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16/09/2014 08:33

Changes in the game

Dear Players, We do value your feedback and are always keen to hear your opinion on our game. Many of our player suggestions such as friend lists and tabs were successfully integrated in the game. However, changes can not be ...
04/10/2015 15:20

Daily profession quests

Please make it so a list of the available daily quests comes up to choose if you are not happy with the one given, it can be quite time consuming and boring to keep cancelling and getting the quest again.
03/07/2015 10:39

Search Forums

Please add this feature...
01/10/2015 15:28

Auction Prices

Hello Everyone. Its been a while since i have been playing this game its awesome. but i think that the auction house should tell us the higest and lowest selling price for every item because its sometimes confusing to determine the price especially when y...
20/09/2015 04:05

3RD Belt Setup

I would like a 3rd belt. I need one to customize. It is easier to have one for pvp, one for monsters, and I wont have to keep changing it it in my bp.
 Storm Kat70 
08/09/2015 02:06

Item expiring warning

got a warning today that my red bag was about to expire. I don't know how long the warning is, am on ipad and only saw 5 secs warning after finishing my fight. Clicked the bag, but only option was "to chat" or "to panel" no option to use. And although ...
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 Storm Kat70 
02/09/2015 05:43

Favorite Recipes

Can I please have a "Favorites" page in professions tab? One that I can flip to and have just the list of the ones I want to use the most in, all levels? Please All good chefs have a favorite recipes book.
 Auron FFX18 
04/09/2015 07:12

Account wide friend lists + Offline add

Hello I don't know if this is at all possible but I think you should make account wide friend lists. Account wide friends can contact each other even if they are using an alternate character. I believe this would be beneficial because some people have 5...
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25/12/2011 09:39

Remove damaging gear from arenas

This will probably be knocked as a stupid idea but if you disabled the damage feauture in arenas, or at least included decent pay people would participate in pvp more. As it stands the sides usually get stacked despite being randomized and some people get...
 Storm Kat63 
07/02/2015 04:06

No valor for the ones that lose a bc fight

Why is this? There is Valor for losing in arena and wars, why not in BC fights? Perhaps if you changed this, more would defend each other, spending more money on pots, spheres, mounts, ect. Please consider valor for everyone involved in ALL PvP figh...
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20/08/2015 22:14


Just like in chat, so you wouldn't be able to see the posts from an ignored person...a lot less drama that way. P.S.: Yes you can ignore someone by not reading posts...but I for one would just read them anyways.
26/01/2012 18:38

Money Storage

I think it would be a good addition to the Tavern Room to be able to store money. This way people can have an 'Emergency Fund' or similar for that point in time when eveything breaks and costs a fortune to repair. Would also help for people to save up for...
08/08/2014 12:47

Suggestion - Orb of Recurring Courage (3x Amount of damage - More chance of criticals)

My Idea was that there is this new type of orb called Orb of Recurring Courage. Description: What happens is that you use the orb and there is a wait of 10 rounds before using again. You activate the orb and what happens is that with physical attacks you...
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18/08/2015 00:26

possibly the greatest change to game ever !

suggestion, start a free someone from dungeon day, the event should be held once month and players could vote who to free...
 Storm Kat70 
16/08/2015 20:40

Crafting during battles

I can't remember if I posted this already, but I definitely don't remember a reply and could not find the post again. The Professions tab is greyed out during fights. In the past, we were able to get into the tab to craft. This was especially useful in ...
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25/07/2015 15:14

Medallion daily quest

Please add the medallion quest in the daily quests section, along with the timer for when it is available. Show where it can be completed (Arena of Honor, 7b's, etc..) with the required battle points. Thanks
 Storm Kat70 
05/08/2015 00:19

Quest Information Links

Please make it easier for us to figure out group quest plans. For Example - I want to be able to open my "Take Them Alive" quest, but I have no idea what the quest before or after was, and there is more than 1 green level 50 quest? I would love to be ...
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 Storm Kat70 
02/08/2015 22:36

Make the repair time on ship battles proportionate to how much you fight back

We're out, playing the game, getting quests done, having a great time, Spending Money....... Have an AWESOME! fight with pandor. Wonderful! All in a great mood! All ready to spe...
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30/07/2015 19:04

Blue 50-70 zikkar stuff?

Might help people get by easier until they can get enough sydian to upgrade purple gear... also apparently 70-90 will have blue stuff based on the item list so why have a gigantic gap with just green and purple in 50-70? Zikkars could drop in Maze I gues...
11/06/2015 03:10

Something to UNlock locked BC fights?

Ever think of making something to sell to unlock those locked BC fights? Think of all the $$ to be locks...another comes to unlock....another to lock and then unlock again! Just a thought
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