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29/07/2013 16:33

Friends list bug

I am having friends list bug. I have people who are offline showing as online and people who are online are showing as offline. For some people it seems to be working correctly, but other people show as the oposite. I spoke to few people and they seem t...
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29/07/2013 16:22

Uber Weird BUG!!!!

I put Relic of Fire Rabbit and Relic of Earth Rabbit on Auction yesterday (EST) and today, when I peek into my bag, they're still there! I checked AH, my lots were still on. When I hovered my mouse over the relics in my bag, only the info and search icon ...
28/07/2013 21:15

Missing Item

Missing Item I had 2 captured sher sher collection pieces. I put one up for auction, and went to bed. Today my auction says "complete", I have no extra g, it does not show in my sales, and I did not get it back. I didn't sell it...nothing, before I went ...
26/07/2013 17:45

I Re-Open The Case That They Don't Want People To Know About??

So here we r again,i just got back,rues have changed drastically,people's skills have sky-rocketed..why u say..cause the quest was unlimited,when i asked around was told that was a rule upgrade to control the flow of goods so that the price don't fall bel...
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24/07/2013 17:35

What happened

There was a wall of caps lock here.
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30/06/2013 18:51

Traps rotting within hour

Hi, I wanted to report that for the past two days, as soon as I fill my traps, when they are full again, my food is rotted. I don't understand why this is happening as I empty them every time they fill..but this is going on before I can get to them. Tha...
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21/07/2013 16:13


I pay the 70s to change it....and nothing happens...
23/07/2013 11:12

TOH results

I have noticed recently that after completing a Tournament of Honor I receive the stats for each battle but not the results of the final ratings.
23/07/2013 12:08

Vandal Darkguard daily incident

I do not receive my Vandal Darkguard quest and when I defeat that specific mob, I do not receive any insignias. Ty for your time.
22/07/2013 18:22

Skrag Caves - Boss will not let you fight him

The first boss seems to be doubled up - so you are unable to fight him even once all the guards are gone
 Jose M37 
21/07/2013 20:38

Battlegrounds (Vortex) and Intances

I queued for Vortex and paid 3g to queue then I went on an instance to obtain some Air Mastery fighting those low lvl elites and I was kicked from Vortex and did not get my 3g back... I think it would be a good idea to make it so when you go on an instan...
19/07/2013 20:35

Hunter Rep.

I don't seem to be getting any +1 rep for doing 3k traps anymore. With my Alt's Fisher, Farmer, and miner I get a 90%-100% of the time. my alts have nearly have as much profession rep as my main, that being going twice as long.
21/07/2013 22:43

Lvl 40 Pieces of Scepter Quest

I found the broken scepter, having lots of trouble finding the head and the crystal. looked in handbook for the quest. it isn't even listed in handbook. is this quest/quest string still viable?
19/07/2013 17:29

Item Replenishment

Is not letting me buy from the picture of the item anymore. I have to actually go into shop and buy it from shop.
18/07/2013 19:10

Charm of Durability GLitch

19:08 Heaven's Voice: Durability of your Items has been reduced: 4181 -1 (17/35), 767 -1 (40/69), 23925 -1 (24/41), 23998 -1 (38/46), 967 -1 (9/32). 5 items? usally maximum 3 with charms on what's up?
16/07/2013 04:16

reflection and pot freeze

Everytime i get a magic reflect on me my hp stays the same and pot freezes ...i want this fixed and the dura replaced the times this has happened....this isnt the first time ive notified guards/admins bout this and nothin gets done!
18/07/2013 00:59

DoT bug? maybe

So i was lvl 28 when DoT started and lvld up the 1st 7b after it started, completed the main event but my DoT quest didnt change for bracket and didnt receive any of the additional valor from completing half the quest. unsure if bug or not
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17/07/2013 15:49

Rage of elements quest.

The quest you receive when on 45% debuff repeats 60 hero rep twice in description.
16/07/2013 21:27

Press enter in Auction House search

You used to be able to type a search in AH and then hit enter and the search would start. However hit enter now and nothing happens. I have to click on Search. It's annoying please can you fix it
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