Bonecrushing resulted in loss of magma bombs

DOT location: Helgar's Brewery
Attacker: Flammae Custos, Sadar
Defender: Me, Vaalor
Loser: Me
Location of fight: Pond of Tribulation

Everything went the way it should for a bone crushing, except: 19:25 Heaven's Voice: You have lost the batt...

Lost my Quests

Greetings, I will make this as simple as possible.

One day when I was Lv13 I logged in (could be 1-2 months ago) and noticed that all of my quests were missing, most important was the Scrag Cave quest. I kept on playing, and the quests never came ...


Hi. Since i became lvl 16 and i got a dragon, full bar of energy enough to move only to the next location. And than waiting for 10 minutes to move one more location. Is it normal???

Bank Issues on Laptop & Desktop but worked on Kindle Fire

I cannot access the bank for the last 2 days on my laptop or desktop. I was able to access the bank on a kindle fire & did purchase 90 Reals. My bank account shows the purchase but it is not reflected on my game site on any format. I was charged f...


I had received a notice about slaying 100 monsters and receiving a .2 real bonus. At the same time I had an issue with my WiFi router forcing me to loose connection. I pushed the reconnect button on my kindle and discovered I had lost my reward. How ...

Weapons I purchased for real a week ago have disappeared.

When I reached lvl 4 i think i got option to buy armour sets. I did this and then i added more reals a few hours later and got the option to spend It was either 5 or 7 real. It was the witcher weapons Ethereal and short ethereal swords of hunter. The...

Clan News Page from iPad - invalid address

My clan mate cannot see the Clan News from her iPad.... is this a known issue?
She can see the regular forums just not our news page or anything part of the clan info when in my profile she click the Ancient Specters name and it just says invalid ad...

iPad bug

It appears that since you made changed where caskets drop in aoh or sometime around that I can no longer see any other players on my iPad in the NEAR tab. I can see friends and clan etc. but no longer near. I have refreshed, updated app and neithe...

HELP plz Cant see my character wearing his gear or collections what i have completed have disapered

Hi in game u can click your characters information on my browser it opens a new page and the items i am wareing u cnt see or collections what i/u have completed its just completly disapared is it my flash player?? i dont know whats causeing this pro...

Where was DoT quest

I logged in just after 2100 server time to do the Duel of Truth, had a notice at the top of the screen telling me to help my faction. Competed in the fight, didn't crash out, died with over 3.5k damage. Didn't have quest, got the valor and exp for fi...

Variable backpack space

I'm having problems with backpack space, it can't seem to make up its mind how many are taken up.

I was showing 121/120 so sold 2 items to another toon. Now I am showing 117/120? Can your servers not count? Would it be possible for the backpack to...

A person having an item that isn't unlocked for her yet.

dragoneternity . com / game / user . php ? nick = [nickname]
She has a purple mace, but it wasn't yet unlocked for her... how is this possible?

Daily reward

I login every day but I get 5s every day... what am I doing wrong ?

Not getting the hero event quests anymore

Do you mean Duel of Truth or Incident quest?

sealing of searching

the quest didn't open up for me ?? got the A wonderful Dedaire Artifact but cant do it cus the other quest will not show.
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