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24/11/2015 22:10

Drop not equal to level with marks, why?

I kill a lv 70 mob and get level similar with food and armor, but marks I get lv 3? Really? Come on DE. Please fix and allow us to get level marks closer to our level of mob we fight when we do get drops for marks. Ty
24/11/2015 18:16

Sparks of inception and sparks of dream

It would be nice if we can buy them off the AH with reals like others...
11/11/2015 21:15

Aging characters

How funny would it be to fight as a toddler or grannie?
 Storm Kat70 
19/11/2015 00:05

Announcements for updates

I recalled Clara pointing out that DE is one of the only games that does not announce what changes are happening when you do an update. We need the info. For example. Today is the first day I noticed that the Deidre Exchanger can be set between 1 g to 2...
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16/11/2015 03:51


3D mode for the oculus rift?
 Kitty Kat34 
15/11/2015 20:28

Chat Options. Do Not Disturb would be nice.

Private and System Messages has a check mark beside it, but cannot be clicked. Please separate private and system messages. Let me put the whole game on ignore if I want, so I can play how I want, once in a while without any risk of drama. Yes, I u...
02/11/2015 17:48

Group leader left months ago but don't want to lose contents of group backpack

We'd like to see it where if the group leader hasn't logged in for a week, they lose leadership. The leadership would be passed onto the person who has logged in most recently. If nobody has logged in more recently, then no action would be taken. This ...
 Glory Cursed20 
04/11/2015 09:39

Concerning the Drop Rate

As this is my first post, I would first desire to say: to my mind, this game is of the best of it's sort, I do much enjoy playing it, although I have found that it is slightly imbalanced, particularly relating to the drop rate of items by way of common mo...
03/11/2015 17:49

Inactive clans

Lots of inactive clans with current members not having permissions to accept new members. Without being able to accept new members there is no way for a vote to change leadership will work.
 Storm Kat70 
02/08/2015 22:36

Make the repair time on ship battles proportionate to how much you fight back

We're out, playing the game, getting quests done, having a great time, Spending Money....... Have an AWESOME! fight with pandor. Wonderful! All in a great mood! All ready to spe...
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29/10/2015 23:13

Melvin visits

I seem to recall we had a special type of Melvin visit quite some time ago where we were able to by different types of chest, like for the undead etc. why can't you give these back more often?
25/12/2011 09:39

Remove damaging gear from arenas

This will probably be knocked as a stupid idea but if you disabled the damage feauture in arenas, or at least included decent pay people would participate in pvp more. As it stands the sides usually get stacked despite being randomized and some people get...
03/07/2015 10:39

Search Forums

Please add this feature...
29/10/2015 23:17

Ipad lares iOS updates 9

Much improvements with this update and your app. Good to see. But would still like some better functionality such as seeing hp left on and elite, being able to hit an island mine without picking up the Sydian and being able to copy a comment and pasti...
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 Dragon Fire.43 
15/10/2015 22:43

The Invincible warrior battle

hi gentlemen .... i would like to ask you about something concerning the ground . actually chance to do the invincible warrior is little among the brackets . i think that because the number of entries 20 is high a bit that we cant find people can join in...
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04/10/2015 15:20

Daily profession quests

Please make it so a list of the available daily quests comes up to choose if you are not happy with the one given, it can be quite time consuming and boring to keep cancelling and getting the quest again.
01/10/2015 15:28

Auction Prices

Hello Everyone. Its been a while since i have been playing this game its awesome. but i think that the auction house should tell us the higest and lowest selling price for every item because its sometimes confusing to determine the price especially when y...
20/09/2015 04:05

3RD Belt Setup

I would like a 3rd belt. I need one to customize. It is easier to have one for pvp, one for monsters, and I wont have to keep changing it it in my bp.
 Storm Kat70 
08/09/2015 02:06

Item expiring warning

got a warning today that my red bag was about to expire. I don't know how long the warning is, am on ipad and only saw 5 secs warning after finishing my fight. Clicked the bag, but only option was "to chat" or "to panel" no option to use. And although ...
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 Storm Kat70 
02/09/2015 05:43

Favorite Recipes

Can I please have a "Favorites" page in professions tab? One that I can flip to and have just the list of the ones I want to use the most in, all levels? Please All good chefs have a favorite recipes book.
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