14/11/2011 15:12

Changes in The Game

Dear Players, We do value your feedback and are always keen to hear your opinion on our game. Many of our player suggestions such as friend lists and tabs were successfully integrated in the game. However, changes can not be ...
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 Storm Kat37 
20/04/2014 04:16

Clan News - comments should bump post to top

Why don't comments bump the post to the top in clan news? Is there a setting we need to pick? If this is not already an option, please make it one. Thank you!
18/04/2014 10:00

Two things, Ah Wtb section and More emote's

First thing i think we need a (want to buy) section in ah, so you find your item and put a price you want to pay, and then someone see's that in auction house and instead of using trade can just sell the item for that price there or make a counter offer, ...
 Storm Kat30 
14/03/2014 23:10


Over and Over again, you see people using (hike) (vles) ect. We want these back. Especially the Lurking Eyes one. Also, St Patrick's day is coming, couldn't we get a 4-leaf clover (luck)? And, still my first and foremost request - Coffee Cup c[-] is cu...
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14/04/2014 15:30

Please rename Giants Might quest object.

Please rename "Giant's Might" to "SKIF's Might". dragoneternity . com /entity/item/57555.html#cP=1 Or would be interesting to use one of the top players from the past as well. Somebody who no longer players but is still a legend.
14/04/2014 18:42

Be Able To Write Notes for Friends

Every one have that moment where you forget what you have learned about an online friend. We should be able to add notes to our friends on our list that would be easy access/pop-up when we hover over them. That way we are never stuck with the "why did I f...
13/04/2014 05:24


04:32 Heaven's Voice: You are now in the penultimate stage of disease - the Blaze of Blight. It lasts for 2 hours and ends in the Madness of Blight. You will be excluded from your current Group, the Wraith Spell will be dispelled and you won't be able ...
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 Storm Kat31 
21/03/2014 02:14

Clan Bookkeeping tab

Please consider some changes to the bookkeeping tab for Clans. Currently, if something specific is/was there and we want to know who added it or took it, we have to look through all the transactions until we find the item. This is very time consuming. W...
 King Stadler15 
12/04/2014 00:52

Make Battleground star ratings based on damage alone

Damage is really the most accurate measure of a warrior's prowess; kills and wins rely mostly on luck. Make Battleground star ratings based on damage alone.
09/04/2014 20:23


Can their be single rewards for damage based on your own damage rather than only group? I got the highest single player damage and get nothing but shards. Bunch of bull. dragoneternity.com/game/fight.php?id=534598b3-b93a-0205-e837-35aa61357f63
08/04/2014 23:54


Clan wars are brutal, though fun. Add some spice to them and open space for hired mercs. With the prereqs that the hired merc is clanless, and that you can only hire mercs of the opposing faction.
08/04/2014 09:16


I have always enjoyed reading the back stories on the locations, history of adan, etc. However I've noticed that some of the locations don't have them. Vaalor War Academy, Fort Giard, Watermill, both outskirts, Port of Sadar, Vaalor Harbor, Left and Right...
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01/03/2014 00:22

suggestion for fighting

please eliminate KING OF THE HILL. its worthless and I never see anyone use or play it. In it's place it sure would be nice to see a queue up option to battle individually at different levels with other opponents where we can wager each other if we want ...
07/04/2014 17:30


So the way the vortex is now: 1. Nothing matters going in because buffs, gear, and backpack are removed and your given a 20 backpack. 2. Magic is raised to maximum available. (It still says temporary so is that still in effect? I think it should be ma...
07/04/2014 15:53

Ability to add comment when addingtaking goldreals from clan chest

For example, I'd like to be able to state: "Borrowing 5g for repairs during war" as I take 5g from the clan chest. Then later: "Repaying gold borrowed for repairs during war" while I add my 5g to the clan chest.
 Man of Life25 
06/03/2014 23:17

Dragon Combat

It seems that every time I look at my dragon in fights, he wont use his mana even when its full! Sure, she uses it every now and then, but most the time its strike..... strike ..... strike. Plz make something like in Dragonage Origins where they have tac...
22/03/2014 17:52

Move the Incident monsters to the top of the level bracket.

Keep them the same strength but make them at the top of the bracket so people in the upper half of the bracket don't get their rewards reduced.
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 Storm Kat29 
12/03/2014 07:53

dot spells for everyone

So, new toons get all the dot spells. Any chance us older toons will be getting them soon? And, I know it's a lot to ask, but could you consider crediting us back the sparks and essences we spent getting the level 1 dot spells we have?
08/03/2014 09:37

Problems with mines and miners

Need more mine locations: Players have reached a big enough number that there is a substantial need for mining materials. Especially lv 3 stuff mining materials, However there are too many miners and not enough mines. Bigger problem: A single clan can con...
31/03/2014 12:56

More Hairstyles!

Dear Administrators and Forum Respondants, I have noticed that for the time that I have played this game there has only been the same hairstyles for quite awhile. Maybe a few more hairstyles wouldn't hurt, especially, longer hair, etc. It seems...
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