16/09/2014 08:33

Changes in the game

Dear Players, We do value your feedback and are always keen to hear your opinion on our game. Many of our player suggestions such as friend lists and tabs were successfully integrated in the game. However, changes can not be ...
 Storm Kat68 
23/04/2015 20:32

Essences from Corsair and Undead spells

"While under its effect, Spells from the respective School of Magic will cost twice as much Mana, but for every 100 Mana spent, you will receive 1 Essence...." I did report this as a bug, as per the description, essences should be based on mana spent, no...
23/04/2015 00:06

Wedding rings

It would be great to add a buff to them. Make it dependant on level of ring bought, and can be used 3 or 4 times a week as an added bonus buff for pvp, for example :))
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19/04/2015 20:16

Auction Relist

Could you add a tick box (or something similar) to auction items to relist them or an option to relist until sold? To save having to pick each item and type in the cost each time?
17/04/2015 22:39


i want sounds in dice games. ty
22/03/2015 18:26

Allow us to drag and drop things from reputations menu into chat box?

I dunno... it just kind of bugs me that you can't do that.
23/03/2015 05:43


A panda outfit. Can you picture a panda riding a mount?
10/03/2015 20:37

Real Women Wear Armor

What about offering options to the "Hey! My Face is Up Here!" armor? That way those of us who would rather an avatar with clothing could opt for that. And the wedgie shoes? Seriously? Not all of us are teen age boys...errr... I mean male... I mean ah....
 Storm Kat67 
06/04/2015 23:47

Changes to clan hall to help prevent more robberies

1 - 2 areas for Gold & Reals. Let us have a small amount of gold/reals in cc for people to sell us goodies, but keep a larger savings in the "bank" 2 - Separate permissions for each chest, independent of the other chest access levels. 3 - New chest call...
03/04/2015 05:08

A few general ideas:

Armory: Make a clan armory that clans can buy and put armor and jewelry in. Make it an independent access so new clannies can use clan gear without having to pay to trade or get access to *everything* else. Mines: Put one of each "type" of mine in the "...
 Storm Kat66 
27/03/2015 21:08

2 food items called Dedaire Snapper Please change the name on 1 of them

{ITEM 73285} {ITEM 61242} Different items, same name.
 Storm Kat66 
18/03/2015 17:00

Sea Battle Roles

Many Sea Battles Later..... Could you make it so that roles can be assigned (just like ship battles on islands)? Just because I am the highest level, does not make me the strongest or best option as the captain in the boarding phase. Perfect Example -...
18/03/2015 14:33


Make the writing expire after next adan event and not 30 days so that you can accumulate enough for the higher level chronicles?
16/02/2015 12:58

Auction House Trading

There could be a function in AH where you can offer one or more item(s) for trade, say you needed a Guardian Shield, and you had a Short Sword of Golden Eagle, you could offer the GE sword for trade, a separate screen where you can see durability/marks et...
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15/03/2015 20:36

Clan Chest Logs

Allow searching by ITEM in chest logs. Pain to figure out where a certain item went or resources came from, etc...
05/03/2015 23:54

Emote ideas...

It would be great to delete these... and to add a coffee (cup), (pizza) and birthday (cake) emotes.
10/03/2015 17:59

Technical - Consider using rel=alternate in your page head

Considering the following two URLs have the same content, but in different languages: dragoneternity .com/game/clan .php?title=Elitists de .dragoneternity .com/game/clan .php?title=Elitists This, and much/all of your sites, is a good candidate for using...
05/03/2015 23:43

Barbershop Ideas....

It would be nice if players and dragons could get a tattoo, and their nails painted and sharpened. Also, maybe a feature to hide the gloves.
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