13/11/2012 13:09

logging in

i cant get in to my account why is this happening and adan event going on
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13/11/2012 03:54

I have quest bug from a quest i think it bug out

i got this reward that i have to turn into the quest giver "Defeated Tkhan Burul" but the quest giver wont take it and the quest is not in my quest log can you fix this problem i had this my backpack for over 2 months
13/11/2012 00:43

no screen for me?

my screen won`t show me anything. Why can`t I do battles
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09/11/2012 21:34

hey admins

if i start over would the mercilless axe quest be back??? like restart the whole game
10/11/2012 02:27


twice now i haven't received my reward for killing a 100 monsters
10/11/2012 23:05

Tkahan Burul Quest

I still have the dead burul in my backpack even though I completed the quest.
09/11/2012 16:20

Clan Chest

not sure if u read my respons on it already clan chest shows up 2 times but can not be viewd for any items
10/11/2012 23:03

Freeze and Can't Fight in Battle

My consumables and health points drop as the battle goes on but, the attacks or spells selected do not do anything. I have lost several battles and durability points because of this issue. Is there a fix in the works?
11/11/2012 03:09


I was in dot. I hit my opponent, he hit me, i used flawless elixir of endurance. i had over 700 hp left. Next thing i know all my health goes away in the minus whatever your hp thing is just like if you are inactive in a bc fight. I was not inactive and I...
10/11/2012 22:42


Dont make the cave loot suck by using the groups highest level as reference. Its already hard for players who dont use $$ to make something out of it! dont make it even harder! If you want to do that way - make the game a paid one instead of naming is FR...
11/11/2012 06:30

why isnt it showing

the main menu is showning or saying my hunter master is increasing but when i check it hasn't changed at all
10/11/2012 00:02

Learning battle Magic

On the quest "Learning Battle Magic" I says " Equip you amulet" Midnite told me to post that on here...
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12/11/2012 00:35

quest live test subjects

i was doing this quest and i used all of the phonotarus on wandring cavaders(lvl 9) and it says incomplete for this quest plz help or respond and see what yall can do
10/11/2012 15:52

Blue Armor Set Schemes

Dear Admins, I think I completed (but not sure) both quests (Gladiator armour, Boots by your own hands), but quest Armor of Remarkable Strength is not showing in my quest log. How can I then obtain Axe of Merciless Crusher when i cant buy the scheme? May...
09/11/2012 15:16

clan chest

the clan chest is buggy have to click on the name at right to open cant just click on chest and we have 2 listings of clan chest on right but only own 1 at the moment i assume this is due to the update and hope you can get the glitch fixed soon
 Rock Hardman17 
09/11/2012 07:09

Dead Pig in the Poke

Defeated Tkhan Burul {ITEM 24562} can you get this out of my pack? I finished the quest but this thing stayed in my pack.
08/11/2012 20:57

Bug with loot

Hi, iam Level 27 hunts level 30 beasts for protector quests and get for this beast 79c? whats that? a level 26 beast brings me 3-4s and level 30 only 79c
07/11/2012 16:57

hi admins

is there a way where i can get the merciless crusher axe like reset the quests and stuff?? i am lvl 13 and i havent got the quest yet weird and how long will it take to fix the bug
04/11/2012 00:19

item information

As i play the game and move my mouse around i sometimes get the item info in the small white box. these past 2 weeks i have been getting the info and it wont disappear when i move my mouse away from the item. the only way i can get it do disappear is if ...
07/11/2012 22:42

Levelling up during DoT

I went from level 15 to 16 during the build up to DoT. Because of this I fought in the 16-21 DoT but my quest was for the 9 - 15 DoT. I now have been unable to finish the quest and get my rewards as quest says I haven't done 750 damage but the secondary p...
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