. This leads to a big shortage of accumulated paistres (pirates gold). Please check.
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 Surturs Fire50 
02/06/2013 08:13

sphere of mana stance not working

I have used several times in pvp and have noticed that it doesn't increase my mana gain like it should. I still generate the same amount of mana per round as defense stance or attack stance. I know the defense stance sphere works fine only the mana seems ...
 Zalex Jr33 
02/06/2013 01:38

necromancer orbs not giving rewards

I used a necromancer orb and got a player kill and it disappeared then used a second one after it and got a second player kill but I only received 1 reward (20 death for example). is this a bug? if it is I would like either the cost of the orbs or new orb...
31/05/2013 01:59

reinforcements for the imperial army

when i try to do this quest i get the following message: there is a different social network account assigned to this game account, or a different game account assigned to the specified social network. i don't understand this. when i log in to FB i se...
31/05/2013 20:53

Stuck at Sea

We are having problems with a sea battle. The game seems to have frozen at the pirate stronghold. The timer went to zero seconds in the land battle phase, and we never boarded the ship for the cannon shootout. We've been stuck on the stronghold for abo...
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30/05/2013 13:39

I bought a Replicant Wynflame and summoned during sea battle, it has 0 health, 0 mana

I need a refund {ITEM 58224} this does not work lol
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29/05/2013 18:57


What happened to them? I can't see them and the elites themselves don't seem to be around either.
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29/05/2013 21:18

Duel of Truth Borken!!!

This happens every week we are losing, they are atleast 10 people up and still get centurs where are ours????????
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17/05/2013 09:05

Glitch? Huntermeat spoils in 2 hours?

Plus, my traps and knife are breaking all over the Is this a glitch?
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28/05/2013 10:31

Another Glitch!?

I have been buying pots, elixers, carrots from store. I'm not getting them.. Tonight I bought 3- carrots @ 33 c...never got them. Print screened it out, after waiting 2 mins server time..never got it, have proof...this has happened many many time since t...
 Man of Life17 
16/05/2013 03:07

Cant Play Game.

Game is repeadetedly crashing, cannot play losing durability on items. plz fix the problem.
13/05/2013 10:29

I can't log in!

My computer shut down on me, and now I can't use my characters anymore!!!!!!!!!! Help!!
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25/05/2013 11:45

links to a russian page

When i click "learn more about abilities" for dragons it sends me to the russian page :/
03/11/2011 15:52

log out button

A reply to an email I sent ... Request # 19855: is there a log out?: Hi, I was out of the game ( off line ) for around 3 hours during that time I was killed (pk’d), how?, why?. I was not online, lol, or left the game in any queue. I cannot find a way o...
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25/05/2013 08:47


For some reason when my clan mate levels or achieve ranking, it does not notify me that they achieved anything? I know a couple of my clannies have the same problem. Is this a bug or did some setting get turned off?
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