we need a solution

Im on a neph quest that i would need to do 70k damage and kill 5 players on sea battles, but how can i work om it if no one do SB anymore , at least when im online , can u guys please think on solution for this?? Mixed sb , pay reals for quest or ma...

Torling bait

It would be nice to be able to buy torling bait like we can buy fog and sails. People that want rep and get buffs, it would be be nice to be able to attract a higher % chance of getting torlings. I can be clan rep based like the others are. Just a...

Start with level 72?

20:38 Heaven's Voice: You will be able to further develop Valor after reaching level 71.
This message makes me cry.
Please correct by opening the levels to at least 72? Then we could all start our slow, medallion filled, climb to the next up...


Please put SB and Roacs mixed , because most of times valors not join them, and we littles can't work on reps with mixed roacs an SB would be run more often . Work on this please

Arena bots

Arena bots should count toward class type quest kills there’s barely anyone joining arena, 7b, ToH and I can’t finish quests thankyou

Essence Stars?

It seems like some things are happening around here, which is nice to see, so I thought now was as good a time as any to throw out a suggestion. What about a star/glyph/buff that would give double essence for 30 minutes, like the rep stars do? I know...

sb brackets

Last heroism event one certain person called me parasite only because i join sb . On that sb were 11 players on queue but only her was skiped. She pissed with me , saying that im too little and weak to join . Ok i can understand that but call me nam...

Stop the cheating...


Same person..

Merge or do something

Can you ever merge us with terra server or bring wars back or raise cap? look at our server, its dead. terra has more players sitting in 1 area than we have online in the whole game. why not merge us together, we already have russians here. what diff...

New Promotion Idea

I would be interested in a DE themed tote bag or cap to help promote the game, even tho I do not play anymore. I have fond memories of DE and it would be nice to have a mug with the logo on it, for my desk. All promo items should be available for pu...


Please try to fix this when we set a miner on a island make sure that we can go there directly from opurtunist pyer it will be more easy for everyone . Sorry about bad english .

Upgrading belts, dragon gear and jewelry

Please can you introduce a way to upgrade belts, dragon gear and jewelry too? Using dust, reals and gold like we do for armour

russian server

I checked russian server and they have lvl 90 players and they have clan wars why we
not have them too?? This server its dead or something ?? Please admistration say something . I think we have the right to have a answer from u guys .

The cheating is getting out of hand.

probably an alt versus a main....but these two were in multiple fights together.


sb and roac

Why not creat brackets for sea battles and ruins?? What chances do i have to fight against a lvl 50+?? Please think on this and make brackets like arena it would be more fair to everyone . We littles need some help too
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