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03/12/2015 22:06

Belts and Panels Info and Suggestions for admin...

On the PC, your belt is the line of brown boxes above the chat window on the left . Both your belt and panel have two sides. Switch sides: click the I or II, but you cannot change belts if you use something from it. Set one belt for pvp, one for killing m...
09/08/2016 23:58

Original Chaos Quest needs partial rewards if not completed

Some of us work so we can afford to play the game. This is a rare quest since the event happens so infrequently and the rep gained is important. Having us complete in its entirety causes many to not participate at all. I know you give partial rewards f...
13/06/2016 16:40

Clan-item sydian from gysers

I'd like to propose that sydian obtained from gysers be "clan-item" while in islands. Sydian obtained from mobs would still not be clan-item. Thus, while in islands, this sydian would only be transferrable among clan members. Once the sydian is hauled ...
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10/07/2016 11:54

enhance the miner profession

Hello, since nobody in charge seems to read the German forum anymore, I'll post my suggestion here: As every miner knows, our profession is the one the developers seem to hate most. Unlike every other profession, we don't have our own mines, we have to ...
25/03/2012 22:02

Character customization, Equipment Appearance & Sound Effects

Hello, so far this game is decent; the animation is really smooth. It would be nice to change how your character looks. Having all the characters look mostly the same is boring. I would like to change my character's hairstyle and skin tone. Additionally,...
03/07/2015 10:39

Search Forums

Please add this feature...
 Storm Kat70 
30/06/2016 17:25

Clan Quests for Gold

As Amherst pointed out in weekly rewards suggestion post - there is no way for a clan to make gold, except by getting clan mates to pay taxes. My Recommendation: Weekly Clan Challenges. For example: Get 20 Island Pro Quests a week - Get 5G Get 20 Island ...
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31/10/2011 08:11

add to mobs

click the sword button next to the area button you can see who is fighting in your area and join from there
26/06/2016 07:30

Another poetry competition?

Been a while since we had a poetry competition. How bout another?
24/02/2016 01:39

Weekly clan rewards

There should be a money reward given to the clan chest to help offset the cost of running a clan. Since wars no longer give gold rewards, then maybe clan rewards should since the player ones do. It does not have to be lots of money, but would help with ...
12/06/2016 00:51

Returning Player Refresher Course

The level 1-10 quests show you how to play and get you off to a good start. Would it be possible to have something similar, (however probably not anything that would result in a level increase due to the unfairness of that; especially if you were a high ...
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08/06/2016 03:20

Fight comments

I'd like to see an area on the fight results pages, such as where we could make comments on that fight, like in forums, item pages, clan news, ... The comments would be visible t...
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08/06/2016 09:33

Third belt spot

Good idea or not to create a 3rd belt setup and one for consumables
 Dragon Fire.56 
27/05/2016 16:04

Replace or add the ability to exchange "Oath of Gladiator" for 16k+ rep

Here's the thing: All we know for reaching 16k Gladiator's reputation, we cease to give a reputation in the collection of collections (only for the last 2 give and give only made the fight after collection). Also, after 16 continues to drop us a very "ne...
 Storm Kat70 
20/05/2016 19:21

Hero Boss drops - possible bug?

{ITEM 36332} (1 pcs) Level 3 protection from fire mark dropped from the level 70 hero boss fight. Please drop us marks we can use? Bad enough we're still getting level 3 marks from level 70 mobs during hop, but for a long battle like the hero boss, can...
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18/05/2016 21:19

Clan quests

I would like to see clan quests for lower levels so that clans would encourage lower levels to join their clan and be trained up correctly in the game.
 Storm Kat70 
02/08/2015 22:36

Make the repair time on ship battles proportionate to how much you fight back

We're out, playing the game, getting quests done, having a great time, Spending Money....... Have an AWESOME! fight with pandor. Wonderful! All in a great mood! All ready to spe...
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08/04/2016 15:30

Expiring Items view on back pack

A tab on the pack that orders all expiring things from expiring soonest first.
28/03/2016 16:31

Slow your XP roll.........

I suggest an item that when used would allow for the pc to only earn half the normal xp for an allotted time.
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11/02/2016 19:13

Re thinking of quest for clans to become lvl 2

This for out beloved admins on the game. Could you please start rethinking about the objectives for becoming a lvl 2 clan !!! Most lvl 1 clans have players between lvl 20 -30 as members. the following obejectives need to be done for lvl2 clanquest : - g...
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