Surturs Fire50 
06/03/2013 20:24

cannot see pm's

I have refreshed many times and cleared cache.... I cannot see any pms and must readd all my channels (clan, trade etc.) everytime I refresh. I can only see pms in combat chat and have confirmed that others can still see my pms just fine... would like to ...
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23/02/2013 21:01

Freedom To The Enslaved MInd Quest

I quit this quest at the request for 100 silence and the quest has not been activated but then it activates it self when you buy silence. I have been buying silence to use for my air magic. Today after farming the air essence I went take the silence ou...
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08/03/2013 04:22

Can't attack allied clans during war with Clan Standards

War descriptions indicates that allied clans can be attacked with clan standards. This is not the case as I've just experience in the most recent War. I had to initiate fights with enemy allied clans using BC spheres. Need some clarification if this is t...
08/03/2013 19:58

tabs opening

since the changes to game when im doing other stuff the tabs are opening by themselves on my lap top when im no where near the icons
09/03/2013 16:11

Pressing enter when in auction house doesn't start search

Used to be able to type in query in AH, then hit enter to generate results. Now have to hit the start search button. Small bug but a pain nonetheless
10/03/2013 19:42

action buttons don't work if choosing conversation, if choosing leave convo

e.g. complete aoh or 7b quest by talking to master devian for example. so action words are to speak to them with 24h. offered to get new quest for 1g50, 1r, or leave. Choose leave. Then try and move from location to e.g. winery. Can press winery but nothi...
 Lady Sin50 
07/03/2013 18:12

Game won't let me create a female or Vaalor character.

I need help in understanding why the game will not let me choose a female or a Vaalor character. I click on the option to create a new character and try to switch from male to female and from sadar to vaalor and nothing happens. Why is that?
08/03/2013 17:25

Can't log in without making a new one.

Hiyo, Aeon is here on behalf of victoriaginette, who is having some technical issues. Here are her words: when i put my email and password in and hit log in it brings me to a screen with my name on it, i click my name nothing happens, i click log in noth...
08/03/2013 01:17

Deydri Robber

these monsters dont appear in battle. only shows a loading screen and my name. when i reload, my life is lowered and eventually i die every time i reload because the monster kills me. please get this fixed? i need to kill a bunch of them for equipment (id...
08/03/2013 05:20

Lost Reals

I recently bought about 13 or more reals and my game happened to freeze today i didnt think nothing of it until i realized all my reals were gone i want to know what can be done about this
06/03/2013 20:12

clan chest

i recently had my permissions changed so i can grab reals but the button to withdraw reals did not pop up? please fix asap
06/03/2013 16:06


http:/ / 4 v 3. we're not all like level 15 or anything but we still end up with an uphill battle of 3v4. This is the third time this happened. Why?
06/03/2013 21:30

Session Expired

Hi, I get this as soon as I login to game, every time, this has been for over 24 hours. I'm going to loose touch with friends level, and Clan comitments, and daily bonus soon, please fix this.
07/03/2013 02:44

getting a message that says my session expired not sure what this all about

I keep getting a message saying that "my session has expired" and won't let me continue playing any ideas as to what this is all about?
07/03/2013 00:35


In addition to still not being able to give access to chest ( and all council have tried) we can not boot or invite to clan...Get the same error Surtus mentioned in his post..Thanks
06/03/2013 04:19

Clan chests not working!

I'm trying to get items out of my clan chest, they have tried giving me access but I still can't get in. Is this going to be down for a while not being able to get in clan chests?
06/03/2013 01:46

can't get in game on main account

ok i can not get in to the game on my main account because now i can not log in tho ma FB account...way take this out... and now i also get messages that look like this... 01:34 Heaven's Voice: Поздравляем! Вы достигли второго уровня! {INFO} Вы получил...
06/03/2013 00:54

Can't log in after update

My clanmate Roanoa Zoro can't log in since update there is no 'log in' button at all only create new account, so I am posting on his behalf. Will this be sorted soon? Thanks
05/03/2013 21:03

Down for maintenance again?

Is this just me or with everyone?
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