football inspired event

I had an idea for an event that was inspired by the superbowl.

first off this will be a 2 stage event.


a 6 day event basically doing 3 quests.
First quest will be pvp. damage dealt, kills and wins. achieve one for minimal token pri...

Pots and glyphs

Shop needs lesser and simple pots/glyphs (Lesser Elixir of Endurance, Lesser Elixir of Life, Lesser Glyph of Life, Simple Elixir of Endurance, Simple Elixir of Life, Simple Glyph of Life)

New player first impressions. Suggestions for improvement.

I started a week ago. First impression: Good concept, but poor at keeping new players coming and staying in. This is not a dig against the folks who made this game. I appreciated the effort enough to donate $20 to the cause. This is just some constru...

Chat Options. Do Not Disturb would be nice.

Private and System Messages has a check mark beside it, but cannot be clicked.
Please separate private and system messages. Let me put the whole game on ignore if I want, so I can play how I want, once in a while without any risk of drama.

garugg finding help

just a suggestion to let some form of notification (like a quest or icon) to be added to tell when garugg can be found again

Gladiator conversions

Two options I'd like to have considered.

First, what about adding a conversion for Oath of Gladiator activators. Five of the Oath of Gladiator for one Collar of Gladiator. Once attaining 16,000 rank, the Oath of Gladiator is practically useless....

Search Forums

Please add this feature...

Clan post suggestions

We really need two things to help communication with our members.

• Ability to pin a post to the top so important topics are not lost 4 pages in.

• Ability to control how often a post appears in clan chat as an announcement.

These two things...

moved post to proper forum area


Clan reputation quests for battlegrounds

I am thinking a weekly quest that resets each with with confrontation. Goals for the clan are damage and kills and nets the clan some rep for each quota met for the week.

Original Chaos Quest needs partial rewards if not completed

Some of us work so we can afford to play the game. This is a rare quest since the event happens so infrequently and the rep gained is important. Having us complete in its entirety causes many to not participate at all. I know you give partial rewa...


Ability to summon the mechs in battle or have player vs player mech duels. Basically the Iron Ring but more bc like so that we can combat other players mechs.


can we craft scrolls of defense instead of buying from the shop. I know it has been said before but is a good idea

Belts and Panels Info and Suggestions for admin...

On the PC, your belt is the line of brown boxes above the chat window on the left .
Both your belt and panel have two sides. Switch sides: click the I or II, but you cannot change belts if you use something from it. Set one belt for pvp, one for kil...

Clan-item sydian from gysers

I'd like to propose that sydian obtained from gysers be "clan-item" while in islands. Sydian obtained from mobs would still not be clan-item. Thus, while in islands, this sydian would only be transferrable among clan members. Once the sydian is ha...
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